Burning the Sabah flags: BUDU!!!!!

Last week, although it's a positive weeks for me, come weekends, i was really pissed off reading the local daily about 12 man were held by the police after burning down the Sabah Flags! This act happened in Lahad Datu, one of the many parts in Sabah that i haven't been... wekekekeke... The group leader claimed that he was the descendant of the Sultan Sulu. Still on pula this claimed... Still wujud pula that sultanate. Age between 14 to (dun remember brapa) they start torching the Sabah Flag at about 8.40am. Police force were rushed to the scene and manage to catch the leader (and his crook) although they did try to escaped away...

My comment... BUDU!!! Blame me for saying this! Tapi urang yang membakar bendera negara or negeri tu mimang teda adat, and have a lot of disrespect towards other people feeling. Panat-panat mo kasi bangun ni negeri, sinang-sinang mo buat macam ni.

I don't think that this should be let to happen again... The goverment should give those involve a very hefty penalty. I heard, from other websites, they do own a mycard... should be fine very heavily oh... bukan yang simple mimple nie... huh

North Borneo legally became part of Malaysia as the state of Sabah in 1963, sanctioned by the United Nations.

Okay... Doesn't matter you want to claimed kah apakah... tapi burning the State flag is not the best way to "do it". Macam memperlekehkan saja ni maruah urang Malaysia. I was born here in Sabah and i see myself as a Malaysian, not a Suluan or whatever terms you want to call yourself. Burning the flag tambah buat urang benci, marah, pissed off (macam sia) sama your so-called 'Sultanate'. I only recognised the Sultan as Malaysia as the rightful ruler, although Sabah was head by a TYT, a governor the called before. Since Sabah is under Malaysia, so i guess i only see the Sultan of Malaysia is the ruler of Malaysia... Not some Sultanate yang sia nda tau asal usul dia...

Don't want to comment further lah... Still pissed off dengan benda lain, tambah pissed off dengan ni kumpulan manusia yang sia pun nda tau macam mana mo cakap... wekekeke.

I Raised My cased...

KaDuS Bilang:
Mo pigi mengamuk ni sana bank kalau simple matter pun nda buli kana settle. Uda bgi ini, minta lagi itu. This is the second time i've experienced something very annoying dari bankers... Not all ah.. NOT ALL! Ada few branches in this state yang sia pun nda faham dengan derang ni...? Are their policies is difrent than others kah? Hoh... Trus kana tambah ni bakar bendera... How thoughtful... Bikin Panas bilang si Ronney Ajim!!!

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mamaii said...

bikin panas! budu! juling!