My Countdown to New Year Starts Soon

5, 120, 7200 is the number. Although people only thinks about 5 the other number is just for show off la... hehe.. 5 stands for 5 Days, 120 is the Hours and the 7200 is the minutes. This is what i call In Depth countdown detail of the new year. Hehe. This countdown will start at 12.00am, 27th of December 2009. This will be a correct details if nothing happen lah. Can ah, anything happen? Except you have Hiro Nakamura of Heroes to stop the time. hehehehe

Made a plan but unable to do it, because of one silly reason. Chivas Regal 18. Feel very hungover after few rounds of it during yesterday's Family Christmas Gathering. Tq Bro Anthony for that.

Well.. i guess more of this session will come within this week. This is the time for me to be with my family, friend and "hehehe" iin the spirit of christmas and New Year. Wah. Since this will only happened once a year (i hope so, if more i would be in trouble) so why waste it. hehe.

This year has been very very and i mean very challenging for me. I don't have that time to update my Blog as Facebook ha become a priority. Hmmm... Well... will be trying very hard to update this started next year. I miss about everything about blogging.

Okay... See you soon... Wekekekeke...

KaDuS Bilang:
No football matches today. My team is due to play tomorrow, so i guess another night out for me... but where ah..? hehehe.. Orait.. Have A Blessed Christmas to All KaDuSViLLe reader! Peace & God Bless..

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