Congratulation To RYAN GIGGS! PFA Players' Player of the Year

One of the most decorated Man. Utd Player of all time has finally won the PFA Players’ Player of the Year. This award is voted by Ryan Giggs Fellow professionals. This is also one award that eluded Giggs throughout his energatic career! Giggs also manage to beat fellow teamates; Nemanja Vidic, Edwin van der Saar, Rio Ferdinand and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Liverpool captain, Steven Gerard. For the record, Ryan Giggs has won the Young Players' Player of The Year Award twice in his early career.

Some of you might know that Man. Utd is my favorite team and Ryan Giggs is my Favorite player... Giggs for me is one of the greatest Left winger ever graced world football. His trickery, quick thinking, driblling and crossing has made him the best ball provider in EPL. Giggs debuted for Manchester United on the 2nd March 1991 in a match against Everton and scored his first ever goal in a 1-0 win against Manchester City. (That goal is credited to Giggs although it's appears that goal was Colin Hendry own goal).

From that moment, Giggs slowly established himself as Man. Utd first choice left winger. Scores a lot of beauty goal, but the most remarkable goal for me was the goal against Arsenal in the 1998/99 Fa Cup Semi Final Replay. The same year the win the Treble for the first time... wekekeke...

Giggs broke almost every record there to be broke at the EPL. He has won 22 major trophies since he first steps in as a 17 years old rookie. The best records he held is that Ryan Giggs is the only player to scored in every season of the Premier League since its inception. He once shared this record with Wales teammates, Gary Speed. At the time of writing, Giggs has appears in 799 matches for Man. Utd scoring 147 goals.

For his contribution to Manchester United and soccer in general he deserved to be named the PFA Players' Player of the Year Award. He might has slow down a bit (he is 35 years old) but his hunger for more success is still there! He is still a master in reading games... He is still a creative player although not playing in his favoured left wing position.

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KaDuS Bilang:
Mungkin urang buli cakap yang sia tinguk Man. Utd hanya kerana Giggs. Well ada kebenaran juga tu... walaupun sia tinguk Man. Utd sebab dia pinya legacy, history, bla bla bla... Sia idolised Giggs. Sia main pakai number dia (11). Gosh, sia even beli VHS Tape and VCD pasal Giggs. Wakakaka... fanatiknya... Satu lai yang sia belum dapat, jersey MU yang ada nama and number Giggs di belakang... Huh... mo aim tu!!! Wakakakaka

Okay... Take Care all.!!!

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5 Responses to Congratulation To RYAN GIGGS! PFA Players' Player of the Year

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Jadi.. ko gembira la ni? Ekekeke..

markiekadus said...

TATAP!!!! wakakakaka

Zehan Jawid said...

terpaksa lah u fly to Manchester to buy Giggs jersey

Zehan Jawid said...

confirm right, our national team vs MU this july...we know which team will win

markiekadus said...

zehan -> if i have to. But i know the easier way to get it. Ya.. even before the whistle started to blow, we all knew it.