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KaDuSViLLe Domain is Finally up.

The title above says it. Yes, finally i owned my own domain. Well, as long as i keep on paying the renewal fee, the domain name will be mine, and if i stops, others will get it. I've registered last Thursday and only today (17 OCT) that i realized it is up after few days of tweaking here and there. I almost gave up, but after thinking that it is a waste of RM30 for purchasing the domain name, i've decided to continue searching for solution. Sayang bah tu RM30. Lama tu buli pakai bikin bili minyak.

Although the domain was up, i still experience some problem reaching it. Not sure about the reader out there, but i still get the OpenDNS "Unable to load page" error message. I don't used OpenDNS IP as my preferred DNS setting. I used it before but i've disabled it for sometime. I am just puzzled up why OpenDNS error comes out occasionally. Macam biskut bah, sekejap ada sekejap teda... hehehe

The page i sometime received when i directly type (or on the address bar

On blogger site, the "dns not setup properly" message still occurred.

I dunnola... i think i've setup everything accordingly. Refer here and there, ends up i slept at almost 4 AM last morning, just to configure this up. I have to use other domain registrar service just to manage my domain, as the one i've register with didn't have the said function. Oh, FYI i've register with Mercumaya, Malaysian local web hosting company. To Mercumaya, If you are reading this, please, please lah... Invenst in upgrading ur sytem, so that we don't have to point our domain to a third party server, just to get it to our blog. Why can't we do it directly. I am started to think that i've made a mistake for choosing Mercumaya as my Domain registrar. I am currently considering to transfer my domain to other domain registrar. How bad... I've decided to temporally point the domain to because it has the option to create a CNAME or Canonical Name. And also i can easily manage my domain name there. The only problem is that dnsExit has recently experience a DDOS Attack or Distributed Denial of Service Attack. I am not sure whether this contribute to the current problem i've experiencing now.

Satu lai problem yg timbul ialah,all my links, that i purposely put on my blog is missing. That link is for my easy reference to visit other blogger's blog, and it is missing. The good things is, i can fill it back, but it has to be done one by obe, and on top of that i don't even have a backup off it. Ada bah sia buat tu nga outdated suda. all the latest links with the latest blogger on it, ilang begitu saja. i have to refer to other blogger to redo my link. Those blog yang i do remember putting it, i will link it back. yang sia nda ingat tu, kasi tau lah blog link kamu, supaya senang sia mo visit blog kamu.

Whatever the problem above, it might be due to my incompetency of setting up my own domain. Well, let this be the lesson for me. I won't learn anything if i don't make a mistake. Now i've made the mistake, and now i know what can or can't i do.

FYI, KaDuSViLLe will be the same. Same content, same stories. Same style of writing, same grammatical error... it is still me... I only change my url, so that it can be easily remembered and refer. Well, lately i've been asked to do a talks about blogging so it would be nice to have a url that is simple to note. I will try to improve this from time to time, but until then, enjoy ur stay at ... The Place I Belong

KaDuS Bilang: 
Ndada juga setakat ni, it's just that i am really irate regarding how i still can't manage to set this blog URL properly. Well, never give up i said. But if any of you out there yang tau tentang ni masalah, please la bagitau sia... hehehehe... TQ!!!

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Another Murder? Whatever happened to the world today...

Blum reda cerita pembunuhan kejam Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya dan 3 orang rakannya, sia dikejutkan lagi dengan satu lagi berita pembunuhan kejam dan kali ini ia berlaku hampir dengan sia. Um, not that near lah, but at the same state and buli sia cakap driving distance, well, it's quite near juga. The disappearance and subsequently murder of Annie John Dismas, a nurse from Kudat was on the lips of everybody especially Sabahan who indeed very shocked because of this case.

I personally don't know her. Although she went to the same University as me. She's taken different courses from me so i might never see her at the campus. She come from Kudat, where i do have a lot of friends from there and few nurses friend from the northern part of Sabah. Her fiance was from Kg. Mahandoi, Penampang, Not far from where i used to live, and i do have a lot of relative residing there. So when i first heard of this story on Saturday (the disappearance) and the finding of a semi-nude bodies inside a drain at Taman Kingfisher, Likas Today (the murder), i could not help myself to ask around just to get the latest news about this.

Semi-Nude? yep... That was what is being written in the news. A lot of you might have an idea on how was the crime committed, rite? No need for me to elaborate more, as this could instill pain for her family and friends who might be reading this. I know it's hard for them to accept this, especially the way she died.

I don't want to speculate the motive of this crime. At this time of writing, i guess police are still investigating this. A lot of 'theory' is buzzing around, especially on the internet, where people express their feeling toward this crime. As i say, speculating is not my main purpose of writing this, i hope that readers would not put their own speculation or theory about this incident.

I've followed the murder case of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya closely via the internet. That gruesome murder happened because of 'a business deal turn sour' (as quoted by many newspaper). The prosecution team is working very hard to collect evidence to bring the suspect to justice the gallows. How life so easily been taken away just because of that event. Well, this is how a criminals acted. They get what they want and they'll do anything to get it. Even killing.

Back to the late Annie stories. A very dedicated nurse, as per describe by her colleague at the Kudat Hospital, she's enrolled for a Bachelor in Nursing Studies at Open Universities Malaysia (OUM) was was supposed to attend weekend classes there. Such a high hope but ends so quickly because of one human ANIMAL. Ya, animal!!! Why do i call him/her that. Well, God gave us brain to think and act wisely. Tapi ni, think and act foolishly. Sia rasakan ini urang yg buat ni penuh dengan bisikan syaitan di telinga dia. Whether he/she did it purposely or not, it doesn't matter anymore. Annie's gone and gone too soon. Was supposed to get marry next year (according to one of her relative) and yet this animal action kills all what could be a happy day for her. Kepada pembunuh Annie John Dismas, or urang yg kenal ni pembunuh, kali saudara dia ka, yang terbaca ni, read this:


Seeing the way some of her friends express their feeling towards this incident, i could say that Annie John Dismas was a wonderful person. Someone who is so lovable, friendly and caring. It's a loss when Annie John Dismas left their friends and family. I wouldn't want to imagine how they feel because i know this is hurting.To all Annie John Dismas friends and family who might stumble upon this blog, Condolence from the deepest of my heart! Please be patient as this might be God greatest test to you all. Keep on praying for Annie's soul. I will...

KaDuS Bilang:
Cukup lah sia cakap ni... macam banyak uda... ANNIE JOHN DISMAS, although don't know you, i just wish your soul will Rest In Peace. My prayers will go with you. May the perpetrators of this will be revealed soon and we know who did this to you. Rest In Peace...

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And Another templates

Whoa! I Finally manage to change my blog template from the old one (can't remember when was the last time i changed it) to this new one...

This was my old blog template. Believe it or not... i found this one is more 'cantik' than the current one. Hmmm... Dunno... I still need to find a template that suits me. Haven't been blogging for quite sometime and i think this is the right time to start over again.. so i decided to change my blog template first. Well since i am soooo sleepy... this is the best i can do... i still need to tweak this template though. My HTML coding skills was rusty, i know... haven't been doing coding or even programming for such a long time, due to some 'mysterious' circumstances... hahahaha.

I need to find or create a very simple template, that is easy for for all of you to read and easy for me to retrieve/check/see whatever lah. Hopefully can do it today, after i come back from a friendly soccer match between the Lojitan Family and the Mojitoh's Family. Hope i will not feel exhausted.

Until then see you all... hehehehe

KaDuS Bilang:

Ndada bilang untuk masa ini... nantilah sia bilang ah... hehehehe

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Was almost cheated... Cheated?

Yesterday was a great day for me to do some shopping. I went to Centre Point to look for a pair of futsal boots. Really need one as my current one is not in good shape anymore. I end up bought two pairs of boots, one is for futsal, and one is for outdoor soccer. But that was not the place i almost cheated. It happened at Mega Long Shopping Mall Donggongon. Sia rasa, when i mention this Shopping Mall, most of you would know why i am saying "almost cheated". Hehehehe

Mega Long (what is the correct spelling of this? MEGALONG or MEGA LONG???) is the latest attraction of Penampang and Donggongon Town. It boost the Longest Shopping mall in Sabah. And for the first time, Giant set it's foot on Penampang. Also this is the first time that a cinema was built in Penampang, All in Mega Long. In megalong you could find a lot of attractive shops and outlet, not forgetting famous fast food chain. uiks, lari topik!!! hahaha. Cukup lah... kalau kamu mo tau, pigi ja sindri..

After coming back from Center Point went straight to Giant as i want to buy something there. On my way to Giant, i was stop by a young girl asking me to write down my name just to "make sure they are doing their job". The dialog lebih kurang macam ni...

Girl: Abang, tulis nama saja. Kami tiada punch card, nanti boss cakap kami nda buat kerja. Untuk rekod saja.
Me: OK. Buli bah kalau ko...

This shop is one of many located inside Mega Long. No need for me to mention their name as i know a lot of you would have guess it. I heard lot's of "fraud" stories regarding this company. Normally i would say no and walk away. But since i want to know what does they mean by fraud or cheat, i give myself a try. She ask me to follow me inside the shop and ask me to fill in the spot & win contest. Antam ja lah... Then she went inside to get i envelope containing the car sticker, and voucher. Kunun2 asia dapat RM200 cash voucher... Buli kunun beli barang sana. Then ada lai satu Vocher, RM100 but this time with gambar. periuk and stove. Trus this girl colleague, a guy come and sit with us. Bermula episod marketing derang.

Come to this young guy surprise (kunun lagi) the RM100 Voucher is (Kunun2) for special customer and i am kunun-kunun the lucky one to receive 2 items worth RM6k ++. Huah... Lucky kan... They even "called" their boss to ask him to further explain to me about the offer. The dialog, lebih kurang di bawah...

Boss: Sia mo minta confirmation yang your voucher ada gambar those two items?
Me: Ya... Voucher harga RM100 with the pic of the two item.
Boss: This is to confirm that you never purchased anything at our shop, or register to any offer from us?
Me: Nda pernah. This is the first time i heard about your company.
Boss: Okay, yang sebenarnya kami randomly put in the voucher inside the envelope. Not even our staff  there know about it. Based on the running number, you are lucky enough to become our company ambassador. Di Sabah only a few saja yang dapat ni. You don't need to pay for this two item, as you will get it for free. The company will sponsor you to use it and you will promote this to your neighbour or family member. I'll let my staff explain further...
Me: OK... (dengan stail yang blur2 ni)

The the male staff, explain to me about the offer. the so called company ambassador program and a lot of benefits... bla bla bla & so forth. They even demonstrate to me on how to used the appliance with one flies become victim of their demonstration. Hehehehe... Then the demo, the sweet talk ended. They are back to bussiness. They inform me, in order for me to get two sponsored item, i need to cash in the RM100 voucher and buy any item in the shop. They proposed me one item, priced about RM2988 (whoah!!!) and using the RM100 voucher the new price is RM2888. After failing to convince me, the called their 'boss' and the 'boss' agreed to give me a 'special' price of RM1688 for me to buy the one appliance and get the other two for free. They even ask for my credit card and my atm card, so that they can 'help' if i don't have cash in hand. After almost two hours of negotiating, talking and listening, i had enough. i told them that maybe this is not my luck so let other people get this. I'm off the shop went straight to giant. End of story.

Now i know how it works. They are desperate to sell the product so badly, even have to do something that annoyed other people. Gained the experiences of being tried to buy a thing, i know how it feel, learn some new things, but what i hate the most i totally forgot what i want to buy at Giant, and at this time of writing, i still can't recalled what i want to buy there. This is all because of the so called lucky offer. Kenapa juga sia mo pigi try ah? hahahaha

From my observation, i don't think their main intention is to cheat. but the way they run their marketing strategy makes people thinks they want to cheat. My findings...

1. At first, they just want you to fill in name, even promised won't take long time, even heard they say, "tidak beli pun tidak apa", but ends up listening to their offer after offer.

2. The voucher is priced at RM200 and RM100. The items in the shop is priced within RM2500 to RM5000. Apa lah guna tu voucher tu? Untuk mengaburi mata saja sia rasa.

3. Why do you repeatedly ask for my ATM or my Credit Card (i told them i didn't brings both card), even offer to go to my home, just to swipe it? I think if i have gave them my cards, they might swipe it without my knowledge.

4. They called their boss, but it is like that their 'boss' is just around the corner, maybe sitting at Marybrown eating french fries. Suara tu boss pun macam too good to be a boss... macam colleague dia saja.

More... nanti lah... hehehehe...

Their marketing strategy in my opinion is dead wrong. It seems that they are forcing people to buy their products. I even overheard the other group of promoter saying the same things to the other customer they manage to 'catch'. The words are, "Anda adalah yg bertuah di Megalong ni ari. Urang lain pun tidak bertuah macam anda". Sia salah dangar? what about me...? hmmm... Berapa ramai yang "bertuah" oh? Ramai yang sia dengar nyaris kena, or ada yang uda kena... Kena swipe derang pinya ATM or even Credit Card... Ada cerita sia dengar sampai Tourist kana suru bayar sampai RM15k but not sure dimana or adakah the same company. This way of promoting and marketing should be tweak to suit the people here. Be reasonable... You are not selling cheap children book worth RM20. You are selling appliances ranging from RM2k to RM5k.Not all people have enough money for that.

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia nda blame tu promoter lah... derang tu cuma kerja. Mo earn the commission untuk bayar overdue bills derang. ada yang masi belajar, ada juga yang ada family uda. Just that sia rasa cara derang untuk mo get custumer tu salah. Maybe itulah arahan daripada big boss derang, and they have no other choice but to obey it. Hmmm... Guess derang ingat macam jual buku jak ni... hmmm... It has to be stop... Megalong Management should see it over, to avoid untowards incident. Sia buli tahan... sia buli layan... tapi nda smua urang macam sia... Kalau tekana yang pemanas? buli menjejaskan reputasi tu kompeni and Megalong in whole...

Pandangan sia yang kabur lah...

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