2008 - The Re-Cap Pt2

This is the second part of my 'nda tantu-tantu' re-cap. Sorry i don't post any picture as there is too much picture that i can't even select which one is the best for this blog. Enjoy reading... wekekekeke

July – Nothing Interesting Noted

Nothing much. Only one thing good enough to talk is about the operation to flush illegal immigrant that has been residing here in Sabah for ages. It is a big scale operation, according to the statement released by the government. Banner about the operation is out and radio deejay is actively reminding people to always bring along their documents. Whoa!!!

But seriously is there any update on that? I always read the newspaper about it, but what really disappoints me is the story about the operation is only in small portions. Front page is filled with political matters. I want to be that, he should become this and I should be on that post. I don’t know whether the newspaper guys more interested to publish the political matter rather than update on what has been happening about the operations? I don’t know other places, but what I know is, I only seen one operation here in town. Don’t remember when, but there is…

The political matter maybe important (for some people lah mangkali), but what about the promises you (politician) made to the rakyat about flushing the illegal out of Sabah? Have you done it? Have you really Flush Em’ All? Oh you just interested to report about you gaining this postion in you respective party???

August – Bali Vacation

Funny to tell, but this is my first trip outside the country. This is a trip organized by our organization to our staff. We are divided into 5 groups and the first three groups have gone to Bandung and Medan, Indonesia earlier this year. We’ve made a unanimous decision to go to Bali. It’ good actually as I always want to go to Bali. Although there is a history of terrorist attack way back in 2002 (reffering to the Bali Bombing), the travel agent has assured us that the security in Bali is really tight nowadays. Proven to be very-very truth. Everywhere we goes, there is at least two securities personal on standby. There’s also CCTV everywhere. The security personal outnumbered the policeman/woman on duty in Bali. That does explain why I didn’t see many policeman/woman on duty there.

We went on to visit the silver manufacturing place, wood carving and a temple which is located on the beach. In fact, there is a lot of temple in Bali as the main religion of Balinese is Hinduism. I only found 1 mosque and a Christian cemetery so far at Bali. Our hotel is one of the grandest i ever stay. It is the Hard Rock Hotel, Bali. Just in front of it is the Kuta Beach, famous for surfing! Yeah!!!

Bali is truly a shop-tertainment heaven. The stuff to buy is cheap and if you are good at the skill of ‘tawar menawar’, you may get the best price ever.

September – …

One week after come back from Bali, my mum woke me up to tell my grandfather is unconscious. Went on to check on him, I presumed he was gone. That was the most shocking thing happened as the night before, he was very active, saying he want to go to town tomorrow. He was happy… Hmmm… I rather not write more about this, as its really break my heart… May his soul rest in Peace…

October – KE Star Studded Nite Party

KaDuS Entertainment™ yearly gathering has a new name, a new theme… No more to be called Annual gath, but from now on it will be called KE Party. Everybody is a star at that night. Having a problem actually to find a costume that match with that but, luckily on the very last minute, I found it. Hehe…

Oh, My Team finished 2nd in the Man & Women Futsal Tournament organized by the Ministry Of Finance, Sabah. FYI, Sabah Credit is a statutory body under the state government and we are under the MOF. Our tem (Men’s Team) losing 3-1 in the Final against Warisan Harta where’s one of their player is a friend of mine and another blogger, Gidong.

November – My Favorite Month

Yes… November, I love this month… It is my favorite month. Dunno why, but must be because my birthday is in November and my favorite number happens to be 11.

This is the month I started to get people attention unintentionally. I was asked by the Sabah Computer Societies to give talks about blogging at one of their event. Not being the best blogger around and lack of experience (3 years only), I just give the audiences the basic things about blogging. Didn’t know there’s a reporter from local daily to cover the event, I continue on giving my talks. The reporter took some picture of me and went off. Few days later, my pic is out on the newspaper. Some office colleague congratulate me, some started blogging themselves. I’ve also received few phone call from clubs and societies to give talks about blogging. Hmm… I can see the importance of blogging as a lot of people wanted to know more. I guess it is because of the aftermath the March GE.

We (SCC Futsal Team) again participate in another Futsal Tournament. This time a tournaments for Statutory Bodies. Futsal is one of the sport event under the Sabah Statutory Bodies Sports. But sadly we didn’t past the quarter-final as we were defeated by SEDCO Team. Manage to score one goal, but that's it. We were out! But i enjoyed playing in that tournarments, especially when the player you are playing against is much more better and skillful. How about former state (Sabah) player???

December - Holiday Mood

Much more event organised this month. starting with the Anugerah PERTISA. Read my 'honest' comment about it HERE. This event meant to acknowledge the most popular artist in Sabah and their works...

Then there is the O2C's Red Is Glam Party (RiGP, finally get it right this time). A Charity event for KASIH, the KK Aids Support Services. Brilliant event.

Pastu i was involved in our Christmas Decoration judging where i act as one of the shepherds... in our case... jajal shepherds... Wekekekeke...

Get drunk here and there... tapi nda lah sampai nakalapik nda ingat dunia... wowowowowow

KaDuS Bilang:
Whoa! Done!!! Started New Year 2008 with happy, end it with happy Also! I like it... Throughout 2008, i've wore Warrior costume, Chinese shirts, baju selangor, cowboy costume, baju tradisi Suluk, Shepherds and of course the Kadazan traditional costume. Wekekekeke... I am happy in 2008. That what make me sad. Now, it's been three days since i left 2008 behind, i still feel like... macam baru kemarin sia pakai baju cowboy and menari tarian Suluk. Wekekekeke.

"I go foward leaving all the memories behind. Some i would cherish forever, some better left behind. Truly wonderful years, happiness come and goes with sadness, good comes with bad... Can I ask for more? Thank You God for all the great things You give upon me"

Uish... sia merapu sudah (webber pinjam ayat ko ah). Wakakaka.. Okay.... Take Care Everybody!!!

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GregChai said...

Detail oh, macam sia trus dapat rasa lapas baca, makin kenal ni hehehe.

Enjoy reading your post bro.

markiekadus said...

heheheh... TQ bro... tapi macam lidut balik sia mengupdate nie... wekekekeke. But TQ again