KE Next Top Entertainer Seson 1: The Grand Finale!

As promised, this is my first post about KENTE, KaDuS Entertainment Next Top Entertainer. This is the first season and the Grand Finale is fast approaching! Ya... The grand Final will be held on the 17th April 2009 at KDCA hall Penampang. Thi event will start at 7.00pm so do come early to get your best seat. You will witness 10 new talent in Sabah Music industry doing all they can to become the first KE Top Entertainer!

10 Finalist from all over Sabah has been selected by panel of juries assign by KE. 10 different personality, background, and singing style but with one main aim, To be the First KENTE Champion. Who will it be? For the record, 7 guys and only 3 ladies yang akan beraksi di pentas akhir ini. Will it be a girl? Or guys menggunakan majoriti lelaki untuk menjadi juara?

The choice of songs pun akan menjadi pertaruhan. I really hopes that all the finalist will selects songs that they are able to sing, not because they like the song. We don't want just because of a song, they lost the final and blame it on the organizer or the judges... Sepa suruh.. sia cuma buli cakap... KOTOH kalau begitu.

A lot of feed back sia dapat dari audience and yang kebanyakan peserta ni nda ready untuk buat persembahan... some tidak tau apa tujuan derang mo pigi ikut ni competition... Tapi since uda kana bagi extension, sia rasa all the finalist uda ready and fired up for the finals... wekekeke...

Pic Credit: Davelynne a.k.a Sumandak Photoblog

KaDuS Bilang:
Okay... I will continue again tomoro... sabar kamurang... wekekekeke...

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