Tagged (by Grace): 6 Un-Important Fact About Me Ver.2

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1. I am an heavy Nescaffe Drinker, i can't function well without it.

2. I would asked for a glass of cold water for every drink that i ordered. (Except alcoholic drinks where i would ask for a warm water... hehehe)

3. I hate NO-Life People

4. I would love to try Via-Ferrata

5. I used to rollerblades when i was in my teenage. Sadly, i injured myself twice. I still wish my K2 rollerblade is still here and not broken.

6. This is 6, un-important fact about myself. TQ for reading

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KaDuS Bilang:
I think i've done this before... i was thinking to find the old post and paste it, but this is a new tag by Grace. She tagged me for the first time about this tag. There is a lot Un-Important Fact about me, so what the heck juga... So For Grace, Buli Bah Kalau ko... Sorry i didn't notice you are tagging me... Wekekekeke...

Here you are Grace... (I mean, you've read what you tagged me...)

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One Response to Tagged (by Grace): 6 Un-Important Fact About Me Ver.2

hornbill said...

mak kasih ya mark... terharu betul la... hahaha...

nanti sia tag ko lagi...