This is it. The time has come for those of you out there who would like to become someone famous, well known or even the best entertainer in Sabah. The KE Next Top Entertainer is a singing competition that making it debut this coming February.

The Prize

I am dare to say that the prize for this competition is by far the best prize ever offered by any local singing competition organizer here in the state. No disregard to other past organizer lah ah. But really, Free Air Ticket to Australia? Terms anf condition apply lah. Then there will be prize money. But the most important prize is a chance to become the next Top Entertainer in Sabah. That is the main reason to enter this competition bah kan… Eh??? Yaka?

What we are looking for?

Simple… We don’t want another Clarice John Matha or Jestie Alexius. We also don’t want the next Ivye Alexandra or Danny F. Malinggi. We want the real you. The new you. So if your name is, for example Slyvester Webber, we would known you as the only Sylvester Webber and not Sylvester Webber, the next Hain Jasli or George Lian.

That’s brings me to the rules and qualification. Also very simple. To enter this competition you must:

  • Age between 17 to 35 years old on 1 January 2009
  • Must be a Malaysian resident residing in Sabah (pilak dan suku sakat PTI nda kira)
  • Not a professional Singer
  • Never recorded a single or own an album
  • Not bound to any contract from any recording studio, production house, talent management company or event a manager
  • Haven’t got an airplay from any radio station in Sabah (including Suria FM)
  • Never won a State (or higher) singing competition (includes Sugandoi Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri Sabah)

Simple kan… In other word, we need FRESH singer! I’m not saying that the current sets of singer is not good, but for me, the more the merrier kan. It will encourage them (the current singer) to work extra hard as there is a friendly competitor will emerges. For the new one the will want to do their best so that the could prove one point, that is the can stand together with the best in the business! Tapi apa yang paling penting ialah, we go back to our root and try to preserve our language via our songs so that it will be our heritage forever. Macam KaDuS Entertainment pinya slogan, Sinding Tokou, Boros Tokou, Tungkus Tokou (Our Song, Our Language Our Heritage)


We’ve received an overwhelming response for this event. A lot of people calls and express their desire to enter this competition. As for today, more than half has submitted their form. We hope to add in more contestant before the closing date (on 30th January 2009) or until we got our maximum number, 60.

More Update Soon…

KaDuS Bilang:

Bah, apa lai… peluang yang di tunggu sudah sampai… for those yang rasa-rasa talented tu, jan malu-malu pigi saja sana and download form tu sana… Print it (together with the rules). Fill it and sent it to the organizer… that’s include me lah… wekekekeke…

Bah for more info please call;

  1. Tomm0198807851
  2. Jasonjay – 0168461914
  3. gogds – 0195305512
  4. KaDuS – 0168021500

Okay for now!!!

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Gallivanter said...

Coolness! LOL to no pilak! Hahaha!

merapuswz@webber said...

nasib kau x tulis sylvester webber the next Britney spears..khahkahk..

markiekadus said...

ya... NO to Pilak...

Webber -> sia mo sudah daa... tapi... nda pa lah... wekekekeke