How to announce your arrival in English Football scene???

A. Make your Debut for Manchester United at the age of 17
B. Scoring on your debut against top 6 English team
C. Scores the winning goal in injury time
D. Celebrate that goal so passionately
E. All Above.

If you are Frederico Macheda, your answer will be E. He done that, after scoring the winning goal so very late against Aston Villa, when the Kops supporters already smiling and thinking that they stay on top... or maybe level on point, but on the very final minutes Kiko Macheda struck the goal that would retain Man. Utd top of the Baclays Premierleague table by 1 point.

But Who is Frederico Macheda?
Frederico Macheda
was born on 22 August 1991 in Rome. He was a youngster plying his trade for Lazio Youth team. Lazio president Claudio Latito rate him highly. No wonder his frustrations shows, when Kiko scores the winning goal, as he is the one who has to let Kiko go to United.

Kiko, now plays regularly for the Reserves Team but stil eligible for the Under-18 squad. Days before his dream debut for Manchester United 1st Team, he scores a hatrick against Newcastle reserve. Guess what, Sir Alex Ferguson has told reserve team manager, United Legend, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that if Kiko plays well during the weeks, he (kiko) will earns himself a place on the Man. Utd bench. The highest possible start for a youngster in Manchester United.

Kiko took every chances given to him. By scoring a hatrick, he went on to Manchester United bench. When United was trailing by 2 goal to 1, he was brought in in the 60th minute, and the effect of his introduction was brilliant. He terrorize Aston Villa defend and should have won a penalty and score much earlier.

That Goal
Receiving a pass prom Ryan Giggs, make a quick turn to his left and left fly a curling shot to score what could be one of the best goal by a debutant this season.

As i said earlier, this could be one of the best debutant goal ever score in EPL. On top of that, United ends their 2-games losing streak, and get back to the top of the league, 1 point only lah, with one game in hand. Am i happy? yess... Although the final score is tight, tapikan, winning this very crucial match is the most important.

Man. Utd will be in the Champions League Q-Final Leg 1 at Old Trafford against Porto, formely European Champ under Jose Mourinho. Next league game is scheduled on the 11 April at the Stadium of Light against Sunderland. An away test for the Red Devil... Will they be successfull in this two very important and crucial match??? As long as the Red Devil spirits in in ever Manchester United palyers and fans all over the world... THEY WILL

KaDuS Bilang:
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Jadi... I will be expecting something within this week... jan lah ada masalah lai... please lah... i beg you... whoever you are... i'm tired of all this nonsense... tulung lah... Okaylah... sia jalan dulu... wakakakaka.

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