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KE NEXT TOP ENTERTAINER: Final Hurdles For 13 Hopeful!

This Saturday will mark the end of a very long and tiring Heat session for the KE Next Top Entertainer Season 1 (KENTE S1) organized by KaDuS Entertainment. We will unveil the last two contestant who will complete the lineup for the Final of KENTE S1. Who will it be???

For info: They will be 13 contestants for Heat 5 where only two of them will be selected to the final, tentatively scheduled on 4th April 2009 at Pusakag Cafe. Some of the contestant i knew well and some i know can sing well. The rest is a total stranger for me... On paper many there are some guesses about who will go through to the next round. Normal lah... But that was on paper... On the Stage, it was a different story, different playground. Some 'good' singer will fail very badly during their real performance, and the dark horses will shine, although there are dark... wakakakaka...



For this heat, only 3 girls vying for two places in the final. Will we see another all man finalist from heat 5? Will it be another shock results? Who are those 13 will join DEFFNY, CARREY, JISIUS, MARLENNEY, HARY, GEORGIA, BERNARD & ELTON in the final? We'll see on the final heat this Saturday...

As for this event so far, i am very satisfied with this event. I've seen a lot of talented singer who really do their best. They perform with all their heart and this show that they have the desire to do and try to get the best out of them. I've also seen god singer get the boot out in a shocking way... Well, it's really is the thoughest singing competition. Don't want to say lah who and which heat lah... Every heat for me has their own strength and weakness... So in this next heat, i would really expect all the contestant gives their best. This is your chances to be the final 2 contestant to reach the final... So All the best to all of you!!! i'll see you on Saturday, but i only see 2 of you on the final...

For more info and picture, please visit

Main Design by: Davelynne O.D.R
Photo By: gogds

KaDuS Bilang:
Nda sia sedar heat 5 sudah... MAcam baru sia brief all the contestant yang registration day... 31st January 2009. No mo end of March uda... again, how time fly... wekekekeke... So sila-sila lah datang untuk bagi sokongan kepada acara ini... We could see a star in the making... FOR SURE!!!
Bah... enjoy Thursday kamu!!! Yiiiha!!!

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Kerana Gatal Tangan

Wonder what happen to my blog? Ni lah pasal gatal tangan. I accidentally deleted my blog template. the blue one that I've been using for sometime, without having a chance to back it up. Hehehe... Well, only manage to update few blogs link, your blogs i mean, so it will take times for me to complete updating all the links i have. It doesn't mean that i want to get rid of you or what ah... This is simply my mistake. Will rectify it all... Tapi apapun... Sorry

Free Orkut and My Space Sorry Graphics Glitters
Orkut Myspace Sorry Comments &

Have been sick for the past 3 days. Started from Saturday morning. On Friday, i have the feeling that i will become sick. Tekak mula sakit, badan mula mo lemas... But knowing me, anak jajal, i ignore it. Went to Pusakag Cafe to see the KE Next Top Entertainer Heat 4 direct from works. Kompom balik lambat as the event only ends at 12.30 am. Woke up Saturday morning, macam susah saja mo bangun. Confirm Damam!!! But kasi kuat juga ginawo mo jalan... Sekali petang getting worst. Luckily sia ada makan some ubat and makes myself sweating by eating some hot stuff...

I should thank this one angel. She has been there since the first day i feel like i want to sick. Not there as in be here with me lah... But on the phone... All the advise i really appreciate. Especially the 'buat milo panas, makan megi panas' and pakai baju tabal-tabal and jangan berkipas... Tapi adakah patut she ask me to wear socks... huh.... nda ngam... wekekeke.. tapi at least kurang sikit juga tu demam... Hmmm... Well, jan kamu salah sangka... i have nothing with this girl. She is just concern just like she concern to all her friends... Wekekeke... Thank You once again....

KaDuS Bilang:
Bah... pelan-pelan sia kasi bagus ni blog... nanti sia update your link kio... sabar ja kamu... Bah... muli oku nodi...

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Sakit Kah???

I guess u've seen this video before... So enjoy... (Again)

Hmmm... How ah? Kalau lah ada game macam nie di sini Malaysia, ramai kah yang berani mo ikut? wekekekeke... Yang baju merah tu yang funny... Berabis dia nda mo, tapi he's in the game so what to do... Wekekeke... Ni patut kana kasi jadi hukuman untuk perugul-perugul yang di tangkap ni... Instead of sebatan, kasi derang nie. Wekekekeke

Cakap pasal sebatan, sia teringat ada satu video, japanese juga and i guess the same actor, or maybe their group of friend. Wekekekeke... Sia suka nie... first time sia tinguk ni vid, sakit perut sia ketawa... sampai keluar air mata... even now sia masi buli tersenyum tinguk tu... huh... kalau sia dalam ni game, mimang sialah yang paling banyak kana sebatan oh... Bangkak busul...

KaDuS Bilang:
Okay. Hope you enjoyed this video. Weekend sudah... Ni malam pigi pusakag cafe, KENTE Heat 4. Then busy weekend for me... here and there... Arrrggghhh... Okay once again enjoy!

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Painful Defeat!

Hard to accept it. 4-1 defeat by Liverpool was a heartbreaking result… apa lagi kalau kalah di tempat sendiri. Okay lah… I accept the defeat (with a heavy heart). I don’t want to give silly reason, such as injuries to key player or whatever… Defeat is a defeat. Liverpool also have injuries concern to their key player, so I could say that they beat us FAIR & SQUARE! Look it at a positive side, we were beaten by far more better team. So congrats to Liverpool and their fans… You have the bragging rights as you have defeated us twice this season, home and away! Wakakakaka… Jarang terjadi oh…

Okay to all Man. Utd fans… We’ve witnessed what could be an epic game. I agree Man. Utd did not play at their very best. This is not their very best game. The first 15 minutes was Man. Utd, after the equalizing goal by Liverpool, then it was Liverpool all the way. Too many mistakes by The Reds Devil right from the start. The worst performer was Nemanja Vidic. A world class defender, but 2 silly mistakes lead to Man. Utd downfall.

On a positive note, Park Ji Sung and Carlos Tevez is the only two outstanding players for me on that match for Man. Utd. They show great determination to try and open up the play for United, even when Man. Utd was trailing behind.

This defeat means that Man. Utd’s leads at the top of the BPL was cut to 4 points with a game in hand. Should they (United) win their game in hand, the margin is back to 7 points with less then 10 games to play. Simple as that. This defeat is Rafa Benitez first double victory over Man. Utd since 2004. Lama juga lah. Can Liverpool end their Championship droughts this season? Tunggu bulan lima lah…

Aftermath of this match

Well, as expected, I do received a lot, and I mean A LOT of calls and sms from my Liverpool friends. The content, well faham-faham lah. Wakakakaka… In fact lama sudah derang nda sms/call when this result occurs. Hmmm… this result could be special for them. Yalah, They are soo fresh after defeating the mighty Real Madrid 4-0. And Winning against Manchester United, the defending BPL & European Champions and current champions of The FIFA World Club Cup & The League Cup Champions, well, that’s the reason for them to be happy… and I can understand it.

At Facebook, nda payah lai cakap lah… 1 hour after the match ended, most user status yang sia nampak smua regarding that match. Happiness, sadness… wakakakaka… Syok juga lah tinguk smua tu… For the record, me and my cousin will have this heated debate about which is the best team. Well, Bro. Tony… You beat us twice this season, and I admit that your team played well, in fact VERY WELL against us… I accept this defeat with open heart and positive view… wakakakakaka

KaDuS Bilang:

Hmmm... Man. Utd next game is against Fulham. They must win this game to keep the pressure on Liverpool and Chelsea.

Okaylah... nda mo cakap banyak... tapi;

To all Liverpool Fans who visited my blog, accidently ka apa kah... Congratulations on Your Home & Away Victory over Us... It is painful, tapi accepted lah... Wekekeke... Enjoy your victory...

To All Man. Utd Fan!!! Simple... GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED!!!

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Practise Makes Perfect (or almost Perfect)

Remember my last post about Valentina Hassan, the bulgarian idols contestant who sang 'her' version of Without You by Mariah Carey. Well, mimang truk lah the first time she sang it... i can't hardly understand apa yang dia cakap. The funny part is, when she was ask what language she sang, dengan selambanya dia menjawap, ENGLISH. hehehe... Well, frankly speaking, mimang truk lah...

But few weeks later, maybe lah... she does improves a lot, dari segi sebutan lah.... It shows that we can make it Perfect or Almost perfect if we try hard and practise on it... Cool Kan... See the video below...

one thing saja lah... Nda juga dia mo buka tu "KEN LEE' dari the lyric... She actually means can't live... wekekekeke. Tapi maybe because she used to pronounced it that way... wekekeke.

KaDuS Bilang:
Practise Makes Perfect (or Almost perfect) wekekekekeke...

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Idol War: KEN LEE vs ENUM!

Bulgarian Idol Contestant

A Version of Mariah Carey's Without You!

tagged at facebook by Lenny Anang


Indonesian Idol Contestant

A Version of Linkin Park's Numb

tagged at Facebook by Girlyenn

Saw this two video on Facebook. Karaja kawan-kawan mentag pada video. Not sure which one is the "best". I give you this opportunity picked which one do you like... wakakakakaka... I know that there are many similar video here... but so far, this is the one i saw on You Tube... Wekekekeke...

KaDuS Bilang:
Bah, this is for fun only... siapa yang sakit tu, tinguk lah ni video, muga-muga baik sakit tu... wekekekeke... Enjoy!!!

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Main Tapak...

Finally i found kids playing one of the many old games that i used to play... Games dulu-dulu bah. I thought modern kids nowadays only plays PS3, PC, Mac Air and so forth. Tapi, i'm happy to see my own nephew playing that game. Siorang panggil tu main tapak. Don't have any idea what is the correct words in english for this game... Wakakakaka... I'm totally wrong! They do play this game.,.. The objective of this game, simple... kasi tebalik seberapa banyak tu mini daun terup... ko dapat banyak,... ko untung... wekekekeke.

Still remember, when i was a kids, i used to ask my parent to buy me toys. Bila ekonomi agak suram, bukan toys, tapi karatas yang macam daun terup. Then adalah kawan bawa main tapak... disanalah mula tapak tangan sia jadi merah, lutut hitam... Still remember juga yang sia pigi skul dulu, dalam poket penuh 100 keping tapak tapi bila pulang rumah, tinggal poh 10 or less... wakakakaka... Selama sia main tapak ni, nda pernah lah kami bergaduh sampai betumbuk pasal main tapak nie... wekekekeke...

Bila sia tinguk derang men ni, sia nampak diri sia masa kecil, main ni benda... wakakaka... siok juga... rekindle past memories... yeha!!!

Well, this is for memories saja... wekekeke. Or by the way, yang jadi model is my nephew, Shawn (baju hijau) with his friends...Pic taken at their residence at Kg. Mahandoi.

Bebagi kaka...

Bukan derang peduli lai lutut/siku derang kutur... kenapalah luka tu tangan

Get ready to menapak!!! Wakakakaka

Sikit sudah my nephew's tapak... wekekeke

Dari mula main, begitu saja kawan my nephew pinya posisi... wakakakaka

Datang sudah satu lai geng derang... wekekeke

KaDuS Bilang:
Biasalah mainan budak2. Sia rasa kalau sia yang men ni benda nie, mimang nda habis kecuali men bingkuk... oh... one of the many terms used in main tapak... Main bingkuk...
Banyak lai terms... nga... nanti lah... so enjoy...

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