my life... do i have one?

Hi KaDuSVillian, sorry for the long update. I actually way too busy with life. Life a an working adult, part-time businessman, part-tike student. Hell, im involve in both district and state level kaamatan committee. Both in Sugandoi competition. For those who dont know what im talking about above, let me explain a bit. Kaamatan is a celebration celebrated by KadazanDusun like me in Sabah. It is a harvest festival where people will celebrate the paddy harvest season. Although nowadays people hv less paddy field, but the spirit to celebrate kaamatan is.still strong among sabahan. This celebration is celebrated every year on the 30-31 OF May every year, with some modern touch in it. The Sugandoi in other and is the singing competition. Its has become a major.part in Kaamatan celebration after the Unduk Ngadau (beauty queen).

Enuff bout that. This waht made me quite busy. Havent have that much precious.time to go and 'play' with my camera. My weekends is fully occupied with studies and weekdays, as usual, with works. Im studying part time but seriously im struggling. I just cant get my hand on what ive been studying. Its a big probem, considering im approaching the crucial time of my life. well, i have to just give it a try. No matter what.

KaDuS Entertainment
This is my baby. This is my passion. The. Local music industry, im running with my friend.under KaDus Entertainment. Im entering the 6th year in KE. And still i dont want it to be a major industry, or even changing it to be a major company in Saah. I just love how KE runs at the.moment. Well, when things getting more successful, they will be people who might thing they can do what they want. Sorry to say, but u r wrong. Although KE meant for everyone, it doesnt means that anybody can do or act on behalf of me. Im still the Founder/Owner of KE. Put that in you dictionary. For people who think that they can do what they wishes is wrong. They way KE runs it business is different than any other company, and i want it to be that way. Even if i have to dig my own money for.that. so if anyone thinking of doing what he/she like, stop it, u giving urself a big trouble. Ehehe

Twitter Activity vs Facebook
Aving dificulty accessing my FB acc for.almost a week. Dunno what have i done wrong, but i think i am.happy with it. i done feel that i 'really' need FB to operate my daily life, although FB has become useful tool nowadays, apart from social networking. Hmm... the words networking says it all. I've been more active in twitter. Set up an account way back in 2007 and only last year again. No wonder more 'newbie' had become.more activethan me. Heehe . As for my FB account, ill try to figure it out this.coming days. Well at the time if writing i've completed 1 week without FB. Haahaha

Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Scare in Japan
On friday, a powerful earthquake hit the coast of Japan. It measure 8.9 on the richter scale and has been billed as the largest quake in record. The effect of the quake, well, tsunami. About 10m high of tsunami hits Japan and reports saying that might be almost 10k people had died.or missing. The nuclear plant at Fukushima also 'having big problem'. And reports i read stated that one of the reactor had explode, and there are radiation leakage in surrounding area. One unofficial reports stated that one of volcano mountain in Japan had exploded. to be confirm.

Wat can you see or wrap up above? Dooms Day? The making of 2012? First, condolences to the people of Japan and those.who lost one in this disaster. My prayer and thoughts are.with you. Be Strong.
I learn baout this when looking at the trending topic in twitter on my phone. I quickly went ack to the office.and inform my colleague about.ths, rush to see the news in the computer and the tsuami alarm as been rang in Japan, warningpeople that a tsuami is iminent. It was shockingly scary to see the footage from CNN, BBC and AlJazeera. the wave of tsunami hitting everything in it path. no forces could stop it. I still wondering what had.happen to the one car, who try to reverse back when the tsunami wave almost hits.the roads. God power.

Kadus Bilang:
Sia nda suka bila ada urang buat lawak budu pasal ni kejadan di Japan. Budu kerana urang dalam kesusahan, masi buli buat lawak...

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