Kerana Gatal Tangan

Wonder what happen to my blog? Ni lah pasal gatal tangan. I accidentally deleted my blog template. the blue one that I've been using for sometime, without having a chance to back it up. Hehehe... Well, only manage to update few blogs link, your blogs i mean, so it will take times for me to complete updating all the links i have. It doesn't mean that i want to get rid of you or what ah... This is simply my mistake. Will rectify it all... Tapi apapun... Sorry

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Have been sick for the past 3 days. Started from Saturday morning. On Friday, i have the feeling that i will become sick. Tekak mula sakit, badan mula mo lemas... But knowing me, anak jajal, i ignore it. Went to Pusakag Cafe to see the KE Next Top Entertainer Heat 4 direct from works. Kompom balik lambat as the event only ends at 12.30 am. Woke up Saturday morning, macam susah saja mo bangun. Confirm Damam!!! But kasi kuat juga ginawo mo jalan... Sekali petang getting worst. Luckily sia ada makan some ubat and makes myself sweating by eating some hot stuff...

I should thank this one angel. She has been there since the first day i feel like i want to sick. Not there as in be here with me lah... But on the phone... All the advise i really appreciate. Especially the 'buat milo panas, makan megi panas' and pakai baju tabal-tabal and jangan berkipas... Tapi adakah patut she ask me to wear socks... huh.... nda ngam... wekekeke.. tapi at least kurang sikit juga tu demam... Hmmm... Well, jan kamu salah sangka... i have nothing with this girl. She is just concern just like she concern to all her friends... Wekekeke... Thank You once again....

KaDuS Bilang:
Bah... pelan-pelan sia kasi bagus ni blog... nanti sia update your link kio... sabar ja kamu... Bah... muli oku nodi...

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