The FAQ of KE Next Top Entertainer

I’ve been getting a lot of phone call regarding the KE Next Top Entertainer singing competition since it was made public last December. Thank you for the interest and it is really good to see there are a lot of people who are aware of the entertainment industry in Sabah. The effort for you to call and enquiry is much appreciated. We will try our best to answer your question until the registration dateline, which is on the 30th January 2009. Those confirmed participants will have a chance to ask more on the briefing day, scheduled on the 31st January 2009.

Nowadays I’ve been very busy with the implementation of computer system at our new Client Centre at Alamesra. So please do understand that if I don’t answer your phone call or even SMSes, I am not ignoring you. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible… but if you want a fast answer or explanation, do call the other number. They too can help you with your question.

Okay… Before you go on and call me I would like to include some FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) so that you would have some basic ideas of what KE NTE is all about.

Q: What is KE NTE (KaDuS Entertainment Next Top Entertainer)?

A: KE NTE is a singing competition organised, first time by KaDuS Entertainment. It is just the same as the other singing competition only that KE NTE will emphasise more on NEW and FRESH talent. I am sure there are a lot of them out there just waiting to unearth their wonderful singing talent.

Q: Define NEW & FRESH

A: Those who never produced an Album (be it solo or group), recorded a single, got an airplay from local radio station (that does include Suria Pagi Kinabalu). To too must NEVER won any major STATE or NATIONAL Level competition (example: Sugandoi Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri Sabah, Bintang RTM Negeri Sabah etc). We want does who are not bound by any Contract from any recording company in Sabah or anywhere in Malaysia. You must not be contracted to any talent Manager.

Q: Is there any Entrance FEE?

A: Off course. Nowadays, there is no free lunch in the world, except that your friend says, Mari sia belanja ko makan tengahari. But Everywhere you go you must pay… even entering the public toilet. So fee is RM50 only.

Q: We can I get the entry form?

A: The entry form is available from various locations. Starting with New Pusakag Café. You may also obtain the form at Chempaka Square, Ace Club, Bukit Padang and Ligo Music Centre at CKS Penampang, Inanam and Centre Point, KK. Lastly, you can always download the form at KaDuS Entertainment Website’s at

Q: After filling the form, where can I send it? May I email it to you?

A: We actually asked all the contestant bring the form on the registration day, but due to the overwhelming response we get form the public, it is best to call us and arrange a meeting to send the form. To book your place (for those yang betul-betul confirmed) we will asked you to deposit the Entrance fee to us. Please call to get the account information. Outstation? No problem, just fax us the form and deposit the money into our account. This is an assurance that you will not come and become mad at us when you found out that all the 60 places has been filled and you come from outstation. This is a First Come First Serve Basis.

Please don’t email the form to us, as we need your signature that you will adhere to all the rules and regulations. Also we need the parents to sign if the contestant is below 18 years old.

Q: I’ve decided to pull out and I want my money back. Can I do that?

A: UPDATE!!! You are allowed to pull out but your registration fee will not be returned. I'm sorry, something confused me yesterday... Teringat other competition yang pernah sia ikut nie... wekekekeke... Sorry... Sorry

Q: What should I prepare on the registration day?

A: Just prepare your self. Make your self available. For those who haven’t sent the 3R or 4R size photograph you are required to do so. Although we would have a photography session on the entire contestant, we still need your own photograph. Those who haven’t pay the registration fee, please do so on that day. This is for those who have confirmed their participation.

Q: Can I choose any songs?

A: You may choose up to two songs. You are required to sing both songs on the heat day. The selection of songs will be freely done by you. Please remember that the compulsory songs must be in KadazanDusun. You are free to choose the second song but it must be in Malay or English only.

Q: What type of song I can choose?

A: As I said earlier, you are free to choose any song. But I would like to emphasis on this. Although this might be my personal opinion, I would be grateful if you could sing a ‘clean’ song. What I mean by ‘clean’ is songs that don’t contain any sensitive issues, or yang ada sindiran-sindiran padas. Also no foul language. The compulsory song of KadazanDusun should be in neat. Don’t select songs that add language other then KadazanDusun. As much as you like to sing it and you sing it well, we still want to promote our language to the higher level through songs! We can do this together.

Q: Do I have to prepare my own music?

A: Yes, you have too. This is to ensure that there will be no problem arises if you use our CD and the CD malfunctions. You will blame me if these things happen and I don’t want that. So prepare your own Minus One. Especially the Local pinya. Dalam masa yang sama kamu kasi tinguk juga yang kamu support our local music industry if you buy the CD. Betul tidak.

Q: Berapa ramai sudah yang hantar borang?

A: Ignore those yang hantar boring. If you are really interested to enter this competition, you won’t bother about the amount of participants we received. But to kasi puas hati kamurang… we have received more than half, maybe closed to forty forms. So capat-capatlah hantar borang.

Huh… so far this is the most FAQ I got, either via SMS or Call. You can always call us to asked more. There’s still time for you to enter this. There is no harm entering this… Mana tau you are the one we are looking for. The one who will become The Next Top Entertainer not only for KaDuS Entertainment but also Sabah (mana tau lagi for Malaysia)

This is the first steps to stardom. You might not win but you may get noticed by people out there. Ni lah dinamakan batu loncatan untuk kamu sukses dalam bidang hiburan yang kamu gemari… We give you a platform and it’s up to you how you want to walk on it. Walk, Runs, Crawl... Its up to you… The most important thing is when you finally reach the ‘place’ you wanted to go, you will look back one time and saw, you’ve gone so far and you will be proud of it. KE parts is small, only the platform.

Rome was not built within a day. The Egyptian pyramid were not erected within a week, the Great Wall of China was not completed in a month. It took times, courage and patient to achieved the success. When you do… Enjoy It.”

KaDuS Bilang:

Teda bilang sudah… sekali lagi sia mo kasi tau yang penyertaan masi terbuka until 30 Januari 2009 or until we’ve got 60 participant. Which ever comes first lah. Any question, jan malu mo Tanya… kami nda makan urang… kami makan nasi… Just Call us at;

  1. Tomm (Carllixtus)0198807851
  2. Jasonjay (Finchley) – 0168461914
  3. gogds (George) – 0195305512
  4. KaDuS (Mark)– 0168021500

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hornbill said...

mark.. aku nak join..hahaha

hornbill said...

mark.. aku nak join..hahaha

markiekadus said...

join lah... tapi sudah tutup... wekekekeke... next year lah ko join grace... wakakakaka