I wish i could do the twist...

While browsing for video in YouTube i've stumble upon a very classic vid by Chubby Checker with the song called The Twist and Let's Twist Again. What the heck am i doing listening for twist songs in the middle of the morning? Hahahahaha.

The Twist (1960)

Let's Twist Again (1961)

The Twist
The song was written and originally released by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters in 1959, but didn't get much response, only peaking up at number 28 on the Billboard Top 100. Chubby Checker did a cover version of this song and managed to gained popularity both for him and the song. It was the start of the Twist Crazed Era for most of music lover.

Let's Twist Again
This song is a follow up version of 'The Twist song, and an attempt by Chubby Checker to keep the craze (of the twist) alive in 1961. Amazingly he did it as the song become a smash hits that year and one of the most popular song in the UK when it reah numbe 2 spots. in 1962, the song receive a Grammy Award for Best Rock & Roll Recording

The Twist Dance
According to Wikipedia:
"The Twist is performed by standing with the feet approximately shoulder width apart. The torso may be squared to the knees and hips, or turned at an angle so one foot is farther forward than the other. The arms are held out from the body, bent at the elbow. The hips, torso, and legs rotate on the balls of the feet as a single unit, with the arms staying more or less stationary. The feet grind back and forth on the floor, and the dance can be varied in speed, intensity, and vertical height as necessary. Occasionally one leg is lifted off the floor for styling, but generally the dance posture is low and with the feet in contact with the floor with very little vertical motion."

Easy... ? Maybe for some of you... but for me, hmm... not that easy. I really wish i could do this 'simple' dance. I don't have the talent to dance so this might contribute to the reason why i can't dance.

What make this songs refresh in my mind is when i listen it again in our Annual PRIDE Camp held at Mimpian Jadi Resort June this year. (Sabah Credit Corporation organised this Camp yearly) A group of my colleague perform "The Twist" Live in front of us, and i have to admit it that i am really amazed by their performance. The include an element of Hip Hop in the song and creativity in their dance, and you've might have guess it, they do win. Brilliant.

Growing up watching the late Tan SriP.Ramlee movies, i notice that there is a lot of movies that have a twist dance scene in it especially movies released in the 60's. One most famous movie was Tiga Abdul, where there is a Twist Dance Scene where Tan Sri P.Ramlee jamming with his band with the song, Bunyi Gitar. That sing become all time favorite and almost every wedding i go, someone will sing that song and dance to it. Cool!

Bunyi Gitar (1964 - Tiga Abdul Film)

KaDuS Bilang:
Ni lah tarian yang antara paling sia nda buli buat although i enjoy seeing people dance to it. I wish i could try twist one day... wakakakaka... Sepa terer twist, buli ajar kah? hahahaha...

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2 Responses to I wish i could do the twist...

Gallivanter said...

Chubby Checker rules! :-)


Zehan said...

the song lets twist again is the first oldies twist song that i've heard...for the twist genre of course...sounds fun...oldies style...