Tribute Song: Gone Too Soon

This song is a tribute to my first cousin, who recently passed away last Saturday, 16/01/2010.

"It's only a week since you left us, but we have already missing you. No more can we see your smile, listen to your jokes and share stories with you. Only pictures and our very own memories will reminds us of you. While you are smiling there, we are still in shocked and grieving for your sudden death. Hurts, Disbelief, Angry are some of the feeling in our hearts. Sometimes, we thought that God is not being fair for taking you too soon, but when we look back, God love you even more, so he took you to be beside him up there and show you how much He love you. All we can do is pray and ask for God to give you Eternal Rest..."

Bonaventure, Boni, Bonak, Otoi, Daddy, Abang, Uncle, Mamai, Wherever You Might Be At This Moment, You Must Know That We Missed You and We Love You So Much, only that you have Gone Too Soon..."

In Loving Memory Of:
"Until We Meet Again..."

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2 Responses to Tribute Song: Gone Too Soon

Gallivanter said...

May his soul rest in peace.


markiekadus said...

Tq very much Daniel