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Happy Independence Day Sabah.

The Fact.

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Courage: The weapon i get through 2015

Hi KaDuSVillian, (if there's anyone left... :) )

First, Happy New Year To All...

2015 gone like wind... that what i love to say. It's been up and down year for me. Tapi mcm every year pun begitu. But few events happened that truly makes 2015 an unforgettable year. I don't know why i am so eager for 2016, mcm bersemangat btul mo buat apa yang mo buat, tpi tidak tercapai. Maybe 2016 will become a more challenging year that 2015. Maybe sa akan berhadapan dengan lebih berat dugaan, cabaran. Not sure how or what the challenge is, but i think i still used the COURAGE to overcome it. Just like 2015.

Mother Nature Revenged

Sabah Earthquake 2015.

I was supposed to go for our yearly company Camp, to be held at one of the hotel/resort in Kundasang, when Sabah was rocks by the devastating eartquake early morning of June 5th 2015. It was a 5.9 or 6.0 magnitude, depending on where you heard/read the news. At the time the earthquake happened, i was taking my shower when i felt the ground move. I was at my home in Penampang when the quake happened. Checking on my phone, more and more message coming in informing that an earthquake just occured, didnt know the full stories i drove to our the office to prepare for my journey to Kundasang. Most office in Kota Kinabalu decided not to continue operating, fears for aftershocks that might crack the building. The Earthquake kills a lot of people, all of them at Mount Kinabalu, where the epicenter of the quake located.
This is my first experience of an earthquake, though i have felt normal earth movement but not at this scale. I would like to say condolence to the family who had lost their love one. It's heartbreaking...


Might not consider this as an Mother Nature revenged, as the caused of this flooding was the worst management of the drainage and of course, rampant hills cutting in our area. This is the second worst flood in our area (the first was in 2014). Macam suda jadi kebiasaan setiap kali hujan lebat, kompom air naik... kalau setakat jalan raya saja, i can accept, but ni sampai masuk rumah... Lots of things had to be sacrifice (buang) as it is deemed unusable. Just need to continue servicing the drainage, and control the hills cutting activities. Goverment patut mo kasi cepat perjalanan tu projek tebatan banjir, which i see is too slow... Sa x hairan kalau banjir lagi ni tahun masuk rumah, selagi tiada tindakan yang di ambil untuk mo solve ni problem

Cost Of Living on the raise

This issue sa rasa smua urang cakap, di mana saja. Especially on April 2015, where the goverment introduce the GST. Sana sini urang bising, but then they "HAVE TO"/"TERPAKSA" tahan as wheter we like it or not we have to buy the things yang kena GST. The Ringgit performance against the US Dollar make things worst. Kalau dulu RM50 buli beli banyak barang, nowadays, one or two things saja can be bought. Some orang besar cakap, tidak akan affect sebab jumlah dia kecil... Ko sanang cakap sebab gaji ko basar, and most of the things u consumed is subsidised or paling tidak pun ko claim... What about the poor? the unfortunate one? have you think about them? oh... tu Bantuan Rakyat buli tulung... as i said, RM50 only can buy few things... hehehe. Minyak kereta, naik turun, kalau naik sa bising la... kalau turun ok la... tapi problem dia some trader cited the increase of fuel price give them no choice but to raised the goods price... tp tidak pula kasi turun when the fuel price went down... hmmm... Makes be thinks... When all the goods price went up, do the salary when up on par with the current cost of living? 

Tragic Event

Suicide/Falling Down?.

On the 31 of December 2015 i was getting ready for the New Year Eve celebration with my family. I received a message from our staff informing me that a body of a man was found dead in front of our office. I directly called to get more information and rushed to the office as this is not a small matter. While driving, in a jam,  received numerous call from the staff giving me the information i needed. Arrived at the office compound i saw the body of the guy being carried by a police truck, to be send to the hospital for post mortem. According to the stories i heard, he was dead due to falling from the 9th or 10th floor of the building. It was a tragic end for 2015 as i personally knew this guy. He was working as a security guard at our office and actually a humble guy. I heard stories from the security who knew him, but at this time of writing i can't reveal it as it is still under police investigation. I just want to say Rest In Peace... 

My Mentor's Gone

I read in my FB timeline and was shocked when i saw a posting of a friend informing that his father left them in his sleep. He was my former boss, my mentor and a father figure to me. He was responsible for the basic IT knowledge i had in me that i developed into my own skills. He's the reason i followed English Premier League more seriously. I had two spells working under him and i gained knowledge after knowledge. He was one of the most respected man in Donggongon. His favorite team was Nottingham Forest but he always talked good when we chat about my fav team, Manchester United. I still remember he let me off early to let me watch Sabah Team playing at Stadium Penampang. He said, you had to support Sabah, your team, your state. But don't use this as a reason to get off early... Uncle Justin Lai, May your soul rest in peace. Missing you already and thanks for making me who i am today... indeed, Donggongon won't be the same without you...

What's In Store for 2016

I'm entering my 8th Year of employment at my current office. This was the longest i've been in any company. Although its only 8th years i am proud for what i had achieved. I might not be as important as other staff but i will just do my jobs, complete it and contribute where i can... I know i can i just have to believe it.

After my yearly Mount Kinabalu climb in April 2015, i've decided take 1 year off from mount climbing in 2016. Then in June 2015 Eartquake strucked Mount Kinabalu making most of the trail impassable. They manage to fix the trail and according to FB posting, there are new trails, more challenging but the view is excellent. I've decided to cancel my 1 year off, and get ready for any Mount Kinabalu expedition. Kalau ada... The only things that motivate me is the new challenge. I need that. I need to remain fit in 2016. I've lay down my fitness plan for 2016 and i hope im not too lazy to achived that... hehehe

I've abandoned my first love, my DSLR for a year. I'm hoping to return using it this year. Not for monetary purpose but to rekindle the hobby i like the most. Had some few plan for my photography activities, and again, i hope i will not be lazy to do that. Expect to post more photo on my intagram, FB, blog and all social media i registered with. Harap la...

Will Be Continue... (i Hope)

KaDus Bilang:
apa saja yang kana tulis sini ialah luahan hati sa... nothing against anybody. Just Me myself with my broken english grammar and Sabah language...


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