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DJ markieKaDuS @ Sabahan.FM

Me? A Dee Jay? Are you serious. Wekekeke... ya... I am... I've been doing this for the past few days, but i feel like been doing this for ages... dei.. .adakah.

I never thought that i would someday become a DJ, although it's only an online radio station and only a few listener. Never in my wildest dream that i would become a DJ. But knowing me, when an opportunity arise, i will grab it. No matter how... This opportunity comes when i held a meet up with Sabahan.Fm mastermind AbgLang (also the founder of Sabahan.Net) with his crew. This build up a 'very good' relationship with Sabahan.Net and KaDuS Entertainment. FYI, i am one of the Founder of KaDuS Entertainment.

Being a DJ for me it's not an easy task. Much harder than managing a new/raw talent but a bit easier than taking photograph or singing. Wekekekeke... I admit that i did not have proper training and exposure prior to being a DJ. The only job i've done which is a bit similar or close to being a DJ is Emceeing. When i look back, i smiled... how on earth an IT staff could do a DJ job. Wakakakaka...

Starting to love this job. although i didn't get paid for doing this, i still love it. The listener feedback was a motivation for me to continue this job. All their critics, comment, i accepted it and try to improve it in the future. Wah... Dunno lah... but if this can be materialized, but hopefully one day Sabahan.FM will be known as Sabahan FM (without the Dot.), with a studio and an office. Wah.. Dream Dream!!!

For those you want to tune in to me, Please visit You will be prompt to download a file. just download it put it on your Desktop so that next time you just need to click it, instead of have to download it again. Oh, my air time is always at 12.00am to 3am daily. I don't know if there is any reshuffle on the schedule, but as for this time of writing, this is my time. My DJ style: Talk and Talk and spin song. I will entertain song request but it depend on my collection. If i got it, I'll spin it. If no, then i;m sorry maybe I'll spin it next time i am on air... I don't set any topics of discussion but sometime, topics comes in... wekekekeke...

Okay.. i have to go... See ya...

KaDuS Bilang:
Saja bah mo update ni blog... lama betul nda kana update.. .wakakakaka... Sorou poh...

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Seriously? It's Michael Owen?

Michael Owen has signed for BPL Champions, Manchester United in a 2 years deal from a free transfer. Really? Yes this is TRUE! This is what they one of the most shocking transfer of all time... Maybe it is not the MOST but this is shocking. Cristiano Ronaldo move to Real Madrid is expected. Carlos Tevez decision to quit Manchester United is shocking but expected as well. But Owen going to Man. Utd... Phew... simply shocking...

Michael Owen. Hmmm... In my opinion, he is one of the best finisher in the Premier League. And the best thing is... he is a former Kop player, plying his trade for Man. Utd. I'm not sure about his fitness level now, as his time in Newcastle United was plagued by injuries. But he did pass Man. Utd medical test, means that he is fit (or almost on the fitness level).

So what can we expect from Michael Owen? We'll have to see whether he will be the first choice striker which i doubt it as, it will be Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov spearheading Man. Utd attacking line... So i guess Owen will be use as a backup striker. Same manner as Carlos Tevez.

As a Manchester United fans, i would to say All The Best to Michael Owen. Prove the critics wrong!

KaDuS Bilang:
Masih terpinga-pinga bila derang announce yang Michael Owen signed for Manchester United... Wakakakaka...

Whatever it Is... Glory-Glory Man. Utd!!!

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