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Hi KaDuSViLLian... How are you all? Oh i guess it is not too late for me to wish each and everyone of you Gong Xi Fa Chai! May the year of the Rabbit will bring prosperity to you all! As for me, i wish for a continuous improvement on myself.

Well, nothing much to say here. I actually testing on this.new apps i downloaded from Android Market called Blogger-Droid. I actually posted one blog post few days ago using my iPhone but it didnt publish until now, and i remember i've press the "Publish" button, but hey, this is technology... i dont have any idea why it wont post. So rather than trying, turn to my HTC DHD and try to post using thus software... Thus post is hundred percent type from my phone using Blogger-Droid apps, the keyboard while listening to Neon Trees's Animal (love this song). Well so far so good...

There are so many function that i wish to test here. Hopefully i can get it posted on my blog, www.kadusville.net. The typo error is because type too fast that i don't know what character i've typed...hehehe. Lets test this thing!

Inserted a picture. Dont know where it is placed yet as i need to post it before.i can see the placement. Some info about the.pic, it is a black & white scenario of a bus terminal in Donggongon. It was taken from our office gym...

I was actually looking for.the option where i can embbed my fav YouTube vids on this.blog, but so far fail to find.

Overall this apps is good. But i still need to keep on trying to see what i can do about it. I can see my older blog post here and it is easier for.me to see which draft i havent post yet. Hehe. So i think thats it for now.

KaDuS Bilang:
I guess with this.apps, the will be no reason why i am so far faied update my blog. I can do this.on the go, but hey i am new to this apps, and on top of.it, i am new to Android OS. It will be sometimes.until i can really undersand this thing. Okay, off to bed, bisuk, sia.ada class, Company Law. Hehehe. Lifting the Corporate Veil! Bah, MODOP!!!
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One Response to Testing Post via Mobile Phone

Zehan said...

Reminds me of the old pics of Sabah when sabah is still called jesselton...those old posters...reminds me of those