1st Post of 2011

Hello readers! it's been a while...? while? it's been a very long time lah, easy to say. Over two months of absent. How am i going to catch up? Yeah, blame it on Facebook. hahahaha. nah, i've communicate less in FB nowadays. Only checking incoming message using my phone, and that's it. i guess time is the main issue here. I dont have that much time to write a post in this blog. Should i abandoned this blog? I don't think so. I think i should slowly catch up with the rest. Guess a lot of blogger had already abandoned their blogs and turn into FB. How fast technology change. Still remember i used to be an active chatters in MiRC and stop using it after i started using Yahoo! Messenger. After that i totally forget about MiRC. Does blogging will suffer the same fate as MiRc because of Facebook?

Talking about blogging, i remember one news (local one) headlining a news article about one food critics and a restaurant in KK. I don't think it is a things to mention the name of the blog and also the name of the restaurant involve. Well, i wouldn't risk myself to be sued just because of  my posting... hehehehe. The restaurant owner is suing the blogger for a posting allegedly degrading the standard of the restaurant. I never been to the restaurant so i couldn't give my opinion on this. But i only can say that, this might be a remote cases and since the owner of the restaurant, maybe wanted to see how popular is he in the internet, he might stumble upon on Google about this article. Well it happened to me, and i have being warned. I once wrote a post about our organization annual dinner, where i say i am not really into the event where there is a dress code in it. Yeah, it is time wasting to go and find an outfit for one event. Unfortunately my boss the CEO, found the posting while searching in google the rest is history. I learned my lesson. hehehehe.

So, whatever happen to freedom of speech in Malaysia? or should i ask, is there any Freedom of Speech in Malaysia? or even the world...? Well there are... Only that it ask us to used it wisely. Does the blogger used the freedom of speech wisely when he post about the food he taste in that restaurant? For me, yes. He's expressing his opinion. Do the restaurant owner doing the right thing for suing google and the blogger over the posting? Yes, if his business is decline because of the posting. So who could we blame? Who is in the wrong here? Well, for me the only way is to practice a safe blogging. One wrong posting, then be prepare for Police to visit your doorsteps. Honestly i feel pity for the Food Blogger around the state. They might have won the best actor award, for pretending everything is good. Cheer Up pal...

Well this end my post today. Hopefully there will be more post to come... i really hope... Until then, Good Night and have a nice day... oh, I am actually waiting for the Man. Utd Match against Southampton for the FA Cup 4th round... Hopefully they can advance to the next round... Come On MAn. Utd!!! Bye!!!

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