So You want another event? Here's an event for you out there. This time, while enjoying, you be donating to the needy, and in this event is KASIH (KK AIDS Support Services). O2C, is the main organizer for this event. I might not a member for O2C (yet), but i FULLY support this event! Then again, its doesnt matter wether you in the family or not, if you are sincere to support, you are most welcome... Congrats to O2C for coming up with this brilliant event!

For more information, you may visit O2C's Blog.

KaDuS Bilang:
You may get all the info there (at O2C's Blog) so visit the blogsite. There will be a RM30 entrance fee for every guest. To expensive? Think Again... RM30 will helps those who needed them, especially those suffering with HIV. Today, we helps them, who knows, when the time COMES, when we will be needing others helps, or something like this lah... So helps them... RM30 isn't much compare to how much they need in research on the cure of HIV.

Bah... To create awareness to this program, i'll show one video from Manchester United FC. In fact Man. Utd do have a campaign of their own about AIDS. United For Children, United Against AIDS!!! So Enjoy!!!

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2 Responses to O2Cfamily RED GLAM CHARITY Party

Nayden79 said...

CAUTION : Unrelated comment-

First, napa baitu shoutbox ko salalu teda kana nampak?? Cam putih ja tu...

Secondly, aramaiti!~ Haha

markiekadus said...

sia pun nda tau napa kutak teriak sia tu mandak..
sumting to do with ni template kali... nda palah... sia pakai ja dulu nie... next year... sia ganti trus... ko tinguk lah.. budu pinya template...