No Pain, No Gain

Got this email early morning today. From my colleague at the office lah. This is so very meaningful that i really would like to share with you all. U might have seen this or read this before... Tapi biar lah... i really like the message behind the comic.


It Is A Comic

No Pain No Gain… Accept the Pain, Future will be Fruitful…
Don ' t feel the work you are doing is painful, because there will be always a reason for that pain or work.

KaDuS Bilang:
So. Got the message? I'll let you figure it 4 yourself lah... Wekekekeke.. Enjoy your day!!!

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4 Responses to No Pain, No Gain

Gallivanter said...

Great comic!

merapuswz@webber said...

tersindir sya nie comic oo..khahkahk..macam sya jah tu...mau senang saja..kkhahka

Anonymous said...

i like this!ketawa sa tiba2.haha.bru tau,saepa suruh putung2

markiekadus said...

webber -> minta mahap kalau ko terasa kio.. .wakakakakaka

ruth -> yup... macam manusia juga bah... nda pernah puas nie... wakakakaka