Problems on New MyVi Steering

On Thursday, my friend inform me about a news from the mainstream TV. Since nowadays, i rarely watch news at mainstream TV (because of too much politics) i don't know about the news. It was inform that all the new MyVi will have to go for a 'special' service to replace a problematic EPS (Electronic Power Steering).

Following is the official press release from Perodua regarding the practise. This press release is copied from Perodua Official Web site (

Perodua initiates Preventive Measure Campaign for New Myvi

Rawang, 16 Jan: Perodua is initiating a Preventive Measure Campaign call for its 74,000 New Myvi variants produced between March 2011 and March 2012 to replace the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) column of the model.
The exercise is to ensure that owners of the New Myvi enjoy optimum performance of their vehicle.
“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers but this campaign is necessary as the car’s performance may not be at its best and could partially compromise the driver’s response time at low speeds,” Perodua Managing Director, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said.
He said that based on studies conducted by Perodua, the problem could be detected when the EPS indicator is alight, after which, the driver could feel a slight heaviness at speeds of between 30km/h and 40km/h.

This can be temporarily fixed by switching off the engine and restarting the car.
“However, for a permanent fix and to eliminate any possibility of risk to our customers, we kindly request that an appointment to be made at any of our 170 service centres nationwide for the replacement of the EPS column,” He added.
The car company has already issued notification letters to the affected customers.
Aminar said that after making an appointment at the most convenient service centre, a customer will be given a briefing on the replacement of the EPS column. The exercise will take approximately 80 minutes.
“Perodua will absorb all costs for the replacement of the EPS column; in addition, priority will be given to those affected because here at Perodua, You Matter Most,” he said.
“The campaign time frame is open ended; that being said we encourage our customers to make their appointments as soon as it is convenient for them to ensure that the replacement can be done orderly and smoothly,” Aminar said.

As a one of the many user of the new MyVi, initially i did not notice any problem until one day last year i was driving i notice sounds coming from the steering every time i make a turns. Sometime i also notice my steering became a bit lighter on turn. When i saw this press release by Perodua,  i did not see any mention of what the variant of the new MyVi. It could be The New Myvi, Elegence, SE or Extreme (1.5). I dont know whether this problem is connected with the recent press release.

Being advised by friends to go and check at Perodua Centre, just in case. Will wait for my niece to get back to work before she can confirm whether my car is included or not. Untuk keselamatan, mo juga pigi check lah...  

KaDuS Bilang:
Paling bahaya kalau driving jauh, palis palis lah, mo juga check ni kalau sia pun involve.

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