Outstation at Tenom - "gateway to Murut country"

Been away for a week, not at Penampang but at the interior division of Sabah... Tenom and Keningau. Frankly speaking, i never been in Tenom, but Keningau, hehehehe... a regular destination in 2002 - 2004 for some reason lah. Tenom was a destination that i really wanted to go. Although only for a short time... 2 days, but being at Tenom really makes me happy... walaupun di pekan dia saja. Tapi purpose of visiting, Works lah... Dunno lah... when will i got a chance to Visit Tenom... with vacation or simply jalan2 is the main purpose... I really wish to visit the Murut Cultural Village, the Lagud Seberang.. hm bila ah..

Oh... For your information.. For those of you who might not know about this lah... Sabah Credit Corporation do have a Branch or we simply called Client Centre in Tenom. So for those of you, potential borrower who currently residing in Tenom or the surrounding area... bah.. jan malu bah.. datang saja... Current borrower who have an account with us (SCC) is entitled for RM100 with one condition, introduce a new borrower to us. If the process goes well... Then... you will get RM100 credited to your bank account... Imagine if in a week you get 10 new person... Kaya oh... but don't main buyuk lah.. i've found few cases yang macam men buyuk ni... Wekekeke.. For more info about this, go to the nearest Client Centre or you may go directly to SCC HQ at Penampang. Oh, this is only entitled for Executive Loans (EL) only ah... Wah.. promo uda nie... wekekeke

Back to Tenom... The one thing people would talk about Tenom is the kopi Tenom. Coffee that come from Tenom la bah. They have the best coffee in the State. The worst thing is, i don't have time to find the best coffee shop that can offer me the best coffee in town... Pitty me... hmmm... ,what d'ya expect if you have only 2 days... and most of your time is spend at the office... maybe next time lah.. I've tested the Tenom Taufu though. Yummy... wekekeke... Teda gia chance mo mansau di pekan Tenom nie... bila dii nie.. duii..

Well coming back from Tenom (and Keningau) i've suddenly caught the 3-in-1 syndrom... yet again.,.. The Flu, The Fever and The Cough... Dunno how and where did i get this... All so sudden... The H1N1 season is not over yet and i really fear for it. Luckily my body temperature went down on Sunday. But for precautions measures i went to see the doctor juga. Because i still have the flu in my nose... kasau... Luckily no symptom at all.. Doctor offer me a medical sick leave but i decline, decide to go to work on Monday... Flu is gone... left the cough lai.. Berkesan juga ubat ni tau...

What i want to say here is... Tenom was a good place to visit... it has the peaceful town and friendly locals. I wish i could spend few days more on visiting Tenom. If you are asking for picture, sorry... i have no time visiting interesting places, let alone take picture... kamera pun nda bawa... maybe next time... My friend Roger already booked me for next year event of Pesta Kalimaran... one event that i am dying to go... Hopefully this time nothing will goes against my way, and i am sure i will be equip with a new 'picture taking gear'. So to all... Kaansayan Ra Rondom Ra Osuabon (i hope i get this right).

KaDuS Bilang:
Dui gia... hopefully my next trip tu Tenom (nda tau bila) will last a bit longer... wekekeke... TQ SCC Tenom Staff (Boss Primus, Geofrrey, Norlezah and Ronnie).

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