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Hi Guys... This is Alvin Mahathir Yunus or i prefer to call him Defoo, update on his First single project. I've got the single and it's in my playlist for almost a week now. I Love the song... and guess what it received a good respon from other listener too. (i'm Currently doing a parttime DJ work at Sabahan.FM. Listen to me @

Here's some update from the man himself:

"I am now updating you guys about the journey of my first baby. It is clearly not a 1 night stand, heee ^_^. It will take some time for this one. So I've already released my 1st single "Learning You" and I'm very thankful that DJ Othoe is playing it daily since it's 1st debut @ Suria Pagi Kinabalu. Othoe you're da man!! I would also like to thank you the DJ's at the online radio for also playing this song. A special thanx to Markie Kadus!! Actually the song is also available to listen at my myspace site and my amp channelv site. I can also see dbos-fm - and publishing my press release at their respective blogs which is really an honor to me. I couldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for the love and support from all my friends and family. I made it available to stream for free simply because I want to share it with you. I wrote, composed and produced the song by myself with the help from my friend aka sound engineer Peter Poninting of DEQ Studio.

So what will be my next move? I'm in the midst of recording my 2nd song, and will be released during this raya season, yeah it is a raya song. It was initially for an RTM programme, but I guess due to logistic problems they decided not to do the programme. So it's okay I'll just work on it. The sound of this raya song according to Peter is a bit jazzy and ada broadway-ish sound. The funny thing is I got the idea for the sound of this song when my kazen Azward was playing a tune by Lily Allen called "f**k y**" on youtube. So I'm not sure if my song ni direstui hahaha!! But despite the title I was actually attracted with the sound of the song so I applied it to my raya song. This song is among lagu yg paling cepat sy siapkan. I got the melody and lyrics straight away in 1 go. It was a friday around 10am. Then petang tu I went to the studio and told Peter how I visualize the song to be. Dengan sepantas kilat we did the full demo of the song, and now I think we just need 1 studio session or 2 the most to complete the recording side. Lagu raya usually hanya akan dipasang lebih kurang 1-2 weeks before raya so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to finish it before that time and zoom send to radios and make it available online. Lagu raya biasa orang hantar awal but still better late sikit than never. In this song you'll get to listen to the "loosen" me. The lyrics are easy and my vocals will also be relaxed gitu. You guys just wait la ya, I've let few of my friends and family listen to it though ^_^ Klu ada rezeki and kesempatan I'll be recording the (probably DIY) video clip for this song time raya ke 3 d Kundasang nnt during our annual Suhaimin Bandaran's open house. So you might be in the video my friends hehe.

The official cover for my single "Learning You" will also be revealed soon and I'll start sending the song to other radio stations as well. As we know the Malaysian market demands malay songs, but in my album there will be malay and kadazandusun songs. Infact the raya song is in malay (campur sabahan slang siiikit la). To fully optimize Learning You, we might have an official video clip for it so if you know someone or maybe yourself, that you think can be the girl in my video do let me know by sending me a message at my Facebook wall. I'm Alvin Mahathir Yunus in FB. There might be an audition but we'll reserve that for later.

Minggu ni I'll be recording another song tapi this time it is not a lovey dovey song. It is still a ballad but the message is about life. I hope it will have some good effect on you as well.

This album is about love and life and it is dedicated to all of you. It is not finished yet but I'm visualizing it right now. I hope you are as excited as I am about this album as I am going to offer something different from what my fellow sabahan musician/artistes friends has showed you.

More updates coming soon. This is the making of Alvin MY's debut album. BBKK!!

More music at
(The songs in both my myspace and amp site are not the songs that will be included in the album except Learning You. Perubahan tertakluk pada keadaan ^_^)

Alvin MY of BBKK
BBKK Minds Enterprise"

KaDuS Bilang:
I was eagerly awaits the latest singles... and i have it now... Keep on playing on air... Wekekekeke. Will wait for the next single... and maybe his Album... Support our Local Artist!!!

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