And Another templates

Whoa! I Finally manage to change my blog template from the old one (can't remember when was the last time i changed it) to this new one...

This was my old blog template. Believe it or not... i found this one is more 'cantik' than the current one. Hmmm... Dunno... I still need to find a template that suits me. Haven't been blogging for quite sometime and i think this is the right time to start over again.. so i decided to change my blog template first. Well since i am soooo sleepy... this is the best i can do... i still need to tweak this template though. My HTML coding skills was rusty, i know... haven't been doing coding or even programming for such a long time, due to some 'mysterious' circumstances... hahahaha.

I need to find or create a very simple template, that is easy for for all of you to read and easy for me to retrieve/check/see whatever lah. Hopefully can do it today, after i come back from a friendly soccer match between the Lojitan Family and the Mojitoh's Family. Hope i will not feel exhausted.

Until then see you all... hehehehe

KaDuS Bilang:

Ndada bilang untuk masa ini... nantilah sia bilang ah... hehehehe

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