Guessing Game: Malaysia's 13th General Election

Since 2011, byk sudah kana cakap pasal ni. GE13 or PRU13. Everybody was talking about this, be it at the coffee shop, offices, home, and almost everywhere. Sekarang lagi la. Di mana2 saja jumpa pasti akan cakap pasal nie. Most story sia dangar, misti pasal politik, misti pasal pilihanraya. Dia nda kira kaum, agama, umur (yg qualified mengundila) smua pun membicarakan bila tarikh PRU 13. Kalau nda silap, last PRU was held on March 2008. Kalau ikut perlembagaan Malaysia, 1 Term is equivalent to 5 years. Kalau ikut lagi, bulan 3 ni genapla 5 Tahun the current govt bearing office. As far as i know, the parliament akan terbubar secara otomatik apabila itu term sudah habis. So mo tidak mo, the GENERAL ELECTION WILL BE HELD tahun ini juga, 2013.

As said before, since 2011, ramai sudah yang bercerita pasal ni election. Sia tinguk smua parti politik pun all geared up. Derang ready since 2011 lai, since drg jangka yg the election will be held on 2012. Tapi nda juga. Dunno why nda jadi. Maybe ada beberapa isu yg menyebabkan election nda jadi time tu. Sepanjang 2012, there a lot of events unfold and some of it might be the 'key' to Malaysia next General Election. What it is, i guess everybody would have knew about it, so no need for me to say more.

Normal question is being asked by friends around Sabah. "Who will you vote?" Well i cant say at the moment. If the last election i am FIRM with my votes, this time around i am more a fence-sitter. As said before, a lot of events unfold in 2012 with some of it will be the keys for this coming GE. So to answer the question of who will i vote, i will have to say "tunggu dan lihat". I'm taking that approach so that i can evaluate ALL parties move before i made the next move. Some might say that mine is only one vote, and would not make much different in the voting process. My answer is simple. Although i am not as important as many out there, my one vote will be very crucial for all party. My one vote will become a key vote, if there is a draw, tapi mungkin nda la.. Hehehe. But i still say my votes is important as other's.

So, who will we votes will depend on many factors. I can only say that our vote will be very crucial. Thank you

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia declare diri sia sebagai ATAS PAGAR. Selagi sia nda nampak manifesto, selagi tu sia nda akan tau which side i should be. Until that, kita tunggu dan lihat... Jan ja election kana time sia pnya trip... Hehehehe...

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