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My Countdown to New Year Starts Soon

5, 120, 7200 is the number. Although people only thinks about 5 the other number is just for show off la... hehe.. 5 stands for 5 Days, 120 is the Hours and the 7200 is the minutes. This is what i call In Depth countdown detail of the new year. Hehe. This countdown will start at 12.00am, 27th of December 2009. This will be a correct details if nothing happen lah. Can ah, anything happen? Except you have Hiro Nakamura of Heroes to stop the time. hehehehe

Made a plan but unable to do it, because of one silly reason. Chivas Regal 18. Feel very hungover after few rounds of it during yesterday's Family Christmas Gathering. Tq Bro Anthony for that.

Well.. i guess more of this session will come within this week. This is the time for me to be with my family, friend and "hehehe" iin the spirit of christmas and New Year. Wah. Since this will only happened once a year (i hope so, if more i would be in trouble) so why waste it. hehe.

This year has been very very and i mean very challenging for me. I don't have that time to update my Blog as Facebook ha become a priority. Hmmm... Well... will be trying very hard to update this started next year. I miss about everything about blogging.

Okay... See you soon... Wekekekeke...

KaDuS Bilang:
No football matches today. My team is due to play tomorrow, so i guess another night out for me... but where ah..? hehehe.. Orait.. Have A Blessed Christmas to All KaDuSViLLe reader! Peace & God Bless..

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I wish i could do the twist...

While browsing for video in YouTube i've stumble upon a very classic vid by Chubby Checker with the song called The Twist and Let's Twist Again. What the heck am i doing listening for twist songs in the middle of the morning? Hahahahaha.

The Twist (1960)

Let's Twist Again (1961)

The Twist
The song was written and originally released by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters in 1959, but didn't get much response, only peaking up at number 28 on the Billboard Top 100. Chubby Checker did a cover version of this song and managed to gained popularity both for him and the song. It was the start of the Twist Crazed Era for most of music lover.

Let's Twist Again
This song is a follow up version of 'The Twist song, and an attempt by Chubby Checker to keep the craze (of the twist) alive in 1961. Amazingly he did it as the song become a smash hits that year and one of the most popular song in the UK when it reah numbe 2 spots. in 1962, the song receive a Grammy Award for Best Rock & Roll Recording

The Twist Dance
According to Wikipedia:
"The Twist is performed by standing with the feet approximately shoulder width apart. The torso may be squared to the knees and hips, or turned at an angle so one foot is farther forward than the other. The arms are held out from the body, bent at the elbow. The hips, torso, and legs rotate on the balls of the feet as a single unit, with the arms staying more or less stationary. The feet grind back and forth on the floor, and the dance can be varied in speed, intensity, and vertical height as necessary. Occasionally one leg is lifted off the floor for styling, but generally the dance posture is low and with the feet in contact with the floor with very little vertical motion."

Easy... ? Maybe for some of you... but for me, hmm... not that easy. I really wish i could do this 'simple' dance. I don't have the talent to dance so this might contribute to the reason why i can't dance.

What make this songs refresh in my mind is when i listen it again in our Annual PRIDE Camp held at Mimpian Jadi Resort June this year. (Sabah Credit Corporation organised this Camp yearly) A group of my colleague perform "The Twist" Live in front of us, and i have to admit it that i am really amazed by their performance. The include an element of Hip Hop in the song and creativity in their dance, and you've might have guess it, they do win. Brilliant.

Growing up watching the late Tan SriP.Ramlee movies, i notice that there is a lot of movies that have a twist dance scene in it especially movies released in the 60's. One most famous movie was Tiga Abdul, where there is a Twist Dance Scene where Tan Sri P.Ramlee jamming with his band with the song, Bunyi Gitar. That sing become all time favorite and almost every wedding i go, someone will sing that song and dance to it. Cool!

Bunyi Gitar (1964 - Tiga Abdul Film)

KaDuS Bilang:
Ni lah tarian yang antara paling sia nda buli buat although i enjoy seeing people dance to it. I wish i could try twist one day... wakakakaka... Sepa terer twist, buli ajar kah? hahahaha...

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Happy 36th Birthday Ryan Giggs: True Red Devil!

"I DID NOT OWN THIS ARTICLE. THIS ARTICLE WAS FIRST PUBLISHED AT Presstv, and written BY SAM K PARKS-KIA. All credit should go to the writer and the websites who hosts this article. Thank You"
Ryan Giggs: The one-club legend

by Sam K Parks-Kia

"Giggs... gets past Vieira, past Dixon... it's a wonderful run from Giggs! A sensational goal from Ryan Giggs!... Stunned Arsenal fans... He just barbed in, weaved in, kept going... and when he needed a finish... by god he gave his one... what a strike! After beating three, four, five players! Wonderful... wonderful finish to win any football match," commentators Andy Gray and Martin Tyler said during the replay of the FA Cup semifinal between Manchester United and Arsenal at Villa Park, on April 14, 1999.

That spontaneous outburst of excellence complemented with a magical final touch — which was the last-ever goal to be scored in an FA Cup semifinal Replay — re-established Ryan Giggs, who has been redefining class and pushing barriers and limits since the early '90s.

Born Ryan Joseph Wilson to Danny Wilson and Lynne Giggs, the most decorated player of Manchester United turns 36 on November 29 — giving me an excuse to not only celebrate his birthday, but also a remarkable career.

Giggs, who was on the brink of joining United rival Manchester City, had an uninvited guest showing up at his doorstep on his 14th birthday; and that guest was no other than Sir Alex Ferguson, who had personally went there to offer Ryan a deal he could not possibly resist.

Two years after his parents' separation, Ryan changed his last name to Giggs. However, the change came by chance, when just before a foreign tour, it was found that the young star did not have a passport.

In the process of applying for a passport, Ryan decided to go by his mother's last name.

In March 1991, Giggs, sporting the famous number 11 shirt, made his debut as a substitute for Denis Irwin in a 2-0 home defeat to Everton. However, his first league that start in the 1991-92 season proved to be a remarkable one, as he scored his first-ever United goal against City in the Manchester derby.

Little did he know then that he was on track to score in each and every league season that there was to come, marking 19 seasons of scoring non-stop. He is currently the only player, who has scored in every Premiere League season since its inception. For Ryan, the sky was the limit.

Being a humble athlete, Giggs never agreed to talk to the press until he was 20, and refused to live the life of a celebrity.

The Washman embarked on a journey of success, becoming the first player to win the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) Young Player of the Year award twice, and the first to win the award in two consecutive seasons — the 1991-92 and 1992-3 seasons.

In the following season, two astonishing strikes against Tottenham Hotspurs and Queens Park Rangers from Ryan Giggs helped United to achieve their first League and FA Cup double.

The "boy wonder," as some used to call him when he first debuted, now holds the record of the best goal-scorer for a non-striker in the English Premier League.

In 1995-96 he achieved another double, the "Double Double," with United, before experiencing the 1999 treble — which marked the first instance of a club winning three trophies, with one being the UEFA Champions League, in a single season.

Needless to say it was Ryan's goal against Arsenal and his assistance to Teddy Sheringham — who scored the equalizer in the Champions League final at Camp Nou in United's last-minute 2-1 victory over Bayern Munich — that made it all possible.

Although he was an indispensible asset to Sir Alex, Giggs' Wales career never really took off. Despite missing most of the international friendlies due to his club's policies, he became a national icon and the captain of his country; however, he never enjoyed the same success with Wales as he did with the Red Devils.

In 2001 Giggs picked up a hamstring injury and for the first season since 1997-98, United went trophyless in 2001-02, with Arsenal taking the domestic double, and Bayer Leverkusen eliminating United in the Champions League semifinal.

Just as Ryan celebrated "10 years at Old Trafford" with a testimonial match against Celtic in 2001-02, critics and even some fans started to question Giggs' form for the first time, disputing his ability to return to his highest level — which as some might put was too high for most players to begin with.

His descent from grace peaked in February 2003, when he missed an open goal against Arsenal in the 5th round of the FA Cup at Old Trafford, where United was defeated 0-2.

Following the incident Giggs proved all his critics wrong, scoring a vital equalizer at Highbury — Arsenal's then home — in the same season to lead his side to the Premier League trophy.

Ten days later, his performance against Juventus at the Stadio Del Alpi was reminiscent of his form in 1999.

"The United number 11 shrugged off mounting criticism from the fans to score a breathtaking goal reminiscent of his classic goal against Arsenal in 1999. Picking up the ball on the halfway line, he weaved through the Juve back four then fired coolly past Buffon with his right foot before pointing to his name on his shirt," The Mirror Football wrote of his performance in United's 3-0 victory against Juventus.

In the 2003-04 season, Giggs was back at his best, with Sir Alex giving him license to play the way he knows best: terrorizing defenders and scoring crucial goals.

In the interests of maintaining his club career at the highest level, Ryan retired from international football with Wales in June 2007, after 64 games and 12 goals. In October 2007, he extended his contract with United to June 2009 and consequently until the end of the 2009-10 season.

The year 2007 was one of special significance to Giggs, since he was awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his services to football and scored his 100th league career goal in the 4-0 home win over Derby County in December the same year. It was also the year in which he married his long-time beloved Stacey Cooke.

Five months later, Giggs broke Sir Bobby Charlton's record of 758 appearances for United in the UEFA Champions League's final, where he converted a decisive penalty in the shootouts to lift the European trophy for the second time.

During the 2008-09 season Ferguson assigned Giggs to a more central position in the midfield where he is right behind the strikers, where Roy Kean offered most of his contribution during his United career.

To date, Ryan has made 818 appearances for the Reds, scoring 150 goals — 100 of which were in the Premier League. He holds one of the best disciplinary records ever held. Throughout his career as a United player he has never been sent off and has only received 27 yellow cards — that translates into less than 1.5 yellow cards per season.

The Welshman scored his 100th Premier League goal in Manchester United's 4-1 victory over Portsmouth on November 28, a day before celebrating his 36th birthday.

In April 2009, Ryan Giggs won the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) Player of the Year award for the first time in his career. However, what was more surprising than Ryan winning the trophy at the age of 35 was that he had not been named the PFA Player of the Year sooner.

Throughout his career Ryan has received offers from high-profile clubs such as the Italian giant Inter, but has always expressed his passion for Manchester United, saying that he would want his professional career to end where it started — at Old Trafford.

"It was never a consideration to leave," said Giggs after winning the award. "I was linked with a few clubs but it was never really close. Why would I think about it when I was always happy here?"

On a more personal level, Giggs was a humanitarian. As a UNICEF ambassador, in 2002 he campaigned to prevent landmines from killing children. In 2006, Ryan visited South Africa to fight HIV/AIDS.

"We talk about footballers being brave when they play on in a game when they're injured… but that's nothing compared to the bravery of this man and what he is going through. His strength of character is an inspiration," Giggs said of an HIV positive patient in Soweto, South Africa, in 2006.

Ryan currently lives with Stacey and their two children Liberty and Zach in Worsley, Salford.

Here are some of the achievements of the magnificent no. 11:

- PFA Player of the Year: 2009FA Premier League Player of the Month: Sep 1993, Aug 2006, Feb 2007

- Manchester United Players Player of the Year Award: 2006

- Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year Award: 1998

- U-21 European Footballer of the Year: 1993

- Wales Player of the Year Award: 1996, 2006

- BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year: 1996

- Inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame: 2005

- Inducted into the Premiership Team of the Decade: 2003

- Inducted into the PFA Team Of The Century: 2007

- Record holder for number of English League title medals

- PFA Team of the Year: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2007

- OBE for services to football

Some of the trophies Ryan has lifted as a United player:

- English Premier League: 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009

- UEFA Champions League: 1999, 2008

- Intercontinental Cup: 1999

- FA Cup: 1994, 1996, 1999, 2004

- League Cup: 1992, 2006, 2009

- UEFA Super Cup: 1991

- FIFA Club World Cup: 2008

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Senisah Majilin Memulakan langkah dalam MyStarz LG

“Gemuruh jiwa, semangat membara, dari puncak ingin ke angkasa, berkalungkan bintang berkelipan, menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa” Itulah lirk korus bagi lagu Gemuruh nyanyian Faizal Tahir ini. Mendengarkan saja lagu ini, kita pasti mengetahui bahawa lagu ini merupakan lagu tema bagi satu rancangan realiti TV yang baru saja membuka tirainya beberapa minggu lalu.

Musim ketiga Mystarz LG yang dimulakan dengan Episod Pengenalan Peserta lelaki telah disiarkan secara lansung di TV3 pada 8 November lalu. Ia diikuti dengan Episod pengenalan Peserta Wanita pada 15 November 2009. Konsert Penyingkiran (Eliminasi) bagi peserta lelaki pula telah diadakan pada hari Ahad lalu, 22 November 2009, di mana Farid merupakan peserta pertama yang tersingkir.

Pada musim ini, dua anak negeri Sabah telah terpilih sebagai peserta Top 10 rancangan ini, dan salah seorangnya ialah Senisah Majilin atau lebih mesra dengan panggilan Chill. Seorang lagi ialah Jaymerral Henry ataupun Jay. Bagi peminat Pertandingan Sugandoi Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri, ramai yang mungkin mengingati Senisah sebagai pemenang tempat ke-3 pertandingan tersebut baru-baru ini yang di lansungkan di Dewan KDCA Penampang. Senisah juga merupakan adik kepada pemenang tempat kedua pertandingan yang sama, iaitu Siti Nurzila Majilin pada tahun 2008.

Untuk musim ini Senisah telah diperuntukkan dengan nama pentas yang lain, bukan menggunakan nama sebenarnya tetapi CHIND. Ketika pertama kali mendapat nama ini, Senisah mengakui agak janggal dengan nama ini.

“Kalau di rumah dan dikalangan kawan-kawan saya biasa digelar Chill. Saya ada meminta pihak producer untuk menggunakan nama timangan ini namun atas alasan-alasan tertentu pihak producer tidak membenarkan Senisah untuk menggunakan nama Chill tetapi sebaliknya memberikannya dengan nama pentas, Chind.”

“Saya pada mulanya tidak biasa dengan nama ini, tetapi setelah lama dipanggil oleh rakan sebilik dan kawan-kawan yang lain di MyStarz LG, saya berasa selesa dengan nama pentas ini”, tambah Senisah.

Gadis kelahiran daerah Ranau, tetapi menetap di Sook, Keningau ini berasal daripada keluarga yang sememangnya meminati industri seni, terutamanya dalam bidang muzik. Selain kakaknya, Siti Nurzila, seorang adik lelaki (Jumidin) dan dua adik perempuannya (Suzina dan Suzinie) juga aktif dalam bidang nyanyian dan sering mengikuti pertandingan-pertandingan nyanyian baik di Keningau mahupun di Bandaraya KK. Ibu bapa Senisah iaitu Majilin Samad & Martina Garot berasal dari Kg Silou, Ranau juga menyokong penuh aktiviti anak-anaknya sehingga sanggup menemani sekiranya terdapat pertandingan yang di adakan di KK.

Senisah mula dikenali ketika mengikuti KE Next Top Entertainer (KENTE 1) yang di adakan di Penampang. Walaupun tidak berjaya melepasi peringkat saringan namun persembahan bertenaga Senisah telah memikat beberapa penonton pada malam tersebut. Untuk rekod, Senisah merupakan peserta pertama dalam saringan pertama bersama-sama dengan Johan KENTE 1, Carrey Oliver.

Walaupun agak kecewa dengan keputusan itu, Senisah tidak putus asa dan kali ini mencuba lagi pada pertandingan Sugandoi peringkat daerah Kecil Sook. Dia memenangi pertandingan ini dan mengekalkan gelaran yang dimenangi oleh kakaknya pada tahun 2008. Kemenangan ini melayakkan Senisah untuk mewakili Daerah Kecil Sook ke pertandingan Sugandoi Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri Sabah di Penampang. Langkah Senisah amat baik apabila berjaya melepasi peringkat Separuh akhir dan seterusnya mendapat tempat ketiga pertandingan tersebut.

Sekadar mencuba nasib, Senisah telah menyertai ujibakat MyStarz LG musim ke 3 di sebuah pusat membeli belah di Kota Kinabalu. Nasib menyebelahi Senisah dengan persembahan mantap membuatkan dia terpilih sebagai Top 24 dan seterusnya menjadi 10 peserta akhir rancangan ini.

Untuk rancangan ini, Senisah telah memulakan persembahan Live dengan membawakan lagu Ella yang berjudul Resah. Menurut Senisah lagu ini sukar untuk dibawa kerana memerlukan ‘attitude’ dan juga tenaga. Senisah juga mengakui amat jarang mempersembahkan lagu-lagu genre rock, namun cabaran ini diambil dan dilaksanakan dengan baik. Bagi Konsert Eliminasi yang akan di adakan pada hari ahad ini, 29 November 2009, Senisah akan mempersembahkan lagu yang dari Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza yang berjudul Pelangi Petang (nyanyian asal Sudirman Hj. Arshad).

Ketika dihubungi baru-baru ini, Senisah risau dengan keadaan kesihatannya dimana dia telah mengalami demam panas yang secara tiba-tiba dan tidak dapat turun untuk membuat latihan selama beberapa hari. Walau bagaimana pun, Senisah memberi jaminan akan cuba untuk memberikan yang terbaik darinya kepada penyokong-penyokongnya.

Konsert Eliminasi bagi peserta wanita akan diadakan pada hari Ahad, 10:30mlm di TV3. Kepada penyokong-penyokong Senisah Majilin ataupun Chind, anda bolehlah mula mengundi pada hari Sabtu, 28 November 2009 jam 7:30mlm sehinggalah konsert live pada hari berikutnya, Ahad, 29 November 2009.

Mampukah Senisah meneruskan langkah yang telah dia mulakan pada pertandingan MyStarz LG Musim 3 ini? Anda adalah penentunya, kerana format pertandingan kali ini berdasarkan 100% undian penonton. Dua 3 peserta tercorot setiap minggu eliminasi akan menghadapi pilihan juri samada akan terus kekal atau tersingkir.

“Sokonglah saya”, itulah ungkapan dari Senisah ketika ditanya berkenaan dengan harapannya terhadap penonton rancangan ini. Cara-cara menghantar undian adalah seperti berikut. Taipkan LG1 (1 undian)/LG5 (5 Undian)/ LG 10 (10 Undian) CHIND dan hantarkan kepada 33399. Contoh LG5 CHIND 33399. Sama-samalah kita menyokong Senisah Majilin untuk mencapai impiannya.

Teks dan gambar oleh: markiekadus (

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Currently Listening To: A Little Pain - Olivia

I admit that i rarely listen to Japanese song. My first Japanese song was a song from the Series Gaban (Still remember that? Bertukar dalam o.oo1 saat? wakakakaka). Wakachau x2 Senanda (or something like that). I've been expose to Japanese song somewhere in late 90's with Kiroro. The most famous song that time was Mira-e. When the Anime craze hits Sabah, there is a lot of Japanese song influence here and there. I'm not a big fan of Anime. The only anime that i used to see and love was Yuyu Hakusho. Oh can Doraemon and Crayon Sin Chan be categorized in anime, coz i like it too... hehehehe...

Currently I'm listening to (for me) a very good Japanese song I've heard in years. Maybe because the rock element inserted in it. I don't know, but i simply love this song. Here is the song by Olivia called A Little Pain, from the Nana Anime Series.

Some info about Olivia:
Olivia or Olivia Lufkin was born to a Norwegian-American Father and a Ryukyan mother, 29 years ago in Okinawa, Japan. She has a younger sister, Caroline who is also a singer. A little Pain was feature in 'Nana' Anime series and has peaked no. 7 in the Japan Oricon Chart. A little pain was wrote in English and later change to Japan. This song is about "Reira's loneliness, pain and strength,"and the character relates well with Olivia, according to her. This is Olivia 9th solo single under the label Cutting Edge.

Lyrics To A Little Pain by Olivia Lufkin

Travel to the moon
Kimi wa nemuri yume wo toku
Dare mo inai, hoshi no hikari

Tsuyoku naru tame
Wasureta egao
Kitto futari nara torimodosu

I'm here waiting for you
Ima to wa chigau mirai ga atte mo
I'm here waiting for you
Sakebi tsuzukete
Kitto kokoro wa
Tsunagu ito wo tagutteru
Ano koro no watashi
Me wo samasu you ni
No need to cry

Travel in silence
Te wo nobaseba fureru no ni
Kimi wa tooi, sore wa
Omoide no naka no koto

Koe ga kikoeru
Me wo tojireba
Chiisana itami sae

I'm here waiting for you
Kaze ni fukare hitori mayotte mo
I'm here waiting for you
Sora wo miagete
Zutto kokoro wa
Te wo hirogete mamotteru
Ano koro no kimi ga
Furikaeru made
No need to cry

(Feel something, feel nothing
Listen closely, listen closely)
Wide open ears
Disarm the dream tickler
In the constant moment
(You will find me where it's quiet
Listen closely, listen closely)
Let the blood flow
Through all the spaces
Of the universe

I'm here waiting for you
Ima to wa chigau mirai ga atte mo
I'm here waiting for you
Sakebi tsuzukete
Kitto kokoro wa
Tsunagu ito wo tagutteru
Ano koro no watashi
Me wo samasu you ni
No need to cry

I've played this song once during my time deejaying at Sabahan.FM. Maybe that song is still new to them (the listener). Will play it again later. Hehehehe.. So Enjoy this song as i do. Yeah!!!

KaDuS Bilang:
Gaban, Black Mask Rider, Kickers, Sasuka, Doraemon, Sin Chan and Yuyu Hakusho. Wekekeke.. My Favorite. ada lai ka smua nie ah??? hahahahah

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DJ Duok Playlist for 20/10/2009 - 21/10/2009

Song I've played for today session

1. Stacy AF6 - Pakai Buang
2. Hayden Panettiare - Wake Up Call
3. Piton Gunsaga - Cakap Mak Bapa
4. Terry Peter - Leaving You
5. Jose Mari Chan - Beautiful Girl
6. Big J - Berikanlah
7. Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most
8. Danny F. Malinggi - Minogivang Koh Pomuandaman ku
9. Seventeen - Selalu Mengalah
10. Benn S. Bukag - Tulun Taparu
11. Scorpions - Lady Starlight (feat. Berlimer Philarmoniker)
12. Bona Gulakorn - My Pren
13. Seriuos Band - Rockers Juga Manusia
14. NKOTB - Happy Birthday To You
15. Jainol Ukiran - Bukit Layang-Layang
16. Sekar Madusa - Upus-Upuson Ku Yaa
17. KRU - Getaran Jiwa (feat. Tan Sri P. Ramlee Voice)
18. Fiona Fung - Proud Of You
19. Kotak - Masih Cinta
20. Boboy - Janji Seorang Kekasih
21. Nazareths - Love Hurts
22. Jerry Kamit - Flora
23. Clare Petrus Edwin - Nung Noilaan Ku
24. Yovie & Nuno - Menjaga Hati
25. Mariah Carey - Through The Rain
26. Jimmy Palikat - Sawo Kalangadan
27. Wiwie Daunah - Memori Abadi
28. Luna Maya feat. Dide Hijau Daun - Suara (Ku Berharap)
29. Achik & Nana - Paling Comel
30. Tipe X - Sakit Hati
31. Martha Ginun - Puun Pitongkizadan
32. Rick Price - Heaven Knows
33. Taufik Batisah - Usah Lepaskan
34. Jestie Alexius - Tambalutku

**Song in Blue Color is sung by Local Sabahan Artist...

This is the song that i've manage to play during my 3hour time. Hmmm... Most of the song is requested by listener... I only manage to play few of my playlist song duting opening and ending. 41% of the songs are local sabahan, the rest are mixture from international, national and multilinggual. Hmmm... It's hard to satisfy the listener... but it's a challenge that i am willing to take... Wah... Sorou Poh...

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5 days of Coughing activities...

I've coughing my cough since monday... and today, Friday. Dunno when will this end... It's getting so annoying... I guess this is my cough season. The last time i've been in this kind of situation was las February and it last until 2 weeks. this is the 2nd time in this year, and i guess this is normal... Still i took some pre-cautious measure just to avoid un-wanted panyakit. Today, when people so happy about Friday, and while i'm happy too, i'm not that happy when i keep on coughing... uuurrrggghhh

Nothing much today. I was doing some statistic matter at the office... collecting information from the branches... hmmm... it seems that i've been doing a lot and lot of branches related job nowadays. But this cough realy not helping me. I used to be very good at entertaining branches staff, but when coughing, i likened myself as a damage computer. Huhuhuhuh...

Whoa... Next Week i;m going for another outstation outing. This time, although only one place, Ranau, it going to be a tough outing as apart from doing the usual 'setting up' job with the MFP, i have to 'teach' my colleague about few things... hmmm... Guess this is why IT's job could sometime be verry interesting... hehehehe..

Ok... i need my rest now... hopefully i will be healthy as usual for Next week. We will be having a Badminton tournament next week and i am scheduled to play for my team, although not confirm whether i will be reserved or not... Have not played badminton for quite sometime. hmmm...

See ya!!!

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Outstation at Tenom - "gateway to Murut country"

Been away for a week, not at Penampang but at the interior division of Sabah... Tenom and Keningau. Frankly speaking, i never been in Tenom, but Keningau, hehehehe... a regular destination in 2002 - 2004 for some reason lah. Tenom was a destination that i really wanted to go. Although only for a short time... 2 days, but being at Tenom really makes me happy... walaupun di pekan dia saja. Tapi purpose of visiting, Works lah... Dunno lah... when will i got a chance to Visit Tenom... with vacation or simply jalan2 is the main purpose... I really wish to visit the Murut Cultural Village, the Lagud Seberang.. hm bila ah..

Oh... For your information.. For those of you who might not know about this lah... Sabah Credit Corporation do have a Branch or we simply called Client Centre in Tenom. So for those of you, potential borrower who currently residing in Tenom or the surrounding area... bah.. jan malu bah.. datang saja... Current borrower who have an account with us (SCC) is entitled for RM100 with one condition, introduce a new borrower to us. If the process goes well... Then... you will get RM100 credited to your bank account... Imagine if in a week you get 10 new person... Kaya oh... but don't main buyuk lah.. i've found few cases yang macam men buyuk ni... Wekekeke.. For more info about this, go to the nearest Client Centre or you may go directly to SCC HQ at Penampang. Oh, this is only entitled for Executive Loans (EL) only ah... Wah.. promo uda nie... wekekeke

Back to Tenom... The one thing people would talk about Tenom is the kopi Tenom. Coffee that come from Tenom la bah. They have the best coffee in the State. The worst thing is, i don't have time to find the best coffee shop that can offer me the best coffee in town... Pitty me... hmmm... ,what d'ya expect if you have only 2 days... and most of your time is spend at the office... maybe next time lah.. I've tested the Tenom Taufu though. Yummy... wekekeke... Teda gia chance mo mansau di pekan Tenom nie... bila dii nie.. duii..

Well coming back from Tenom (and Keningau) i've suddenly caught the 3-in-1 syndrom... yet again.,.. The Flu, The Fever and The Cough... Dunno how and where did i get this... All so sudden... The H1N1 season is not over yet and i really fear for it. Luckily my body temperature went down on Sunday. But for precautions measures i went to see the doctor juga. Because i still have the flu in my nose... kasau... Luckily no symptom at all.. Doctor offer me a medical sick leave but i decline, decide to go to work on Monday... Flu is gone... left the cough lai.. Berkesan juga ubat ni tau...

What i want to say here is... Tenom was a good place to visit... it has the peaceful town and friendly locals. I wish i could spend few days more on visiting Tenom. If you are asking for picture, sorry... i have no time visiting interesting places, let alone take picture... kamera pun nda bawa... maybe next time... My friend Roger already booked me for next year event of Pesta Kalimaran... one event that i am dying to go... Hopefully this time nothing will goes against my way, and i am sure i will be equip with a new 'picture taking gear'. So to all... Kaansayan Ra Rondom Ra Osuabon (i hope i get this right).

KaDuS Bilang:
Dui gia... hopefully my next trip tu Tenom (nda tau bila) will last a bit longer... wekekeke... TQ SCC Tenom Staff (Boss Primus, Geofrrey, Norlezah and Ronnie).

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Ryan Giggs: Simply The Best

ALL logic tells you Ryan Giggs should not have been playing in this match.

Yes, men can, of course, still play professional football at 35.

But at the speed and intensity Giggs did yesterday? For the biggest club in the world? In the weekend's most watched match on the planet?

And not just play in it. Dominate the second half and win it. Not with a goal but with an unerring vision, energy and quality.

At a rough estimate, there was probably £400million worth of talent on the Old Trafford pitch. Yet it was a man snatched from City at youth level for nothing, and groomed to become a teenage star, who shone above the rest in his footballing twilight.

To put it in perspective, the man asked to handle Giggs down the flank yesterday was just two years old when the Welsh wing wizard made his Manchester United debut.

Micah Richards was left looking like a soccer toddler, as he and the rest of the Manchester City defence were bamboozled by Giggs' runs and delivery of the ball.

He put centres on Darren Fletcher's head to make it 2-1 and 3-2 for United. Time and again, he swung the ball in to Dimitar Berbatov, whose headed efforts were denied only by the brilliance of Shay Given.

That's fine. But nobody in the world in their mid-30s also still runs at pace with the ball totally under control the way Giggs does.

You still cannot second-guess him. You get a duck of the shoulder here and a shake of the hips from the Elvis worshipper there.

There was plenty to praise Giggs for in the 90 minutes. But it was what went on during injury-time that told you the lot about the player, the man. The embodiment of all that is great in what manager Alex Ferguson has built.

A mistake by Rio Ferdinand had let Craig Bellamy run half the length of the pitch to snatch what looked a draw for City on 90 minutes.

United's players were out on their feet in despair, heads bowed. They would have to settle for the point. Not Giggs. Within moments of the restart he roared towards the City box as if it was the first minute not added time. Joleon Lescott blocked his path and the ball went out for a City throw.

The visitors' tails were up, yet it was Giggs complaining they were time-wasting over taking it. He still believed the game could swing back in United's favour.

And when a ball dropped from the skies, Giggs, who had pulled inside, trapped it and played it through for Michael Owen to finish.

Game 812 for the Welshman and one of the best halves he has ever played.

Ferguson said last season he could no longer play Giggs as a rampaging winger after 18 years. He has tried to change him into more of a playmaker. Yesterday he was a mixture of both, sending defenders back on their heels and cutting inside to affect play from a deeper role.

During the lean times, as Ferguson rebuilt and Chelsea and Arsenal shared the title for three years, Giggs became the butt of the fans' frustrations.

He was even booed once when substituted in a particularly poor home game.

At that stage, five years ago, it looked like retirement beckoned. But the Welshman kept his dignity, embarked on a schedule of yoga to boost his dodgy hamstrings and watched his food and drink intake even closer than before.

Two years ago, he retired from international football.

Giggs knew the finishing-line was approaching but was determined to push it back. During the derby it seemed as far away as ever.

He has played more games than any other United player and also has more medals than any other United player.

When Cristiano Ronaldo left, people asked if he would be regarded as an all-time great.

But you have to stay around a lot longer and do a lot more before you can be spoken of in the same breath as a Best, Law or Charlton. Giggs can be, without argument.

When the sculptors are next called upon to provide lasting evidence of greatness at Old Trafford, it will be the form of Alex Ferguson immortalised in bronze. I suggest Giggs should be stood alongside him.

Two men who have epitomised all that is great about United and all that continues to be.

KaDuS Bilang:
What more can i say after seeing this game. I expected a torrid afternoon for Man. Utd and City will give a tough game. Well, what a game. United scoring on the 2nd minutes via Rooney and Tevez architect City equalizer by capitalizing a schoolboy mistakes by keeper, Ben Foster. Then the game heat up in the second half.

Ryan Giggs was for me the joint Man Of The Match with Darren Fletcher. Although Fletcher score two goals... i still see Giggs passing, runnings, thinkings was at the very best in the world... No Wonder Fergie still keep Giggsy Running strong. So they silence their neighbor. Ya... City is missing a lot of player. That shouldn't be a excuse right? United also missing Hargreaves n Neville. Ferdinand is not that match fit (that's explained his poor mistake leading to Bellamy 2nd goal and City 3rd). On top of that, the still try to cope with the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo and well.. Carlos Tevez. So No Excuse lah Sparky.

Okaylah.. Glory Glory Man. Utd!!!

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Alvin M.Y. Single Update

Hi Guys... This is Alvin Mahathir Yunus or i prefer to call him Defoo, update on his First single project. I've got the single and it's in my playlist for almost a week now. I Love the song... and guess what it received a good respon from other listener too. (i'm Currently doing a parttime DJ work at Sabahan.FM. Listen to me @

Here's some update from the man himself:

"I am now updating you guys about the journey of my first baby. It is clearly not a 1 night stand, heee ^_^. It will take some time for this one. So I've already released my 1st single "Learning You" and I'm very thankful that DJ Othoe is playing it daily since it's 1st debut @ Suria Pagi Kinabalu. Othoe you're da man!! I would also like to thank you the DJ's at the online radio for also playing this song. A special thanx to Markie Kadus!! Actually the song is also available to listen at my myspace site and my amp channelv site. I can also see dbos-fm - and publishing my press release at their respective blogs which is really an honor to me. I couldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for the love and support from all my friends and family. I made it available to stream for free simply because I want to share it with you. I wrote, composed and produced the song by myself with the help from my friend aka sound engineer Peter Poninting of DEQ Studio.

So what will be my next move? I'm in the midst of recording my 2nd song, and will be released during this raya season, yeah it is a raya song. It was initially for an RTM programme, but I guess due to logistic problems they decided not to do the programme. So it's okay I'll just work on it. The sound of this raya song according to Peter is a bit jazzy and ada broadway-ish sound. The funny thing is I got the idea for the sound of this song when my kazen Azward was playing a tune by Lily Allen called "f**k y**" on youtube. So I'm not sure if my song ni direstui hahaha!! But despite the title I was actually attracted with the sound of the song so I applied it to my raya song. This song is among lagu yg paling cepat sy siapkan. I got the melody and lyrics straight away in 1 go. It was a friday around 10am. Then petang tu I went to the studio and told Peter how I visualize the song to be. Dengan sepantas kilat we did the full demo of the song, and now I think we just need 1 studio session or 2 the most to complete the recording side. Lagu raya usually hanya akan dipasang lebih kurang 1-2 weeks before raya so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to finish it before that time and zoom send to radios and make it available online. Lagu raya biasa orang hantar awal but still better late sikit than never. In this song you'll get to listen to the "loosen" me. The lyrics are easy and my vocals will also be relaxed gitu. You guys just wait la ya, I've let few of my friends and family listen to it though ^_^ Klu ada rezeki and kesempatan I'll be recording the (probably DIY) video clip for this song time raya ke 3 d Kundasang nnt during our annual Suhaimin Bandaran's open house. So you might be in the video my friends hehe.

The official cover for my single "Learning You" will also be revealed soon and I'll start sending the song to other radio stations as well. As we know the Malaysian market demands malay songs, but in my album there will be malay and kadazandusun songs. Infact the raya song is in malay (campur sabahan slang siiikit la). To fully optimize Learning You, we might have an official video clip for it so if you know someone or maybe yourself, that you think can be the girl in my video do let me know by sending me a message at my Facebook wall. I'm Alvin Mahathir Yunus in FB. There might be an audition but we'll reserve that for later.

Minggu ni I'll be recording another song tapi this time it is not a lovey dovey song. It is still a ballad but the message is about life. I hope it will have some good effect on you as well.

This album is about love and life and it is dedicated to all of you. It is not finished yet but I'm visualizing it right now. I hope you are as excited as I am about this album as I am going to offer something different from what my fellow sabahan musician/artistes friends has showed you.

More updates coming soon. This is the making of Alvin MY's debut album. BBKK!!

More music at
(The songs in both my myspace and amp site are not the songs that will be included in the album except Learning You. Perubahan tertakluk pada keadaan ^_^)

Alvin MY of BBKK
BBKK Minds Enterprise"

KaDuS Bilang:
I was eagerly awaits the latest singles... and i have it now... Keep on playing on air... Wekekekeke. Will wait for the next single... and maybe his Album... Support our Local Artist!!!

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Rainy Season + Updates

The raining season is back... Huhuhu.. Although it is much easier for me to move around this day, i still find it very difficult to move around. Hahahaha... I have a slight problem driving in the rain as my sight is limited. Apa lagi kalau heavy rain. Huhuhuhu... But i need to practice it. Just in case i really have to drive in a very heavy rain condition. Pathetic. Huhuhuhu... Okay... Slight update on what i've been doing lah...

KaDuS Entertainment
I'm currently looking for a main sponsor for KE next big project, probably the season 2 of KENTE. For those of you who might not have an idea of what KENTE is, it is KE Next Top Entertainer which we successfully organized last January to April this year. The expectation is a bit higher for next season as we might have made impossible to possible. Hmmm... TQ to All my friend who works hard for it (gogds, sumandak, jasonjay, tomkurus, olumis, sumpitt, mamai, lissa, miklin, ayuki and DJ Mark).

I've been getting a lot and lot of listener. Not fans lah because, siapalah sia ni mo ada fans... I love my slots, from midnight to 3 am. It is tiring but i just love it... wekekekeke... Sorou poh. So tune in to me at Sabahan.FM everyday (if there is no other plan) from 12.00 am til 3.00 am.

KaDuS Bilang:
Saja Mo update ni blog... ahaks...

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Facebook Song

One good thing doing this DJ job was i am able to play my songs collections here and there. Wekekeke... Some are new song some an old favorite. Some a 'pelik' but exciting song. That's the listener, they will request song they wanted to be play live on air and as a DJ i will try to fulfill all their request.

One of the song that one user (don't remember) who requested it, is in my playlist from the first day til now... The song actually called My Facebook by Gigi. Here is the lyric of the song.

Berawal dari Facebook baruku,
Kau datang dengan cara tiba-tiba
Bekas kekasih lama yang hilang'
Satu dari kekasih yang terbaik..

Mungkin waktu yang kupersalahkan
Mungkin saja keadaan yang salah
Terpikir hati tuk mendua
Tapi nurani tak bisa mendua

Ku hanya bisa membagi, kisah kisah lama
Ku hanya bisa membagi, cerita nostalgia

Cuma itu yang kuberikan,
Cuma itu yang bisa kupersembahkan
Karna aku ada yang punya
Tapi separuh hati ini untukmu..

Kubisa saja putuskan dia..
Kubisa menutup semua cintaku
Tapi apakah kaupun setuju?
menyakiti seorang manusia

Hanya bisa membagi kisah kisah lama
Ku hanya bisa membagi, cerita nostalgia...

Cuma itu yang kuberikan..
Cuma itu, yang kubisa persembahkan
karna aku ada yang punya..
Tapi separuh hati ini untukmu

Cuma itu yang kuberikan
Cuma itu yang kubisa persembahkan
Karna aku ada yang punya
Tapi separuh hati ini untukmu..

Kuhanya bisa membagi.. kisah kisah lama
Hanya bisa membagi, cerita nostalgia

Cuma itu yang kuberikan,
cuma itu yang ku bisa persembahkan
karna aku ada yang punya
Tapi separuh hati ini untukmu..

Berawal dari Facebook baru ku...

Below are the sample of the song...

KaDuS Bilang:
Ndada bilang... just enjoy the song... wekekekekek

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DJ markieKaDuS @ Sabahan.FM

Me? A Dee Jay? Are you serious. Wekekeke... ya... I am... I've been doing this for the past few days, but i feel like been doing this for ages... dei.. .adakah.

I never thought that i would someday become a DJ, although it's only an online radio station and only a few listener. Never in my wildest dream that i would become a DJ. But knowing me, when an opportunity arise, i will grab it. No matter how... This opportunity comes when i held a meet up with Sabahan.Fm mastermind AbgLang (also the founder of Sabahan.Net) with his crew. This build up a 'very good' relationship with Sabahan.Net and KaDuS Entertainment. FYI, i am one of the Founder of KaDuS Entertainment.

Being a DJ for me it's not an easy task. Much harder than managing a new/raw talent but a bit easier than taking photograph or singing. Wekekekeke... I admit that i did not have proper training and exposure prior to being a DJ. The only job i've done which is a bit similar or close to being a DJ is Emceeing. When i look back, i smiled... how on earth an IT staff could do a DJ job. Wakakakaka...

Starting to love this job. although i didn't get paid for doing this, i still love it. The listener feedback was a motivation for me to continue this job. All their critics, comment, i accepted it and try to improve it in the future. Wah... Dunno lah... but if this can be materialized, but hopefully one day Sabahan.FM will be known as Sabahan FM (without the Dot.), with a studio and an office. Wah.. Dream Dream!!!

For those you want to tune in to me, Please visit You will be prompt to download a file. just download it put it on your Desktop so that next time you just need to click it, instead of have to download it again. Oh, my air time is always at 12.00am to 3am daily. I don't know if there is any reshuffle on the schedule, but as for this time of writing, this is my time. My DJ style: Talk and Talk and spin song. I will entertain song request but it depend on my collection. If i got it, I'll spin it. If no, then i;m sorry maybe I'll spin it next time i am on air... I don't set any topics of discussion but sometime, topics comes in... wekekekeke...

Okay.. i have to go... See ya...

KaDuS Bilang:
Saja bah mo update ni blog... lama betul nda kana update.. .wakakakaka... Sorou poh...

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Seriously? It's Michael Owen?

Michael Owen has signed for BPL Champions, Manchester United in a 2 years deal from a free transfer. Really? Yes this is TRUE! This is what they one of the most shocking transfer of all time... Maybe it is not the MOST but this is shocking. Cristiano Ronaldo move to Real Madrid is expected. Carlos Tevez decision to quit Manchester United is shocking but expected as well. But Owen going to Man. Utd... Phew... simply shocking...

Michael Owen. Hmmm... In my opinion, he is one of the best finisher in the Premier League. And the best thing is... he is a former Kop player, plying his trade for Man. Utd. I'm not sure about his fitness level now, as his time in Newcastle United was plagued by injuries. But he did pass Man. Utd medical test, means that he is fit (or almost on the fitness level).

So what can we expect from Michael Owen? We'll have to see whether he will be the first choice striker which i doubt it as, it will be Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov spearheading Man. Utd attacking line... So i guess Owen will be use as a backup striker. Same manner as Carlos Tevez.

As a Manchester United fans, i would to say All The Best to Michael Owen. Prove the critics wrong!

KaDuS Bilang:
Masih terpinga-pinga bila derang announce yang Michael Owen signed for Manchester United... Wakakakaka...

Whatever it Is... Glory-Glory Man. Utd!!!

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The Performance That Turns The Crowds Around!!!

Nowadays, a lot of singer wannabe arise from nowhere. Their main aim is to become the most popular singer and to fulfill whatever dream they have sets. So a lot young and "talented" aspirants want to do this.. To become the best singer among the best...

To achieved this they have to prove themselves on the highest level... and there come competition, here and there... Especially those reality show... To add on, you are facing judges (jury) likes Simon Cowell. Uh.. Scary... Even looking in the eyes of Simon would make those who have very low confident level will make them shivering like it was winter in and around them.

So how to overcome this...? Have a look at this two video. I love to see this video over and over again... Can't get bored seeing it. For me this two person, Susan Boyle and Donald Brasswell has really inspire me to BELIEVE in what i want to achieve. This two video is taken and embedded from YouTube from the Britain Got Talent and America's Got Talent TV Shows...

1) Donald Braswell (America's Got Talent 2008 - 4th Runners Up)
Donald Brasswell, a car salesmen, lost his voice in a car accident 11 years ago prior to this show in 2008. That should be in 1991. At the beginning of his audition, the crowd seems like to boo him... His starting was not that good but listen till the chorus...

In My opinion, he has a very good tone... And he sang it from his heart... at the end the crowd from booing him to chant Vegas! (the next round of this event is held at Vegas). In the end he went on to be 4th runners up. Although he didn't win, but the way he portray his feeling through the song, "You Raise Me Up" is so beautiful.

2) Susan Boyle (Britain Got Talent - 2009 - 2nd Place)
An unemployed 47years old single lady and live with her cats named Pebbles. hmmm... Same with Donald Braswell, the audience was laughing seeing Susan and even Simon Cowell make 'that face' when Susan said she was 47 years old! I guess the audience predicted that this is another normal jokes performance when Susan announced she said she want to be a singer. Susan sang I Dreamed A Dream. Hmmm... The moment she started singing, magic appeared...

Who could have thought this... Magical performance for me... I don't care whether she win or not, but i just love the way she announced her arrival in the Britain Got Talent competition and world music scene...

They might not have the best looks, or choice of clothes (for susan) but their talent tops all... Their sincerity of singing their songs was felt... I felt it! So Enjoy the video!!! For Your Info, one of Susan Boyle video has recorded a total of 68,890,378 view and still counting... To see the same video, click HERE

KaDuS Bilang:
Nah!!! Video that's really inspire me... For me, doing something you must have a determination to do it... Never say never while you know, deep in your heart you still can do it... Take Donald Braswell for instance, He losts his voice and he beat the odds by talking again... now he has fulfilled his dream of once again becoming a singer...

Jadi every dream we can achieved if we TRY and not QUIT prematurely. Sayang bah... Failing doesn't mean u are a failure but quiting is... So think again... Kalau Susan Boyle, umur 47, buli buat? why not we??? Or Donald Braswell yang ilang suara, buli bangkit balik untuk menyanyi balik??? We Can!!! Nothing is Impossible...!!! So Again... enjoy this two video that, while it is really turns out the crowd, it's inspire me!!!

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Honest Doctor

What if one day, you went to see your doctor because you are having a heavy headache (because you stayed late the night before in an aramai-ti session) to ask for a MC? then the doctor wrote this on your MC...

Wakakakakaka.... So honest la this doctor... Kalau lah ada ramai doktor macam tu di sini. rasanya apa jadi ah...? wekekekeke

Okay, dulu, sia nda tau what the hell is MC. I thought MC tu cuma EMCEE. rupanya MC also stands for Medical Certificate. It was used as a prove to your leave. Tapi ada juga beberapa urang yang guna untuk apply leave palsu. That's why some people used to call this cert as MEDICAL CHEAT. Cheating purpose kah? wekekekeke.. .Sepa pernah buat nie ah? Well, asal bahagia...

Just now i went to the clinic because of i'm having this UNWANTED Flu. It's really effect my daily activities... that's why i hate flu. Tambah-tambah lai sekarang musim H1N1... People are very sensitive about flu. Dengar saja ada flu, nah, bagagar uda derang... Ada juga yang suru pigi cepat-cepat check doktor... Ada juga yang amat nakal, suruh sia pigi minta quarantine...

Thank God, i was only having a Normal Flu... NORMAL FLU. This is because i spend most of my time this week in the server room, and as you all might know, it was very, and i mean VERY cold insede... wekekekeke.. Taken my medicine, but still can't sleep... arrggghhhh

KaDuS Bilang:
Okay... sia puji tu doktor... kalau ada doktor macam tu, sia rasa kurang urang yang mo pigi magauk a day before works on Monday. Will They??? wekekekeke... dari sindri juga bah tu...
Okay... markikadus -OFF-

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Cristiano Ronaldo: 1 (ONE) Foot To Real Madrid

Whoa!!! This is one of the longest absent from me, writing this blog. Too many things has happened since i last updated this blog. Most of it, Busy! can't even have that precious time to sit and update my blog with a good content. Furthermore, i am in a drought of ideas on what to write... wekekekeke. Not an excuse lah... but this is what has been happening to me... For all the post that i promised to post here, i will post it later...

As usual my daily surfing routine will include visiting my team website, Manchester United and found the much awaited news, or some people including me lah.. The news reads like this...

Record Ronaldo bid accepted

Hmmm... and the rest of the stories goes like this....

Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

At the request of Cristiano - who has again expressed his desire to leave - and after discussion with the player's representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player.

Matters are expected to be concluded by 30 June. The club will not comment until further notice.

Nah... kan sia bilang i've expected this to happened. since he first expressed his desire to leave Man. Utd, i knew his heart and mind is already at Real Madrid. Simple as that. So i have no point to say that is only a dream. Gutted? a bitlah... tapi i don't feel that this is the end of MAnchester United superiority. MAn. Utd is not about one man. Man. Utd is about a team, the hold team who called themselves the Red Devils, wore the MU shirts with pride.

I believe (as i always do) that Sir Alex Ferguson will know what to do next, who is the next player he will be targetting to streghthen his squad. Rumours says that Franck Ribery will be the number one target, but with Bayern munich reportedly asking for more than £80million, it would be impossible deal for Man. Utd. Will Nani have a chance to finally prove that he is as good as Cristiano Ronaldo? it will always be Sir Alex decision. Just remember when Eric Cantona shockingly announce that he would retire from Man. Utd, many people predicted that MAn. Utd will never be able to conquer the Premier League Again. Sir Alex proved that he is by far the best Manager ever grace the Premier League, by winning the treble, 2 season after Eric Cantona left... Same goes with David Beckham and Roy Keane. Now Ronaldo...

Well, we will see what happened next, as by 30th June, matter will be concluded, whether he will stay or not, i do BELIEVE that this will not make Man. Utd weak but making them much mo stronger as evr... So to all the future premier league champion contender, expect more quality from Man. Utd next Season

KaDuS Bilang:
Um... so far, teda bilang... kita tunggu and lihat saja... wekekekeke

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Who Will Be The Sugandoi 2009 Champion???

Out of 10, only one will be crowned the Sugandoi Champion. Who will follow the footsteps of Malvin Kalbin, Siti Sarinah, Arnold Wences Linus, Esther Appolonius and many great entertainer in the State? Tonight all the question will be answered.

Come to KDCA at 7pm to witness this event!!! Also for those who can't make it, do tune in to Sabahan.FM for live coverage.

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Sleepy Grasshopper?

While surfing the net via wifi at donggongon... Tiba-tiba ada belalang... Sia rasa Nujum Pak Belalang kasi lepas nie... wekekekeke...

Lama dia jalan-jalan at my laptop, trus dia lepak... hoh... ngantuk nie... tlampau panat mo terbang... i tot dia eksiden telanggar monitor sia, sekali, mimang dia mo landing pula... Hmmm... belalang pun pandai panat kan..

Same to me lah... if this grasshopper pandai panat, sia pun... I've been very, i mean VERY Busy since i was transferred back to the HQ here at Penampang. I was currently at our newly openned Client Centre at Alamesra. Back to IT job, mimang nda duduk diam... Kerusi tu cuma jadi tempat persinggahan sementara saja... macam juga ni belalang. But thank God, I Love It. Wekekekeke..

Some of you might ask, "Bah, mana sudah cerita Phuket (Fhucket bilang ni sumandak)". Sabar kamurang... still in the process of selecting 'good' picture. Although some off my pic has been published at FB or FS. I will put some pic here, and some at my FB Account. dua tiga di FS lah... Wekekeke...

Cakap pasal Phuket, One German tourist is Dead at Phuket. Pa macam lah tu ah? Adakah ia berkaitan dengan H1N1? nah... according to health officials in Thai, The tourist died because of Phneumonia. She arrived at Phuket on 12th May. I come back from Phuket on the 10th May. Trus ada kolig sms suru pigi check doktor... Palis-palis, jauh jauh... Tapi urang bilang Cegah sebelum kena kan...

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia penant... sia mo landing... tapi susah... emmm... nanti sia update pasal phuket kio... So Long...

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Malaysia CONFIRMED it FIRST H1N1 Cases!

Nah.. baca nie...!!!!

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's top health official Friday confirmed the country's first case of Influenza A (H1N1) amid fears that some of those exposed to the infected patient could have gone on to Indonesia.

"I can confirm (that it) is the first case in Malaysia," health ministry director general Ismail Merican told AFP.

Acting health minister Kong Cho Ha, who addressed a hastily-convened press conference later, said the patient was a 21-year-old male student who arrived on a flight from the United States on May 13, giving no further details on his identity.

He said the patient came down with fever, sore throat and body aches the next day and was admitted to the Sungai Buloh quarantine facility in central Selangor state on the same evening and is now in stable condition.

He said five family members who live with the patient have been placed under home quarantine in order to monitor their condition.

The government has urged all passengers who travelled on Malaysian Airlines flight MH091 from Newark in the United States to Kuala Lumpur, that landed at 7.15am on May 13 to contact the ministry for further instructions.

"No passengers have been quarantined, we are still trying to trace them," Kong said of the 199 passengers and crew onboard the flight. "We will segregate them (when located). If they have no signs (of the disease) they can go after a certain number of days," he added.

However, he said there was a fear that some of those exposed to the infected patient may have gone on to Indonesia.

"We mention Indonesia because that flight is a code share with (Indonesian carrier) Garuda so the assumption is that there could be some passengers going to Indonesia," he added.

Officials could not immediately confirm how many Indonesians were on board nor if any passengers continued onto Indonesia.

Kong said Malaysia's alert level would remain the same despite its first confirmed H1N1 flu case as the country was already at its highest state of preparedness since the World Health Organisation raised its flu alert to phase five out of six.

"We have been on full alert," said Kong. "We are on a level of full preparedness."

Malaysia is also pushing for the WHO to get affected countries to implement exit screening in order to stop the spread of the disease amid concerns that a second wave of the H1N1 disease could be deadlier.

"If we can have travellers from affected countries screened before they are allowed to travel out, this will help us to contain the spread of such virus to other places," health minister Liow Tiong Lai told state media before heading off for the 62nd WHO General Assembly in Switzerland from May 18 to 22.

The world health body has not recommended travel restrictions following the outbreak but has advised those who are ill to delay their travel plans and urged returning travellers who fall ill to seek medical treatment.

Health officials could not immediately confirm if Malaysia would be implementing exit screening after confirming its first H1N1 case.

On Tuesday, the government urged its citizens to defer travel to the US, Mexico, Canada, Spain and Britain following reported cases of H1N1 flu in those countries.

Malaysian health authorities have installed 20 thermal scanners at the country's entry points to help detect cases with 9,324 passengers screened so far.

The latest World Health Organisation figures show the number of laboratory-confirmed H1N1 flu cases worldwide is 7,520 in 33 countries. A total of 65 people have died from the disease, most of them in Mexico, WHO figures show.

- AFP/so/ir

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia ingat nda akan sampai sini Malaysia... tapi by God will, apa apa pun buli jadi... hmmm. Let's hope it will not become a pandemic. Malaysia was 'prepared' for this, according to our Health Minister, tapi how prepared we are, let's see how they deal with this... okay... see you soon...

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Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

It's time for another break... Another vacation... If last time i went to Bali, Indonesia, this time around i will be going to Phuket, Thailand. Only down point was it was held in May, The kaamatan Month. Tapi nda pa... mimang i really need a break from all this things that surrounds me, day by day... This break,although only a short while, should be able to refresh myself after a very tiring first 4 and the half month. Ya.. i have to admit, i am tired... Really tired. I know when i come back from this trip, there is a tons of works waiting for me... can i really have a good rest? Wakakakaka... Nah... i will be bringing some of my works to this trip. So it is technically not a holidays for me lah...

Swine Flu H1N1
Yup... this is my major scares. Although there is no report that Thailand has been infected by this deadly virus, i still feel that precautions measures is needed. So i heard that upon leaving KLIA (my flight will transit to KLIA first), all passengers are required to have an vaccines injections. True or not, i have to see by tommorow. Wekekekeke... Tapi this is good juga lah, when talking about this very deadly virus, nobody want to take a risk...

Champions League Final: Manchester United vs (Chelsea/Barcelona)
Tomorrow (7/5/2009), Man. Utd opponent in UEFA Champions League Final will be known. It is either Barcelona or Chelsea. This is after Manchester United sees off Arsenal in the second leg of the Semi-Final match this morning. It was an entertaining match to be frank. Man. Utd was leading the first leg by 1-0 and i expected that if Man. Utd ever to beat Arsenal, it will be a very though match for them, given that The Gunners are playing infront of their home fans... I was shocked seing Park Ji-Sung scores in the 8th minutes. Cristiano Ronaldo added another two and the final score was Man. United winning 3 - 1. 4 -1 aggregate. Hmmm...

So, will it be a repeat of last season Champions League Final where Man. United will again meet Chelsea or it will be the repeat of also last year Semi-Final match against Barcelona. Personally, i love to see Man. Utd takes on Barcelona. But On the paper, Chelsea has the upper hand, after palying a scoreless draw in the first leg a Nou Camp, Barcelona. Will it be Drogba or Messi squares off against Rooney and Ronaldo???

Okaylah... see you when i come back ya...

KaDuS Bilang:
Tunggu sia balik... yeah!!!

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'He' will be unveiled soon...

Been talking about the soon-to-be-hottest in town Online Radio Station. Today's marks it's 1 month anniversary of Sabahan.FM - Siuk Bah Di Dangar. Well, i listen to it and I'm impressed with them. At this very moment, there's only few on duty DJ with no specific time on when they will be on-air.

Well... from an insider news, there will be a new DJ Unveiled starting as early as next week. Who will it be??? Wekekekeke... Just Wait and see...

Sabahan.FM!!! Siuk bah Di Dangar!

KaDuS Bilang:
Tunggu Saja!!!!

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Holiday - Labour Day - Life??

1st of May, in every corner of the world is Labour day. Not Labor ah... Labour! (by the way, According to Wikipedia, di Phillipines they did spelled it as Labor Day...) Labour Day a.k.a. International Workers Day is celebrated all over the world and it was to to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Whoa... Ni Wikipedia bilang ah...

Wikipedia bilang lagi, Labour Day celebrations has its origin in the Eight Hour Movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. Wah... sepatutnya, begini bah kehidupan sia ni... tapi macam nda effect saja sekarang nie... wakakakaka...

Well, i might not understand what is my real rights as a workers. It's hard to understand actually. Every people has their own aspirations and different agenda in life. Hanya diri sendiri saja yang memahami tu kaka... Well, i've been working for over a year as a civil servant... Half civil servant lah. I've gained all the benefits being it, and i am thankfull for it. They trully understand what i need and as the way to repay them, work hard to achieve the the goal set by the management team. But do i have to work until i don't have a life of my own?

Nah mula sudah pasal no life... Wekekekeke... Well... i do believe, teda 'free lunch' dalam ni dunia sekarang. What you've got now you have to earned it! Urang bilang don't care lah if you have to kick your own ass to get it. Tapikan... macam nda logik pulakan... When you achieved everything you wanted, all the benefits, all your dream, you will become a very successfull person... tapi lack of 1 thing. LIFE!!! NO LIFE!!! Wakakakakaka...

You worked your ass out, but you didn't have things that you could treassure for the rest of your life??? Does anybody understand? does Anybody care??? Wekekeke... Some would understand,... some would care... but there is a lots out there who seem to ignore it. Or maybe they just pura-pura to ignore it... Lantak kamu lah...

All i know is that i want to have my life... where i can't do my work, office works and other things, such as my community obligations, my family, and the most important, my life... Nda salah kan... bukan sia mo minta apa pa... So Who ever you are... please faham... sia nda minta lebih.,.. i just want you to understand... HAppy Labour Day To You lah...

KaDuS Bilang:
Happy Labour Day to all labour around the world and of course my colligue... Semua kawan-kawan yang dikenali sebagai labour... happy labour day kio... Ahaks...

Or For info, sia sekarang sudah balik pigi HQ from Alamesra CC. Hmm... No more 1Borneo Lunch, No more karena customer, which i really like it... wakakaka... Nda taulah.. susah mo cakap... I miss entertaining the customer although sometimes they can be a bit annoying. Hahahahaha... Now PR Skill come handy. Wekekeke... Okay... Babai!!!

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Swine Flu.. Another Worldwide Pandemic???

The Swine Flu, officially the Swine influenza A (H1N1) virus, is spreading rapidly around the world. Here’s a guide to what’s going on, what you can do and where to stay updated on the situation.

The Situation

The contagious virus has been identified on several continents, including North America (Canada, Mexico, United States) and Europe (Spain) and suspected cases in Australia and South America. Read the latest says there is a suspected cases in Hong Kong and South Korea. Ni yang sia terbaca lah...

Swine Flu is responsible for at least 149 deaths (update: 152), all in Mexico, where it is said to have started.

In the United States and Canada, Swine Flu has been confirmed in New York City, Ohio, Kansas, Texas, California, Nova Scotia and British Columbia, with possible cases in North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana and Michigan.

In Europe, Swine Flu has been confirmed in Spain and the U.K. (Scotland) and are under investigation in the Czech Republic, Denmark and Russia.

Cases are also being investigated in Israel, Colombia, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

Click for complete map of outbreaks

What’s being done

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) is working very closely with officials in states where human cases of Swine Flu have been identified, as well as with health officials in Mexico, Canada and the World Health Organization.

A public health emergency has been declared in the United States.

The CDC’s Division of the Strategic National Stockpile is releasing one-quarter of its antiviral drugs, personal protective equipment, and respiratory protection devices to help states respond to the outbreak.

Laboratory testing has found the swine influenza A (H1N1) virus susceptible to the prescription antiviral drugs oseltamivir and zanamivir.

The Virus

Symptoms of swine flu are like regular flu symptoms. That includes:

  • fever
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • body aches
  • headache
  • chills
  • fatigue

Some people have reported diarrhea and vomiting associated with swine flu.

How it spreads

The virus spreads the same way a typical seasonal flu does, via coughs, sneezes (within a few feet) or touching something with the flu virus on it and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes. An infected person can pass it on before they even develop symptoms. The incubation period for most flu viruses is 3 to 5 days, and the period for swine flu is disputed, and has been reported as anywhere from 1-5 days.

There is no evidence yet that this year’s seasonal flu vaccine will protect against the swine flu.

You cannot get swine flu from eating pork products.

You cannot get Swine Flu by eating fruits or vegetables from Mexico. Influenza Viruses are not food-borne.

What you can do

If you believe have flu symptoms, stay home. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Throw out used tissues and wash your hands. If you’ve got flu symptoms and you’ve recently been to a high-risk area such as Mexico see your doctor.

Your doctor may not be able to determine whether you have swine flu, but he or she would take a sample from you and send it to a state health department lab for testing. Your doctor may write you a prescription for Tamiflu or Relenza, but neither is required, as Swine Flu patients have recovered without medication.

If you were immunized with the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976, it probably won’t protect you now.

Where to stay up-to-date

Source: ZDNet News & Blogs

Extra Info, Please Visit THIS SITE. Credit to Media Mention. Tq.

KaDuS Bilang:
Woh... Another outbreak... Hope this one is not that serious like the Bird Flu pandemic... Hopefully will never reach Malaysia... Pray pray pray...

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