2008 - The Re-Cap Pt1

This is one of the best years a far as I can remember living in this earth! Lot’s of ups and few down, really makes me sad to leave 2008. But as time’s goes by, future ahead is a must. Can’t deny that, can’t really stay in this situation. Getting older as year passes by and hopefully getting more matured… Matured??? Am i??? Wekekekeke..

2008: In the eyes of markiekadus, Part 1

January – A New Year, A New Hope
Started the New Year with a bang, with a style (according to some of my friends).
Finally got a permanent job on the 2
nd day of January after going for industrial training in 2007 for 3 months. Job with decent pay. Yeah I mean decent pay. Not really much happening on January. The ‘heart’ is still broken but, getting myself in a ‘busy’ mode let me forget whatever has happened before.

Oh, for the record I’ve done the Haka dance at our Annual Dinner. Hmmm… I just like it, although some people would say, “karas juga badan ko?”. Wakakakakaka.

February – Love is on the air
The month of love. Ya, 14
th of February, Valentine day. Hmmm… Celebrate this with my family and friends. The ‘heart’ is slowly healing from it’s wound although it opened up on Valentine’s Day. Wakakakaka.

Oh it’s also the farewell to my former boss, Mr. Chin Chee Bin or Paul Chin. My best mentor, although only knowing him for few months. He migrated to Australia with his family and settled in well there. We still communicated though via Facebook. Hehehehehe

March – Election Day
Believe it or not, this is the first time I voted in a general election. I’ve reached the legal age to vote on 2001, but they have recently done the GE, so I won’t bother going to register until 2003. I’ve registered but I was not eligible to vote in the 2004 GE. Finally in 8 Mac 2008 I manage to vote for the first time. I also have the feeling that I need to voice out some things, some issues but I can’t say it publicly or write here… Later, people would either intentionally or unintentionally misinterpret what I say or wrote. Then I will be in a very big trouble. So I guess voting is the best way to have my say! But do ‘they’ listened to it??? Hmmm… Kamu danger kah? Hallloooo???? Macam nda…

The 2008 GE results is one of the greatest upsets of all time. The current goverment did won it, but fail to maintain the 2/3 majority needed. Then few ministers lost in this election. Some of them are big name in Malaysians political scenario and to make it worst, they’ve lost 5 states.

Some says this GE results is partly due to the influence of the cyber space. The internet has played ‘some’ role in deciding the recent GE result. To be honest, I do agree with this. People nowadays look things from many angles. They don’t just look on one side and said, “Ya… Betul tu!”. You can’t just ‘feed’ them with things that don’t want to eat. They will find the way to eat things that they like. So think again. The younger generation of Malaysians is the future of the country, and some of them have start talking. They are not ‘just another voter’. They are the voter! Who decide where the county will go!

April – Prank Time!!!
Whoa!!! This is the most dangerous month. For me lah at least. As I said in my April post, some friends still ‘bernapsu’ mo kasi kena… Yang kaw-kaw pinya. What I mean is the April Fool. Luckily teda yang kena… Passed this… but 2009’s April is coming… arrrggghhh!
I’ve started my official job as State-Level Kaamatan Photographer by taking picture at the press conference of the Unduk Ngadau, held at the Imperial Hotel. Doing that with mr. gogds.

May – Kaamatan Mode!
Whole month filled with kaamatan activities, although most of my time is filled with taking photographs. Starting from mid-May onwards. It is where the Sugandoi or singing competition kicks-off. From kids to the veteran, I have to cover all the event. Not me alone lah… There is gogds, who later joined by mr. Pirut and bambangan.

The Sugandoi give me a chance to see a lot of talented singer, young singer from around Sabah. Surprisingly, I’ve meet some who was once compete with me in a small competition. The winner is my friend, Mr. Malvin Kalbin.

I really feel that the winner of the Sugandoi competition should be given something like a contract, for 1 or 2 albums maybe. There is no continuity for the winner. After they win, they have to find their way to get notice as people will have the tendacy forgot about them after 6 months. The Committee should at least co-produce (if they can’t afford to produce it alone) the album with production house of their choice, manage them and promote them. My view lah

And also a Penampang Unduk Ngadau was crowned on the 31st May 2008. Also a Sabahan finally won AF via Stacy. Wekekekeke

Another note, Manchester United won their 10th Premier League title on the very last day of the season. They went on to win the double via lifting the UEFA Champions League, beating Chelsea in the final! What a game!!! GLORY-GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED!!!

June – Expensive oil, costlier lifestyle
In June, the most talking points are the hike of the oil price. It was a sudden decision made by the government and it really caught many people by surprise, and that includes me. I was actually planning to get my self a car, but due to the oil price hike, I had to postpone it until I think it is wise to get a car. They say that the current global oil price is the reason why the oil price is raised. It is inevitable, referring the oil price hike.

Some people do speculate that is the way the punished the people for failing to get what they want. Dunno what the truth about this is, but its only 3 months after the GE… Hmmm

KaDuS Bilang:
I'll add the second part later... Wekekekeke... Still in New Year mode no idea whatsoever what to write. Yeah... Today i'm on duty, where i should be in Holiday. Went late to work, because of stomach ache. Not a good way to start my new year... hmmm...

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4 Responses to 2008 - The Re-Cap Pt1

hornbill said...

mark... y dun u organise Swk sbh bloggers meet this year?

markiekadus said...

good idea actually... but sepa yang pigi mana dulu?

hornbill said...

Buat d KK dulu la... Ko yang organise ba kan? Kalau buat di Swk, aku sorang ja yang datang.... hehehe

markiekadus said...

kalau misal kata sia buat di KK, ko dapat datang kah? dengan bloggers lain dari sana???