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Holiday - Labour Day - Life??

1st of May, in every corner of the world is Labour day. Not Labor ah... Labour! (by the way, According to Wikipedia, di Phillipines they did spelled it as Labor Day...) Labour Day a.k.a. International Workers Day is celebrated all over the world and it was to to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Whoa... Ni Wikipedia bilang ah...

Wikipedia bilang lagi, Labour Day celebrations has its origin in the Eight Hour Movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. Wah... sepatutnya, begini bah kehidupan sia ni... tapi macam nda effect saja sekarang nie... wakakakaka...

Well, i might not understand what is my real rights as a workers. It's hard to understand actually. Every people has their own aspirations and different agenda in life. Hanya diri sendiri saja yang memahami tu kaka... Well, i've been working for over a year as a civil servant... Half civil servant lah. I've gained all the benefits being it, and i am thankfull for it. They trully understand what i need and as the way to repay them, work hard to achieve the the goal set by the management team. But do i have to work until i don't have a life of my own?

Nah mula sudah pasal no life... Wekekekeke... Well... i do believe, teda 'free lunch' dalam ni dunia sekarang. What you've got now you have to earned it! Urang bilang don't care lah if you have to kick your own ass to get it. Tapikan... macam nda logik pulakan... When you achieved everything you wanted, all the benefits, all your dream, you will become a very successfull person... tapi lack of 1 thing. LIFE!!! NO LIFE!!! Wakakakakaka...

You worked your ass out, but you didn't have things that you could treassure for the rest of your life??? Does anybody understand? does Anybody care??? Wekekeke... Some would understand,... some would care... but there is a lots out there who seem to ignore it. Or maybe they just pura-pura to ignore it... Lantak kamu lah...

All i know is that i want to have my life... where i can't do my work, office works and other things, such as my community obligations, my family, and the most important, my life... Nda salah kan... bukan sia mo minta apa pa... So Who ever you are... please faham... sia nda minta lebih.,.. i just want you to understand... HAppy Labour Day To You lah...

KaDuS Bilang:
Happy Labour Day to all labour around the world and of course my colligue... Semua kawan-kawan yang dikenali sebagai labour... happy labour day kio... Ahaks...

Or For info, sia sekarang sudah balik pigi HQ from Alamesra CC. Hmm... No more 1Borneo Lunch, No more karena customer, which i really like it... wakakaka... Nda taulah.. susah mo cakap... I miss entertaining the customer although sometimes they can be a bit annoying. Hahahahaha... Now PR Skill come handy. Wekekeke... Okay... Babai!!!

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Swine Flu.. Another Worldwide Pandemic???

The Swine Flu, officially the Swine influenza A (H1N1) virus, is spreading rapidly around the world. Here’s a guide to what’s going on, what you can do and where to stay updated on the situation.

The Situation

The contagious virus has been identified on several continents, including North America (Canada, Mexico, United States) and Europe (Spain) and suspected cases in Australia and South America. Read the latest says there is a suspected cases in Hong Kong and South Korea. Ni yang sia terbaca lah...

Swine Flu is responsible for at least 149 deaths (update: 152), all in Mexico, where it is said to have started.

In the United States and Canada, Swine Flu has been confirmed in New York City, Ohio, Kansas, Texas, California, Nova Scotia and British Columbia, with possible cases in North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana and Michigan.

In Europe, Swine Flu has been confirmed in Spain and the U.K. (Scotland) and are under investigation in the Czech Republic, Denmark and Russia.

Cases are also being investigated in Israel, Colombia, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

Click for complete map of outbreaks

What’s being done

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) is working very closely with officials in states where human cases of Swine Flu have been identified, as well as with health officials in Mexico, Canada and the World Health Organization.

A public health emergency has been declared in the United States.

The CDC’s Division of the Strategic National Stockpile is releasing one-quarter of its antiviral drugs, personal protective equipment, and respiratory protection devices to help states respond to the outbreak.

Laboratory testing has found the swine influenza A (H1N1) virus susceptible to the prescription antiviral drugs oseltamivir and zanamivir.

The Virus

Symptoms of swine flu are like regular flu symptoms. That includes:

  • fever
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • body aches
  • headache
  • chills
  • fatigue

Some people have reported diarrhea and vomiting associated with swine flu.

How it spreads

The virus spreads the same way a typical seasonal flu does, via coughs, sneezes (within a few feet) or touching something with the flu virus on it and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes. An infected person can pass it on before they even develop symptoms. The incubation period for most flu viruses is 3 to 5 days, and the period for swine flu is disputed, and has been reported as anywhere from 1-5 days.

There is no evidence yet that this year’s seasonal flu vaccine will protect against the swine flu.

You cannot get swine flu from eating pork products.

You cannot get Swine Flu by eating fruits or vegetables from Mexico. Influenza Viruses are not food-borne.

What you can do

If you believe have flu symptoms, stay home. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Throw out used tissues and wash your hands. If you’ve got flu symptoms and you’ve recently been to a high-risk area such as Mexico see your doctor.

Your doctor may not be able to determine whether you have swine flu, but he or she would take a sample from you and send it to a state health department lab for testing. Your doctor may write you a prescription for Tamiflu or Relenza, but neither is required, as Swine Flu patients have recovered without medication.

If you were immunized with the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976, it probably won’t protect you now.

Where to stay up-to-date

Source: ZDNet News & Blogs

Extra Info, Please Visit THIS SITE. Credit to Media Mention. Tq.

KaDuS Bilang:
Woh... Another outbreak... Hope this one is not that serious like the Bird Flu pandemic... Hopefully will never reach Malaysia... Pray pray pray...

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Congratulation To RYAN GIGGS! PFA Players' Player of the Year

One of the most decorated Man. Utd Player of all time has finally won the PFA Players’ Player of the Year. This award is voted by Ryan Giggs Fellow professionals. This is also one award that eluded Giggs throughout his energatic career! Giggs also manage to beat fellow teamates; Nemanja Vidic, Edwin van der Saar, Rio Ferdinand and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Liverpool captain, Steven Gerard. For the record, Ryan Giggs has won the Young Players' Player of The Year Award twice in his early career.

Some of you might know that Man. Utd is my favorite team and Ryan Giggs is my Favorite player... Giggs for me is one of the greatest Left winger ever graced world football. His trickery, quick thinking, driblling and crossing has made him the best ball provider in EPL. Giggs debuted for Manchester United on the 2nd March 1991 in a match against Everton and scored his first ever goal in a 1-0 win against Manchester City. (That goal is credited to Giggs although it's appears that goal was Colin Hendry own goal).

From that moment, Giggs slowly established himself as Man. Utd first choice left winger. Scores a lot of beauty goal, but the most remarkable goal for me was the goal against Arsenal in the 1998/99 Fa Cup Semi Final Replay. The same year the win the Treble for the first time... wekekeke...

Giggs broke almost every record there to be broke at the EPL. He has won 22 major trophies since he first steps in as a 17 years old rookie. The best records he held is that Ryan Giggs is the only player to scored in every season of the Premier League since its inception. He once shared this record with Wales teammates, Gary Speed. At the time of writing, Giggs has appears in 799 matches for Man. Utd scoring 147 goals.

For his contribution to Manchester United and soccer in general he deserved to be named the PFA Players' Player of the Year Award. He might has slow down a bit (he is 35 years old) but his hunger for more success is still there! He is still a master in reading games... He is still a creative player although not playing in his favoured left wing position.

Pic Credit: Manchester United Official Website (

KaDuS Bilang:
Mungkin urang buli cakap yang sia tinguk Man. Utd hanya kerana Giggs. Well ada kebenaran juga tu... walaupun sia tinguk Man. Utd sebab dia pinya legacy, history, bla bla bla... Sia idolised Giggs. Sia main pakai number dia (11). Gosh, sia even beli VHS Tape and VCD pasal Giggs. Wakakaka... fanatiknya... Satu lai yang sia belum dapat, jersey MU yang ada nama and number Giggs di belakang... Huh... mo aim tu!!! Wakakakaka

Okay... Take Care all.!!!

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Slow Thursday

Hello!!! Wassup! How are you all...? Everything okay bah kan? Hopefully. Mo dekat-dekat sudah hujung bulan nie, and sia rasa sia makin malas. Just don't have any idea why do i feel like this way. Something wrong? Nah... Something playing in my minds? Dunno yet... Missing ...... Woh... jan lah... wekekekekeke...

Notice something diffrent? Yah, my blog skins, templates or whatever you want to called this. I've decided to find a new skins and finally i've managed to find one. In my opinion, this is the best skins i've ever put as my blog template. Love the color combination. Hehehe... So What do you think??? Ok? KO?

Today, i went to 1B (1 Borneo) to have my lunch at Apple Cafe (free promo sudah ni? mo claim royalti ni... wekekekeke)... Sekali-sekala bah. On my way sia notice something yang amat lain and this is what i saw...

Wah... kalau sia mo cakap ada angin kuat, sia nda ingat... Being hit by a godzilla kali...? Or Maybe Hancock sedang beraksi... wekekekeke... Okay... Saja mo tulis-tulis... nothing much... Enjoy your days and weekends ahead!!!

Peace & God Bless!!!

KaDuS Bilang:
Teda bilang apa-apa untuk ni hari... i was just damn bored!!!

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Currently Listening To: Kerispatih - Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu

Ya... ya... i know... Lambat uda kan... Wekekekeke... But i don't care... Just want to share you another song that really touch my heart. Cheh... jiwang tu....

Another great song (for me) by Kerispatih, an Indonesian Band, famous with Tapi Bukan Aku and Mengenangmu. I owez sang Tapi Bukan Aku whenever i go to Pusakag Cafe while George loves Mengenangmu. Wekekekeke

This time around, i would like to share you another Kerispatih's song in their 2008 album, Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu, which also is the title of the album.

Below are the lyric of this song. Hayati kaka... wekekekeke

Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu.

Seputih cinta ini
Ingin kulukiskan di dasar hatiku
Kesetiaan janjiku
Untuk pertahankan kasihku padamu

Bukalah mata hati
Ku masih cumbui bayang dirimu di dalam mimpi
Yang mungkin takkan pernah
Membawamu di genggammu

Dirimu di hatiku
Tak lekang oleh waktu
Meski kau bukan milikku
Intan permata yang tak pudar
Tetap bersinar
Mengusik kesepian jiwaku

Ku coba memahami
Bimbangnya nurani
Tuk pastikan semua
Tak akan kuingkari
Terlalu banyak cinta yang mengisi datang dan pergi
Namun tak pernah bisa
Lenyapkanmu di benakku

If you want to ask the meaning of this song's lyrics, you have to listen to dis song and try to mendalami tu lirik. Lain urang-lain dia pinya pemahaman. I have my own reason for this song and it is strong! Wekekekekeke... Even the videoclip does not represent my feeling, so i guess it's up to the person who listen to this song lah...

Oh... ada dua vclip for this song. Both with SAME opening and the jalan crita, but different ending. Two different ending for the same girl... Dua-dua menyakitkan ati lah... and cukup parah...

CLIP 1 (Insane)

Clip 2 (Suicide)

So, which one do you think is the most tragic ends??? Insane or Suicide?

This is love. When we fall in love with someone, we tend to do everything and anything just to be with the one we love. This is sacrifice... Although some people might say, ni kerja budu. Ada benar juga lah... Tapi sometime, when we have done all this, nda pula kana appreciate and punyalah main senang mo kasi lepas after everything they have done. Kesian... But do they care??? Do They? I raised my case since sia pun nda tau apa yang sia cakap.. .wekekekeke

KaDuS Bilang:
Tu ari urang bilang sia jiwang betul bila dengar ni lagu... nah... nda lah... i'm a big fan of indo-band. Their songs really inspires me. Not all lah, certain song. Some kena dengan cerita hidup nie... wekekeke... Well that's life lah nama dia...

Okay... Will update on KE Next Top Entertainer: The Grand Final soon! Sabar kamurang.

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And The 1st KE Next Top Entertainer Winner Is....

Tonight is the night where the first KENTE Winner will be crown and be declare as the Next Top Entertainer!!! less then 10 hours, the curtain for the 1st KENTE will be drawn down. The path to stardom will start for the winner! In Fact, all the finalist has reach a celebrity status via qualifying to the final round. They only need one more show to proves they are the best!!!

Who Will Win??? We'll See Tonight!!! Yeah!!! Be there with us at: KDCA Hall, Penampang, Tonight at 7.00pm!!!

Pic Credit: Davelynn a.k.a. Sumandak

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia sindri pun nerves gagaran... wakakakakaka

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They Are All READY... WE ARE READY...

Yes, the clock has start ticking... at this time of writing, only 2 days left for the grand final. I asked the participant yesterday at the rehearsal for their 'Bonus Song' and most of them are ready to rock KDCA like it never been rocks before!!! Tu derang bilang. I'm not sure how will they perform at the final, but i know the will give their hearts out...

Apa tu Bonus Song?
Well, this is something new to KE Next Top Entertainer. All the finalist will have to sing one more songs in group apart from their two songs. The song is the Theme Song of KE Next Top Entertainer Season 1 and also happen to be KaDuS Entertainment theme song. Last Sunday is their first and final practise for the bonus song before they goes for the rehearsal. There will be another rehearsal on friday afternoon lah. I actually satisfied wit the commitment given by all the finalist during briefing session, photography and practise... They give it all out, with one same aim, to be the first KE Next Top Entertainer Winner! Oh, for you info, the theme song is titled Sinding Tokou, Boros Tokou, composed

My Hopes?
Simple... For this final, i hope that all the contestant will do their best. You've come this far just to be in the final... You are the best 10 choosen, so use your chance wisely... Forget about winning or losing. I knw lah, your main aim is to win, but do enjoy yourself on the stage...

Sia harap juga yang urang ramai akan datang untuk menyokong those yang selected pigi final... Who know, one day, they might be our main entertainer in the state! Or even we together can bring them to a national status or even international... Tapi kalau kita sekadar sokong and cakap saja, tanpa initiate for something pun teda guna juga kan... Let us together make sure our entertainment industry is alive until the end of time...

They need your support. We Need your support! Come and support us... It is a FREE of Charge event... rarely you got a chance to see an event like this.. Come and lets support KE Next Top Entertainer!!!

Pic Credit: KaDuS Entertainment (
Design By: Davelynne David R a.k.a sumandak - Photoblog -

KaDuS Bilang:

Sinding Tokou, Boros Tokou, Tungkus Tokou!!!

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KE Next Top Entertainer Seson 1: The Grand Finale!

As promised, this is my first post about KENTE, KaDuS Entertainment Next Top Entertainer. This is the first season and the Grand Finale is fast approaching! Ya... The grand Final will be held on the 17th April 2009 at KDCA hall Penampang. Thi event will start at 7.00pm so do come early to get your best seat. You will witness 10 new talent in Sabah Music industry doing all they can to become the first KE Top Entertainer!

10 Finalist from all over Sabah has been selected by panel of juries assign by KE. 10 different personality, background, and singing style but with one main aim, To be the First KENTE Champion. Who will it be? For the record, 7 guys and only 3 ladies yang akan beraksi di pentas akhir ini. Will it be a girl? Or guys menggunakan majoriti lelaki untuk menjadi juara?

The choice of songs pun akan menjadi pertaruhan. I really hopes that all the finalist will selects songs that they are able to sing, not because they like the song. We don't want just because of a song, they lost the final and blame it on the organizer or the judges... Sepa suruh.. sia cuma buli cakap... KOTOH kalau begitu.

A lot of feed back sia dapat dari audience and yang kebanyakan peserta ni nda ready untuk buat persembahan... some tidak tau apa tujuan derang mo pigi ikut ni competition... Tapi since uda kana bagi extension, sia rasa all the finalist uda ready and fired up for the finals... wekekeke...

Pic Credit: Davelynne a.k.a Sumandak Photoblog

KaDuS Bilang:
Okay... I will continue again tomoro... sabar kamurang... wekekekeke...

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How to announce your arrival in English Football scene???

A. Make your Debut for Manchester United at the age of 17
B. Scoring on your debut against top 6 English team
C. Scores the winning goal in injury time
D. Celebrate that goal so passionately
E. All Above.

If you are Frederico Macheda, your answer will be E. He done that, after scoring the winning goal so very late against Aston Villa, when the Kops supporters already smiling and thinking that they stay on top... or maybe level on point, but on the very final minutes Kiko Macheda struck the goal that would retain Man. Utd top of the Baclays Premierleague table by 1 point.

But Who is Frederico Macheda?
Frederico Macheda
was born on 22 August 1991 in Rome. He was a youngster plying his trade for Lazio Youth team. Lazio president Claudio Latito rate him highly. No wonder his frustrations shows, when Kiko scores the winning goal, as he is the one who has to let Kiko go to United.

Kiko, now plays regularly for the Reserves Team but stil eligible for the Under-18 squad. Days before his dream debut for Manchester United 1st Team, he scores a hatrick against Newcastle reserve. Guess what, Sir Alex Ferguson has told reserve team manager, United Legend, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that if Kiko plays well during the weeks, he (kiko) will earns himself a place on the Man. Utd bench. The highest possible start for a youngster in Manchester United.

Kiko took every chances given to him. By scoring a hatrick, he went on to Manchester United bench. When United was trailing by 2 goal to 1, he was brought in in the 60th minute, and the effect of his introduction was brilliant. He terrorize Aston Villa defend and should have won a penalty and score much earlier.

That Goal
Receiving a pass prom Ryan Giggs, make a quick turn to his left and left fly a curling shot to score what could be one of the best goal by a debutant this season.

As i said earlier, this could be one of the best debutant goal ever score in EPL. On top of that, United ends their 2-games losing streak, and get back to the top of the league, 1 point only lah, with one game in hand. Am i happy? yess... Although the final score is tight, tapikan, winning this very crucial match is the most important.

Man. Utd will be in the Champions League Q-Final Leg 1 at Old Trafford against Porto, formely European Champ under Jose Mourinho. Next league game is scheduled on the 11 April at the Stadium of Light against Sunderland. An away test for the Red Devil... Will they be successfull in this two very important and crucial match??? As long as the Red Devil spirits in in ever Manchester United palyers and fans all over the world... THEY WILL

KaDuS Bilang:
Starting from tomorrow, sia akan memberikan update terkini tentang KE Next Top Entertainer: The Grand Finale. Tapi ni dari sia pinya point of view saja and not officially dari KaDuS Entertainment. For official update, visit

Jadi... I will be expecting something within this week... jan lah ada masalah lai... please lah... i beg you... whoever you are... i'm tired of all this nonsense... tulung lah... Okaylah... sia jalan dulu... wakakakaka.

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Burning the Sabah flags: BUDU!!!!!

Last week, although it's a positive weeks for me, come weekends, i was really pissed off reading the local daily about 12 man were held by the police after burning down the Sabah Flags! This act happened in Lahad Datu, one of the many parts in Sabah that i haven't been... wekekekeke... The group leader claimed that he was the descendant of the Sultan Sulu. Still on pula this claimed... Still wujud pula that sultanate. Age between 14 to (dun remember brapa) they start torching the Sabah Flag at about 8.40am. Police force were rushed to the scene and manage to catch the leader (and his crook) although they did try to escaped away...

My comment... BUDU!!! Blame me for saying this! Tapi urang yang membakar bendera negara or negeri tu mimang teda adat, and have a lot of disrespect towards other people feeling. Panat-panat mo kasi bangun ni negeri, sinang-sinang mo buat macam ni.

I don't think that this should be let to happen again... The goverment should give those involve a very hefty penalty. I heard, from other websites, they do own a mycard... should be fine very heavily oh... bukan yang simple mimple nie... huh

North Borneo legally became part of Malaysia as the state of Sabah in 1963, sanctioned by the United Nations.

Okay... Doesn't matter you want to claimed kah apakah... tapi burning the State flag is not the best way to "do it". Macam memperlekehkan saja ni maruah urang Malaysia. I was born here in Sabah and i see myself as a Malaysian, not a Suluan or whatever terms you want to call yourself. Burning the flag tambah buat urang benci, marah, pissed off (macam sia) sama your so-called 'Sultanate'. I only recognised the Sultan as Malaysia as the rightful ruler, although Sabah was head by a TYT, a governor the called before. Since Sabah is under Malaysia, so i guess i only see the Sultan of Malaysia is the ruler of Malaysia... Not some Sultanate yang sia nda tau asal usul dia...

Don't want to comment further lah... Still pissed off dengan benda lain, tambah pissed off dengan ni kumpulan manusia yang sia pun nda tau macam mana mo cakap... wekekeke.

I Raised My cased...

KaDuS Bilang:
Mo pigi mengamuk ni sana bank kalau simple matter pun nda buli kana settle. Uda bgi ini, minta lagi itu. This is the second time i've experienced something very annoying dari bankers... Not all ah.. NOT ALL! Ada few branches in this state yang sia pun nda faham dengan derang ni...? Are their policies is difrent than others kah? Hoh... Trus kana tambah ni bakar bendera... How thoughtful... Bikin Panas bilang si Ronney Ajim!!!

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