They Are All READY... WE ARE READY...

Yes, the clock has start ticking... at this time of writing, only 2 days left for the grand final. I asked the participant yesterday at the rehearsal for their 'Bonus Song' and most of them are ready to rock KDCA like it never been rocks before!!! Tu derang bilang. I'm not sure how will they perform at the final, but i know the will give their hearts out...

Apa tu Bonus Song?
Well, this is something new to KE Next Top Entertainer. All the finalist will have to sing one more songs in group apart from their two songs. The song is the Theme Song of KE Next Top Entertainer Season 1 and also happen to be KaDuS Entertainment theme song. Last Sunday is their first and final practise for the bonus song before they goes for the rehearsal. There will be another rehearsal on friday afternoon lah. I actually satisfied wit the commitment given by all the finalist during briefing session, photography and practise... They give it all out, with one same aim, to be the first KE Next Top Entertainer Winner! Oh, for you info, the theme song is titled Sinding Tokou, Boros Tokou, composed

My Hopes?
Simple... For this final, i hope that all the contestant will do their best. You've come this far just to be in the final... You are the best 10 choosen, so use your chance wisely... Forget about winning or losing. I knw lah, your main aim is to win, but do enjoy yourself on the stage...

Sia harap juga yang urang ramai akan datang untuk menyokong those yang selected pigi final... Who know, one day, they might be our main entertainer in the state! Or even we together can bring them to a national status or even international... Tapi kalau kita sekadar sokong and cakap saja, tanpa initiate for something pun teda guna juga kan... Let us together make sure our entertainment industry is alive until the end of time...

They need your support. We Need your support! Come and support us... It is a FREE of Charge event... rarely you got a chance to see an event like this.. Come and lets support KE Next Top Entertainer!!!

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KaDuS Bilang:

Sinding Tokou, Boros Tokou, Tungkus Tokou!!!

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