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Who Will Be The Sugandoi 2009 Champion???

Out of 10, only one will be crowned the Sugandoi Champion. Who will follow the footsteps of Malvin Kalbin, Siti Sarinah, Arnold Wences Linus, Esther Appolonius and many great entertainer in the State? Tonight all the question will be answered.

Come to KDCA at 7pm to witness this event!!! Also for those who can't make it, do tune in to Sabahan.FM for live coverage.

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Sleepy Grasshopper?

While surfing the net via wifi at donggongon... Tiba-tiba ada belalang... Sia rasa Nujum Pak Belalang kasi lepas nie... wekekekeke...

Lama dia jalan-jalan at my laptop, trus dia lepak... hoh... ngantuk nie... tlampau panat mo terbang... i tot dia eksiden telanggar monitor sia, sekali, mimang dia mo landing pula... Hmmm... belalang pun pandai panat kan..

Same to me lah... if this grasshopper pandai panat, sia pun... I've been very, i mean VERY Busy since i was transferred back to the HQ here at Penampang. I was currently at our newly openned Client Centre at Alamesra. Back to IT job, mimang nda duduk diam... Kerusi tu cuma jadi tempat persinggahan sementara saja... macam juga ni belalang. But thank God, I Love It. Wekekekeke..

Some of you might ask, "Bah, mana sudah cerita Phuket (Fhucket bilang ni sumandak)". Sabar kamurang... still in the process of selecting 'good' picture. Although some off my pic has been published at FB or FS. I will put some pic here, and some at my FB Account. dua tiga di FS lah... Wekekeke...

Cakap pasal Phuket, One German tourist is Dead at Phuket. Pa macam lah tu ah? Adakah ia berkaitan dengan H1N1? nah... according to health officials in Thai, The tourist died because of Phneumonia. She arrived at Phuket on 12th May. I come back from Phuket on the 10th May. Trus ada kolig sms suru pigi check doktor... Palis-palis, jauh jauh... Tapi urang bilang Cegah sebelum kena kan...

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia penant... sia mo landing... tapi susah... emmm... nanti sia update pasal phuket kio... So Long...

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Malaysia CONFIRMED it FIRST H1N1 Cases!

Nah.. baca nie...!!!!

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's top health official Friday confirmed the country's first case of Influenza A (H1N1) amid fears that some of those exposed to the infected patient could have gone on to Indonesia.

"I can confirm (that it) is the first case in Malaysia," health ministry director general Ismail Merican told AFP.

Acting health minister Kong Cho Ha, who addressed a hastily-convened press conference later, said the patient was a 21-year-old male student who arrived on a flight from the United States on May 13, giving no further details on his identity.

He said the patient came down with fever, sore throat and body aches the next day and was admitted to the Sungai Buloh quarantine facility in central Selangor state on the same evening and is now in stable condition.

He said five family members who live with the patient have been placed under home quarantine in order to monitor their condition.

The government has urged all passengers who travelled on Malaysian Airlines flight MH091 from Newark in the United States to Kuala Lumpur, that landed at 7.15am on May 13 to contact the ministry for further instructions.

"No passengers have been quarantined, we are still trying to trace them," Kong said of the 199 passengers and crew onboard the flight. "We will segregate them (when located). If they have no signs (of the disease) they can go after a certain number of days," he added.

However, he said there was a fear that some of those exposed to the infected patient may have gone on to Indonesia.

"We mention Indonesia because that flight is a code share with (Indonesian carrier) Garuda so the assumption is that there could be some passengers going to Indonesia," he added.

Officials could not immediately confirm how many Indonesians were on board nor if any passengers continued onto Indonesia.

Kong said Malaysia's alert level would remain the same despite its first confirmed H1N1 flu case as the country was already at its highest state of preparedness since the World Health Organisation raised its flu alert to phase five out of six.

"We have been on full alert," said Kong. "We are on a level of full preparedness."

Malaysia is also pushing for the WHO to get affected countries to implement exit screening in order to stop the spread of the disease amid concerns that a second wave of the H1N1 disease could be deadlier.

"If we can have travellers from affected countries screened before they are allowed to travel out, this will help us to contain the spread of such virus to other places," health minister Liow Tiong Lai told state media before heading off for the 62nd WHO General Assembly in Switzerland from May 18 to 22.

The world health body has not recommended travel restrictions following the outbreak but has advised those who are ill to delay their travel plans and urged returning travellers who fall ill to seek medical treatment.

Health officials could not immediately confirm if Malaysia would be implementing exit screening after confirming its first H1N1 case.

On Tuesday, the government urged its citizens to defer travel to the US, Mexico, Canada, Spain and Britain following reported cases of H1N1 flu in those countries.

Malaysian health authorities have installed 20 thermal scanners at the country's entry points to help detect cases with 9,324 passengers screened so far.

The latest World Health Organisation figures show the number of laboratory-confirmed H1N1 flu cases worldwide is 7,520 in 33 countries. A total of 65 people have died from the disease, most of them in Mexico, WHO figures show.

- AFP/so/ir

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia ingat nda akan sampai sini Malaysia... tapi by God will, apa apa pun buli jadi... hmmm. Let's hope it will not become a pandemic. Malaysia was 'prepared' for this, according to our Health Minister, tapi how prepared we are, let's see how they deal with this... okay... see you soon...

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Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

It's time for another break... Another vacation... If last time i went to Bali, Indonesia, this time around i will be going to Phuket, Thailand. Only down point was it was held in May, The kaamatan Month. Tapi nda pa... mimang i really need a break from all this things that surrounds me, day by day... This break,although only a short while, should be able to refresh myself after a very tiring first 4 and the half month. Ya.. i have to admit, i am tired... Really tired. I know when i come back from this trip, there is a tons of works waiting for me... can i really have a good rest? Wakakakaka... Nah... i will be bringing some of my works to this trip. So it is technically not a holidays for me lah...

Swine Flu H1N1
Yup... this is my major scares. Although there is no report that Thailand has been infected by this deadly virus, i still feel that precautions measures is needed. So i heard that upon leaving KLIA (my flight will transit to KLIA first), all passengers are required to have an vaccines injections. True or not, i have to see by tommorow. Wekekekeke... Tapi this is good juga lah, when talking about this very deadly virus, nobody want to take a risk...

Champions League Final: Manchester United vs (Chelsea/Barcelona)
Tomorrow (7/5/2009), Man. Utd opponent in UEFA Champions League Final will be known. It is either Barcelona or Chelsea. This is after Manchester United sees off Arsenal in the second leg of the Semi-Final match this morning. It was an entertaining match to be frank. Man. Utd was leading the first leg by 1-0 and i expected that if Man. Utd ever to beat Arsenal, it will be a very though match for them, given that The Gunners are playing infront of their home fans... I was shocked seing Park Ji-Sung scores in the 8th minutes. Cristiano Ronaldo added another two and the final score was Man. United winning 3 - 1. 4 -1 aggregate. Hmmm...

So, will it be a repeat of last season Champions League Final where Man. United will again meet Chelsea or it will be the repeat of also last year Semi-Final match against Barcelona. Personally, i love to see Man. Utd takes on Barcelona. But On the paper, Chelsea has the upper hand, after palying a scoreless draw in the first leg a Nou Camp, Barcelona. Will it be Drogba or Messi squares off against Rooney and Ronaldo???

Okaylah... see you when i come back ya...

KaDuS Bilang:
Tunggu sia balik... yeah!!!

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'He' will be unveiled soon...

Been talking about the soon-to-be-hottest in town Online Radio Station. Today's marks it's 1 month anniversary of Sabahan.FM - Siuk Bah Di Dangar. Well, i listen to it and I'm impressed with them. At this very moment, there's only few on duty DJ with no specific time on when they will be on-air.

Well... from an insider news, there will be a new DJ Unveiled starting as early as next week. Who will it be??? Wekekekeke... Just Wait and see...

Sabahan.FM!!! Siuk bah Di Dangar!

KaDuS Bilang:
Tunggu Saja!!!!

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