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KENTE 2: Heat 1 Result

The 1st Heat of KENTE 2 was successfully held at Pusakag Cafe, Penampang on the 26th of Feb 2010. 10 contestant vying for two automatic place to the Grand Finale while two (2) more places is up for grab for a Wild Card Heat. The date of the wild card heat will be announced soon and the top two contestant of the wild card heat will march to the Grand Finale as the Wild Card Entry.

10 Talented singer from in and around Sabah gather for the KE Next Top Entetainer Season 2, an event organized by KaDuS Entertainment. Last year, i held the organizing chairman post and this year, i am the Advisor for KENTE 2. Less responsibilities? nahhh... As the Founder of KE, the stake is much higher now, not only i have to make sure this event runs smooth, i also have to look into KE side to. But yang siok, i have more chance to take picture this time around. Yeah... Here some of the pic i manage to took during last night event.


The Top Two Finalist: Grace Ah Ting & Chrispine Joseph


Wild Card Heat Entry: Jack Taisung (Judge Pick) & Dyandra Justine (Audience Pick)


 Norfaizah Jamal

Joshua Elezear Jalani

Florieand Kohming

Wanda Gundang

Cherry Nella Jelson

Andylowie Jairus

The Contestant Heat 1

So, congratulation to Chrispine Joseph and Grace Ah Ting for qualifying to the Grand Finale of KENTE 2. To Jack Taisung and Dyandra Justine, They both have to compete in another heat to qualify for the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale will consists of 10 Direct qualifier from each heat while 2 spot is for the back door entry via Wild Card heat. 12 Finalist will eye the top prize of KENTE 2 Champion. 10 more spot up for grab. 2 more finalist will be unveil in next week Heat, 5th March 2010 at Pusakag Cafe, while 2 more spot will be filled in the Wild Card Heat. Who could they be...

KaDuS Bilang:
Quite surprise with some of the contestant. They seem to be very well prepared for this competition. Although ada satu dua yang lupa lirik, tapi tone quality ada peningkatan. What can i expect for next heat ah...?

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Your Last Chance To Fame: KENTE 2

Calling all aspiring singer in the state of Sabah. This is THE LAST CALL for KENTE 2 competition. 

KE Next Top Entertainer, or famously known as KENTE has entered it's second season. As part of KaDuS Entertainment Annual Activity, and off course atas permintaan ramai, We will be continuing the 2nd Season of KENTE and it will be known as KENTE 2. 

What's in store for KENTE 2? 
- Attractive Price,
- Recordings Deal up for grab
- Platform in singing career

So? Do You Have what it takes to be KE: Next Top Entertainer Season 2 and be in line with the like of Carrey Oliver (KENTE 1 Champ), Georgia Joy (State Sugandoi Champ - KENTE 1 Finalist) or Senisah Majilin (MyStarz LG Top Ten Malaysia, 3rd State Sugandoi - ex-KENTE Contestant)? If you think you have what it's take, then go to and download the contestant form. The registration will be held on the followings:

Date: 20 FEB 2010 (TODAY!!!)
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Venue: Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon

- Registration
- Photoshot
- Briefing (by the Committee Member)
- Poll (to determined which heat and what turn you will be performing)

To all contestant to be, please Dress accordingly as your photo will be use for promotional purpose in the Mass Media (Newspaper, Banner, Poster, Web) . Jan la datang pakai baju rumah, pakai singlet.., seluar pindik... Tapi jan pula pakai tuxedo, pakai gaun... agak2 lah... Pakai yang simple tapi kemas... make sense kah tu? hehe
For those yang rasa nda sempat uda untuk mo download ni form, all you can do is to just go directly to Pusakag Cafe, bring along two copies of your own potographs, fill in the form and you will be registered in KENTE 2, after you pay the fee...

So, don;t waste this opportunity and take it as this is your last chance or trying to get something in your singing career... KENTE Season 2, Do You Have What It's Take???

KaDuS Bilang:
Bah, datanglah ramai2 kio... Cuba saja... This might be your time to shine... Let it be, This is the platform for you to shine. Use it wisely...

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Kempen Derma Darah 2010

Bah, Ni Sabah Credit Corporation punya aktiviti Tahunan Anjuran KSR. kalau kamu mo tau lebih lanjut, u may visit: Sabah Credit Corporation Blog's.

Blood donation. A noble act of someone towards another. A Heroes is made when one share his blood for anothers. Yakah? Mana-mana saja lah... Satu ja... kalau mo pigi Menderma darah tu, make sure check tu pressure lu... bahaya nanti. Then, jan pigi Aramai Ti...

KaDuS Bilang:
Mo juga menderma, but bila sia tinguk macam sia pula yang perlu darah. Selalu pigi check pun nda saja buli menderma ni... Bah... kepada yang berminat, jan lupa untuk pigi ni event kenen... hehehehe

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(Still) In Holiday Mood + Unmotivated + Sleepy = Yawn...

Pic Credit: babasteve

This is what happen when the weekends is too long. Feel very sleepy at work. This is my condition at the moment. I feel very sleepy, if i were to be given pillow now, i will fall asleep. Kompom. But this is not due to the effect of Night out or doing late night stuff. I Just Can't Sleep. DJ? Nah, can't do that at the moment, with the streamyxs line slow? i can't stream a thing. Another problem arise when the computer i used to DJ with is having problem. Suddenly bagi sia masalah. I've been trying many ways, to repair it, tapi sama juga. The last option is to format it? Hua... Format, with all my data and songs inside... hmmm... So that's the reason why. Whenever i do get an access to the internet via streamyx, i was using my old but reliable pc. The quality, well, not up to what i expected. Bah, pakai ubuntu what d'ya expect? hehehe

Many of my colleague are still on leave. Still having their CNY Holidays, or i love to say it, blum habis limau mandarin. Hehehehe. Just Jocking lah... While they enjoying their holidays, some people has to come to works as usual. The Extra two Days Off, on top of the normal weekend makes people feel that they are having a long, very long paid holidays. For some people, they might find this holiday is boring and need to come back to work ASAP. Ya la... given their current working environment is good. Ada yang harap cuti dapat dilanjutkan sampai, what maybe satu bulan? tu mungkin pasal enviroment tempat kerja macam hell. Am i? I am confidently answer yes! hehehe. 

When all he symptom is put together in one day, then you will get people yawning, just like our friend in the picture. Not exactly like him lah, sebab dia yawn dengan penuh perasaan. Kalau urang, pandai kasi tapuk2 lai tu mo yawn... It's normal ba. Nothing to be ashamed of. Kalau kana tanya samada menantuk or nda, and kalau mo cover, cakap ja kurang oksigen. hahaha..

I Guess it is not too late for me to wish each and everyone of you Gong Xi Fa Chai. May the Year of the Tiger Brings More Prosperity to You And Your Family!!! Yeah!!! (so u can also belanja me for yamcha session... hehehe)

KaDuS Bilang:
This is another posting sot by me... Sleepy Post i called it... hehehehe...

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Just A Post

Sunset @ TG. Aru Beach

I personally love this pic. The original pic can be viewed at my facebook Album. I edited this pic as i want to see how i can manipulate it. Balik balik sia cuba pun macam sia ndada idea. Just maybe i'm satisfied with it, although a lot of friends comment that this could be better. Well, i'm stil RE-LEARNING my photography using my latest toy. Since i haven't took much picture lately, i guess i have fall back into novice level. Nda pa lah. Love it.

While taking this pic, i've been thinking about a lot of things. Nda juga center pikiran sia time tu. Life lah paling banyak sia pikir... Sometime i see life just like the sun. Rise in the morning with a new hope, strikingly at it's peak in the noon, and finally set it self in the evening. Kita kana kasi lahir, with hope and everything, and at one time kia akan berada dalam kita punya puncak kehidupan. Lastly, secara, pelan-pelan, kita akan kasi tinggal juga everything yang kita pernah buat or achieve di dunia nie. Sometime dari pagi, matahari nda kelihatan sebab mendung. Mo ujan. Life pun begitu. Some people live their life without people noticing it, and it went well. Nobody will ever know. Tapi, kalau sini cuaca mendung, kita nda nampak matahari, but in the other side of the world, matahari terang benderang, panas... Well, same goes with life. We might not notice their presence in our life, but somewhere, they are brightening other people life. Macam mana pun situasi dia, at the end of the day, the sun will set itself. Tenggelam juga akhirnya. Nanti malam urang akan cakap, maybe this dialog. "Wah, panas btul oh matahari tadi, memancar." or, "Hujan lebat... mendung saja". So, life pun begitu... Bila kita meninggalkan kesan sama idup seseorang, urang akan ingat... samada kesan bagus or nda, urang akan cakap2 juga tu... tapi kalau kita ndada kasi tinggal apa2 urang nda akan cakap... Begitu kah? wekekekeke

That's life... dari yang sia nampak... Macam matahari ni. Hahahahaha... Apa yang sia tulis ni... sia pun nda mengerti... Whatever lah...

KaDuS Bilang:
Matahari yang panas sejak kebelakangan ni... wekekekek. Bila mo ujan nda tau... tapi nanti ujan, sia cakap juga tu.. nanti ada juga pic ujan ni.. hahaha.. Have a Nice Day Everyone...

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My Blogging Inactivity…

Long absent yet again from me. Gosh, i guess my ideas on what to write has dried up. Nah i dont think so. Time is the main reason why it is hard for me to sit and type something for this blog. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter for introducing a much easier way to update on whatever happenings. Huhuhu. Ever heard of the song "Video Kills The Radio Stars"? Well the should habe created a song in titled "Facebook/Twitter Kills The Blog Site". Hehehe. Well not all bloggers stop blogging when FB emerges as one of the informative site, in my point of view lah... A lot of them still active blogging, and still gaining a lots of readers. On top of that, they too have their own facebook site and update it daily... The only problem, is me, myself... Hehehe...

As being said earlier, the reason for my inactive mood is due to time. I simply dont have time to update my blog(s) as i used before. This also due to my tight schedule with my day Job and also all my partime job. Day job, requires me to start as early as 7:50am and finishes at about 5:30 to 6pm. Home, will be doing some house work and then i will have my rest... I need to get ready for m DJ session at midnite til 2am or sometimes 3am. Tight right. Hmmm.

Facebook/Twitter have made me much easier to update on whatever happenings on my daily life, to express my opinion/feelings towards anything and for promotional/marketing tools. Well for Facebook i just need to updae my status, and it will be made available on my 1.6k+ friends. Although i doubt that anybody would care to read about what i post, but, there might be some people reading it kan... Maybe accidently bump into my profile... Hehehe.
If i apply his to my marketing strategy, people will have the curiousity to know more and het the info once my update is update with, maybe some interesting offer.. Hehehe.

I don't want to promise anything, coz i know, i'm not getting that much readers to my blog(s) but i will try to update this blog as much as possible. Especially with this application i got from the internet. It is called BlogPress. It's a application that let you blog from you mobile device. BlogPress is simple to use and have most of the function offerred by the web based Blogger/Blogspot. I haven't go through all of it features but what's important to me is that i can use this to blog, whenever, wherever i want, given i have an active internet line, be it GPRS, EDGE, 3G or Wifi. I've been using Facebook and Twitter (Twitterrific) to update status, and check on my account and i am satisfied with it. So i hope BlogPress can do the same for me... Oh, FYI, this is the first post via BlogPress from my mobile device. Sorry for a lot of typo error, as i am in the midst of gettin used to this keypad, and it is hard for me... Huhuhu.

KaDuS Bilang:
Te best way to use technology available is to use another technology made for it... Hehehehe... Have a nice day everyone.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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