KaDuSViLLe Domain is Finally up.

The title above says it. Yes, finally i owned my own domain. Well, as long as i keep on paying the renewal fee, the domain name will be mine, and if i stops, others will get it. I've registered KaDuSViLLe.net last Thursday and only today (17 OCT) that i realized it is up after few days of tweaking here and there. I almost gave up, but after thinking that it is a waste of RM30 for purchasing the domain name, i've decided to continue searching for solution. Sayang bah tu RM30. Lama tu buli pakai bikin bili minyak.

Although the domain was up, i still experience some problem reaching it. Not sure about the reader out there, but i still get the OpenDNS "Unable to load page" error message. I don't used OpenDNS IP as my preferred DNS setting. I used it before but i've disabled it for sometime. I am just puzzled up why OpenDNS error comes out occasionally. Macam biskut bah, sekejap ada sekejap teda... hehehe

The page i sometime received when i directly type www.kadusville.net (or kadusville.net) on the address bar

On blogger site, the "dns not setup properly" message still occurred.

I dunnola... i think i've setup everything accordingly. Refer here and there, ends up i slept at almost 4 AM last morning, just to configure this up. I have to use other domain registrar service just to manage my domain, as the one i've register with didn't have the said function. Oh, FYI i've register with Mercumaya, Malaysian local web hosting company. To Mercumaya, If you are reading this, please, please lah... Invenst in upgrading ur sytem, so that we don't have to point our domain to a third party server, just to get it to our blog. Why can't we do it directly. I am started to think that i've made a mistake for choosing Mercumaya as my Domain registrar. I am currently considering to transfer my domain to other domain registrar. How bad... I've decided to temporally point the domain to www.dnsexit.com because it has the option to create a CNAME or Canonical Name. And also i can easily manage my domain name there. The only problem is that dnsExit has recently experience a DDOS Attack or Distributed Denial of Service Attack. I am not sure whether this contribute to the current problem i've experiencing now.

Satu lai problem yg timbul ialah,all my links, that i purposely put on my blog is missing. That link is for my easy reference to visit other blogger's blog, and it is missing. The good things is, i can fill it back, but it has to be done one by obe, and on top of that i don't even have a backup off it. Ada bah sia buat tu nga outdated suda. all the latest links with the latest blogger on it, ilang begitu saja. i have to refer to other blogger to redo my link. Those blog yang i do remember putting it, i will link it back. yang sia nda ingat tu, kasi tau lah blog link kamu, supaya senang sia mo visit blog kamu.

Whatever the problem above, it might be due to my incompetency of setting up my own domain. Well, let this be the lesson for me. I won't learn anything if i don't make a mistake. Now i've made the mistake, and now i know what can or can't i do.

FYI, KaDuSViLLe will be the same. Same content, same stories. Same style of writing, same grammatical error... it is still me... I only change my url, so that it can be easily remembered and refer. Well, lately i've been asked to do a talks about blogging so it would be nice to have a url that is simple to note. I will try to improve this from time to time, but until then, enjoy ur stay at KaDuSViLLe.net ... The Place I Belong

KaDuS Bilang: 
Ndada juga setakat ni, it's just that i am really irate regarding how i still can't manage to set this blog URL properly. Well, never give up i said. But if any of you out there yang tau tentang ni masalah, please la bagitau sia... hehehehe... TQ!!!

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