KE NEXT TOP ENTERTAINER: Final Hurdles For 13 Hopeful!

This Saturday will mark the end of a very long and tiring Heat session for the KE Next Top Entertainer Season 1 (KENTE S1) organized by KaDuS Entertainment. We will unveil the last two contestant who will complete the lineup for the Final of KENTE S1. Who will it be???

For info: They will be 13 contestants for Heat 5 where only two of them will be selected to the final, tentatively scheduled on 4th April 2009 at Pusakag Cafe. Some of the contestant i knew well and some i know can sing well. The rest is a total stranger for me... On paper many there are some guesses about who will go through to the next round. Normal lah... But that was on paper... On the Stage, it was a different story, different playground. Some 'good' singer will fail very badly during their real performance, and the dark horses will shine, although there are dark... wakakakaka...



For this heat, only 3 girls vying for two places in the final. Will we see another all man finalist from heat 5? Will it be another shock results? Who are those 13 will join DEFFNY, CARREY, JISIUS, MARLENNEY, HARY, GEORGIA, BERNARD & ELTON in the final? We'll see on the final heat this Saturday...

As for this event so far, i am very satisfied with this event. I've seen a lot of talented singer who really do their best. They perform with all their heart and this show that they have the desire to do and try to get the best out of them. I've also seen god singer get the boot out in a shocking way... Well, it's really is the thoughest singing competition. Don't want to say lah who and which heat lah... Every heat for me has their own strength and weakness... So in this next heat, i would really expect all the contestant gives their best. This is your chances to be the final 2 contestant to reach the final... So All the best to all of you!!! i'll see you on Saturday, but i only see 2 of you on the final...

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KaDuS Bilang:
Nda sia sedar heat 5 sudah... MAcam baru sia brief all the contestant yang registration day... 31st January 2009. No mo end of March uda... again, how time fly... wekekekeke... So sila-sila lah datang untuk bagi sokongan kepada acara ini... We could see a star in the making... FOR SURE!!!
Bah... enjoy Thursday kamu!!! Yiiiha!!!

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Girllyen 'TM' said...

Oits! Si Narish John pun ada!