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Rainy Season + Updates

The raining season is back... Huhuhu.. Although it is much easier for me to move around this day, i still find it very difficult to move around. Hahahaha... I have a slight problem driving in the rain as my sight is limited. Apa lagi kalau heavy rain. Huhuhuhu... But i need to practice it. Just in case i really have to drive in a very heavy rain condition. Pathetic. Huhuhuhu... Okay... Slight update on what i've been doing lah...

KaDuS Entertainment
I'm currently looking for a main sponsor for KE next big project, probably the season 2 of KENTE. For those of you who might not have an idea of what KENTE is, it is KE Next Top Entertainer which we successfully organized last January to April this year. The expectation is a bit higher for next season as we might have made impossible to possible. Hmmm... TQ to All my friend who works hard for it (gogds, sumandak, jasonjay, tomkurus, olumis, sumpitt, mamai, lissa, miklin, ayuki and DJ Mark).

I've been getting a lot and lot of listener. Not fans lah because, siapalah sia ni mo ada fans... I love my slots, from midnight to 3 am. It is tiring but i just love it... wekekekeke... Sorou poh. So tune in to me at Sabahan.FM everyday (if there is no other plan) from 12.00 am til 3.00 am.

KaDuS Bilang:
Saja Mo update ni blog... ahaks...

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Facebook Song

One good thing doing this DJ job was i am able to play my songs collections here and there. Wekekeke... Some are new song some an old favorite. Some a 'pelik' but exciting song. That's the listener, they will request song they wanted to be play live on air and as a DJ i will try to fulfill all their request.

One of the song that one user (don't remember) who requested it, is in my playlist from the first day til now... The song actually called My Facebook by Gigi. Here is the lyric of the song.

Berawal dari Facebook baruku,
Kau datang dengan cara tiba-tiba
Bekas kekasih lama yang hilang'
Satu dari kekasih yang terbaik..

Mungkin waktu yang kupersalahkan
Mungkin saja keadaan yang salah
Terpikir hati tuk mendua
Tapi nurani tak bisa mendua

Ku hanya bisa membagi, kisah kisah lama
Ku hanya bisa membagi, cerita nostalgia

Cuma itu yang kuberikan,
Cuma itu yang bisa kupersembahkan
Karna aku ada yang punya
Tapi separuh hati ini untukmu..

Kubisa saja putuskan dia..
Kubisa menutup semua cintaku
Tapi apakah kaupun setuju?
menyakiti seorang manusia

Hanya bisa membagi kisah kisah lama
Ku hanya bisa membagi, cerita nostalgia...

Cuma itu yang kuberikan..
Cuma itu, yang kubisa persembahkan
karna aku ada yang punya..
Tapi separuh hati ini untukmu

Cuma itu yang kuberikan
Cuma itu yang kubisa persembahkan
Karna aku ada yang punya
Tapi separuh hati ini untukmu..

Kuhanya bisa membagi.. kisah kisah lama
Hanya bisa membagi, cerita nostalgia

Cuma itu yang kuberikan,
cuma itu yang ku bisa persembahkan
karna aku ada yang punya
Tapi separuh hati ini untukmu..

Berawal dari Facebook baru ku...

Below are the sample of the song...

KaDuS Bilang:
Ndada bilang... just enjoy the song... wekekekekek

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