Cristiano Ronaldo: 1 (ONE) Foot To Real Madrid

Whoa!!! This is one of the longest absent from me, writing this blog. Too many things has happened since i last updated this blog. Most of it, Busy! can't even have that precious time to sit and update my blog with a good content. Furthermore, i am in a drought of ideas on what to write... wekekekeke. Not an excuse lah... but this is what has been happening to me... For all the post that i promised to post here, i will post it later...

As usual my daily surfing routine will include visiting my team website, Manchester United and found the much awaited news, or some people including me lah.. The news reads like this...

Record Ronaldo bid accepted

Hmmm... and the rest of the stories goes like this....

Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

At the request of Cristiano - who has again expressed his desire to leave - and after discussion with the player's representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player.

Matters are expected to be concluded by 30 June. The club will not comment until further notice.

Nah... kan sia bilang i've expected this to happened. since he first expressed his desire to leave Man. Utd, i knew his heart and mind is already at Real Madrid. Simple as that. So i have no point to say that is only a dream. Gutted? a bitlah... tapi i don't feel that this is the end of MAnchester United superiority. MAn. Utd is not about one man. Man. Utd is about a team, the hold team who called themselves the Red Devils, wore the MU shirts with pride.

I believe (as i always do) that Sir Alex Ferguson will know what to do next, who is the next player he will be targetting to streghthen his squad. Rumours says that Franck Ribery will be the number one target, but with Bayern munich reportedly asking for more than £80million, it would be impossible deal for Man. Utd. Will Nani have a chance to finally prove that he is as good as Cristiano Ronaldo? it will always be Sir Alex decision. Just remember when Eric Cantona shockingly announce that he would retire from Man. Utd, many people predicted that MAn. Utd will never be able to conquer the Premier League Again. Sir Alex proved that he is by far the best Manager ever grace the Premier League, by winning the treble, 2 season after Eric Cantona left... Same goes with David Beckham and Roy Keane. Now Ronaldo...

Well, we will see what happened next, as by 30th June, matter will be concluded, whether he will stay or not, i do BELIEVE that this will not make Man. Utd weak but making them much mo stronger as evr... So to all the future premier league champion contender, expect more quality from Man. Utd next Season

KaDuS Bilang:
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