I Don't Know

Bukan tajuk untuk poem terbaru, bukan juga tajuk baru lagu... wekekekeke... Actually i don't have any idea for the title of my post. Even worst i don't have any idea of what am i am going to write today... Hmmm...

Belum sampai satu bulan sia kana transfer pigi sini SCC Alamesra Client Centre. Makin hari-makin ramai yang datang and berurusan sini. So, i'm calling to those who working and residing around Alamesra and it's surrounding area to come to our Alamesra Client Centre. Especially those yang ada urusan pinjaman dengan kamirang. Sinang, dekat, nda susah cari parking... Tapi i thing yang sia rasa nda siok is dia pinya food price... Snake Plate pinya price (for Regular nasi campur). Wekekekeke... So please come here if you are sooo lazy to drive to our HQ at Penampang. Oh, you may also make your payment here at Sabah Credit Alamesra CC.

Oh, Satu lai pula... kalau mo pigi 1 Borneo, terpaksa mo seberang jalan raya dengan gaya 100 meter. In my view, i think they should build a flyover for people to cross from Alamesra to 1Borneo. Much more easy. Takan mo tunggu ada urang kana langgar dulu baru mo bertindak kan...? Daripada guna tu duit untuk benda-benda yang nda bagi faedah kepada smua urang, i mean everybody, i think better you people invest untuk kegunaan bersama. Bukan satu saja urang yang cross that road everyday... Ramai bah... If i spent my time walk and count the people who crossed the road to Alamesra, maybe i can get over 100 a day... Tapi nda lah sia mo buat karaja bodo macam tu... buang masa saja... Wakakakaka

Okay. Now about KaDuS Entertainment Website (www.kadusmusic.com). We've been having technical problem recently, not due to us, but from the server itself. I am sorry to make you register again. I know it is Sucks to do it over and over again. I've been informed by by two other co-founder that they are trying very hard to rescue all the user database... Well, i might no nothing about all this database things but i'm sure, it is going to be so hard for them to do so... Be patience. We (KE Admins) are not going to make your life hard... We want to make sure your stay at KE Website is much easier and much fun... But due to this people (or maybe group of people) tlampau gatal tangan mo inject urang pinya file with Virus or whatever, we have to clean a lot of file inside it. So far, the user DB is not infected. Eh apa sia cakap nie...

Oh, i want to say a BIG SORRY To all the audience who come and witness the First KE Next Top Entertainer first Heat. I wrongly announce the Winner. Mimang kanaKutuk-kutuk lah sia... tapi Sia manusia saja bah... Bukan Perfect. Prone to make mistake... LAi pun 1st show mimang nervous. Won't blame anybody lah... it will happen when we less expect it. So Again A Big Sorry... Oh, congrats to Carrey Oliver and Deffny Pearl Tanggar for making it to the Final.

Apa lai ha...? oh...

KaDuS Bilang:
Ni lai... nantilah sia update lai... really teda idea nie.. .wakakakakaka... Okay babai All...!!!

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