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Good Day... i'm blogging after a very long absent... yes, A VERY LONG Absent. Works come up, all of the sudden everything became so and so mess up. I didnt have time to write on my blog. Even have less time to check on my Facebook. Well, given that i have yhe apps install on both my phone still i can't find time to use it. But i still have time to try a new sport in Golf. But that another story. hehehehe...

Well, this time around, i would like to let you, KaDuSVillian to listen to a great song by our very own, Mizz Nina. As some of you might known, Mizz Nina is one of the member of Teh Tarik Crew (not sure still a member or not). She made her name by collaborating with Colby O'Donis in a song What You Waiting For. Now she made a big step, by singing a song featuring American Rapper and singer-songwriter, Flo Rida with Take Over.

This for me is one of the best song i heard in 2011. Catchy tunes, and yes the melody has stuck in my head! I rarely review international song, but this really make me want say something as for me, this song is cool. Well, hope you enjoy listening to this, and i really hope there is more to come from Mizz Nina!

Saying Houston,
We got a little problem, we got a little problem,
I, Imma gonna solve em’
Saying Houston,
We got a little problem, we got a little problem,
Cause Imma gonna rock em’

Enjoy Y'All!

KaDuS Bilang:
Wonder, bila orang2 Sabah buli buat lagu macam ni and kasi ketengah pigi peringkat antarabangsa! Buli bah kan... sama-sama kita cuba... Mizz Nina Buli, why not us!

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