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2013: 4 More Days Left


Greetings. Not too late for me to wish you all A Blessed Christmas 2012. May you all enjoy your day with your family. friends and love one. To others, TQ for celebrating this occasion with us. It shows that no matter what religions one another, we can still enjoy all the celebration without any trouble.

Well, 4 more days. if not including my sleeping time there will be less than 48 hours to go. New Year come, new resolution will come. A lot of resolution i heard, from, want to get married, to get the first RM1Million. Well i hope you will achieved it, whatever your resolution is. As for me, as usual, I'm not putting any resolution for New Year. I only hope i will have a good health and continue my life journey until He says, "Your time is Up". Simple as that.

Tapi, there is one thing i really like to do next year. Have to start all over again, i think. This Blog. I have been abandoning this blogs for quite sometimes. I feel guilty, abandoning this blog. has been part of my life for 7 years. My first Blog post, Song For Someone Special... was published on May 12, 2005. Sia actually sindri pun nda paham apa yang sia tulis tu.I think i put up the song lyrics to get the attention of this one girl i admire long time ago... Tapi tu cerita dulu-dulu, jaman batu. hoho...

I actually don't remember, who influence me to blogging, but i need to say thanks to him/her, and sorry, I've haven't write much. hehehe...

So, i hope i can start writing here again. I Hope... Misti Mo Disiplin. Hehehe...

so, again, i would like to say, Blessed Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year 2013. Peace & God Bless!!!

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Another Win for Man Utd: Man. Utd 4-2 Stoke City

Normal service resume as Man. Utd defeated Stoke City by 4-2 in the EPL game.
All the striker score, which mean we had one of the deadliest strike force in the EPL. Rooney actually score 3 goal, but unfortunately, one was an own goal, that give Stoke a lead in the first half. The Final Score was Man. Utd 4-2 Stoke City. Goals by Rooney (2), Van Persie & Welbeck while Stoke goals came from an own goal by Rooney and Knightly. Oh, Michael Owen made a return to Old Trafford in This Match. Still remember the goal he scored against Man City and his hatrick in the Champions League. Class.

As things stands, Chelse still leads the EPL by 4 points, Man Utd share the same point with Man City but with goal different advantage.

Glory Glory Man Utd

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